Can this run Guild wars 2?

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08/20/2012 11:55 AMPosted by Hibachi

that power supply you put on there, it says it supports sandy bridge i7,i5,i3 and i'm getting ivy bridge i5-3450. Will it still be good or no?
You can ignore it. Modern power supplies are universal
08/21/2012 11:49 AMPosted by Hibachi
You can ignore it. Modern power supplies are universal

That 500 W powersupply should be more than enough right?, at what point should i have to upgrade?
Only if you want to try SLi / XFire (which you won't), or run highest-end of high-end graphics cards
windows 7 upgrade product key work with the windows 7 full installation cd?

The guy at circuit city said he didn't have a full version of windows home premium. So he said if i had or could find a windows 7 home premium full installation cd i could buy the windows 7 home premium upgrade product key.

Is that true?

okay the uprgade product key seemed to have worked with full installation disc.

now i can't seem to connect to the internet. I have a modem with a wireless router. I have an ethernet cord and a netgear wireless adapter that could hook up my computer.
You need to install drivers for both ethernet port / wireless adapter
i got it, the motherboard came with a disc. The drivers were on that disc.

Can you show me the website for the latest drivers for that graphics card, i know the cd will have drivers on it but i dont think they will be the latest ones.
GeForce drivers can be found in... Easy to remember, yes? ;)

Motherboard drivers will be outdated. Check vendor website for latest versions.
ok and thermal compound for processor fan, i beleive there is some grey compound on fan. im not sure that is it tho. should i add some?
Stock fans come with thermal pad already attached, and you do not have to apply any more.
rediculous 15 hour download
for guild wars 2. i rememeber when they had the games on the discs

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