Last of the Firstborn

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A Corrupter swooped down, releasing its projectiles. Just in time, the lone craft rolled to the side, then veered rapidly upwards, releasing a blue beam of blazing energy. The creature was incinerated instantly, but more came. Glaive Worms ripped into the hull of the Void Ray, and acid spewed against its sides.

The pilot fired again and again, vaporizing several Zerg. He pulled upwards, seeking to escape the atmosphere... so close...

A swarm of Scourge converged on the ship, and a spray of acid completely removed it from sight. When it cleared, nothing remained.

The Dark Voice laughed as it watched the destruction of the Last of the Firstborn. Below, the Hybrid let loose roars of delight, then released great waves of power. The Zerg Swarm was utterly consumed.

I am alive... How can I be alive?

The pilot of the Void Ray looked back through his memories.

I Blinked? Impossible. Nobody could phase an entire starship through the Void...

Yet there he was. As unlikely as the idea was, it was less likely that he could have survived that many Scourge. That spray of acid would have consumed a Mothership.

If I am alive... then likely I am the last of my kind to be so.

What would he do? Where would he go? Should he turn around and die valiantly in a hopeless battle? Or perhaps... should he do as any Nerazim would? He would find a way to fight on in the shadows. He would avenge his race.

Then suddenly his mind was overthrown.

The Swarm of Zerg down below was obliterated in an instant, and the weight of their groupmind descended on him.



What would have happened after the Dark Voice "won?" Fate doesn't like it when the bad guys win. You will create a character and rebel against evil. You will also guide a Dark Templar, the Last of the Firstborn, to find his destiny. Will he die? Or will the goal of the Xel'Naga come to fruition through him?

You will take on two roles: that of a RP character and that of a Cerebrate's ghostmind.

First, create your character.



The Nomads. These Terrans are constantly fleeing their destruction, never looking back for fear of what they might see. They must find some hope to cling to in the hour of destruction.

The Shroud. This dark order may have had its beginnings in the Ghost Program, or perhaps Project Shadowblade. Its members genetically modify themselves, and many possess Protoss psionic abilities or Zerg physical strengths. The Shroud exists only to defy the Dark Voice.

The Shadow Brood. This was an experimental Brood created by a desperate Third Overmind. Its members all have individual intelligence, thought the degree of this intelligence varies greatly. They retain their Hivemind, but can act independently.


Fighter: All factions. Begins as a light infantry, Acolyte, or larva. Work your way up through equipment, training, and mutations to become a powerful Fighter.

Tinker: Nomads and Shroud only. Is an expert at working with machines. Increase your skill and your amount of random gadgets to become a famed Tinker.

Psion: Shroud only. A being that focuses only on the development of their psionic powers. WIth training, can unlock many powerful abilities including temporarily becoming an Archon-like being. Show concentration to become a mighty Psion.

Blood Hunter: Shadow Brood and Shroud only. Is a deadly stealth warrior and cunning assassin. Takes energy and genes from slain enemies to upgrade and mutate themselves. Kill many enemies and show no mercy to become a deadly Blood Hunter.

Infested: Shadow Brood only. Start as a simple Infested Terran, and build up through mutations to eventually become as powerful as the Queen of Blades.

You will both control your character and contribute to controlling the Last Protoss. Let's start out with a name for him...
I have a question Knarled, with the Infested is it possible to take it down multiple paths, like one is more psionic based, while the other is psychical.
Starting piece for those who join the Shadow Brood -

You awaken in the midst of the Shadow Brood main Hive Cluster. The last of the Zerg have gathered to this world in secret, and are readying to strike back against the Hybrid in some way. To the north of the Hive are old abandoned Protoss structures, and to the west is a ruined Hive. South are survivors of the Zerg effort to purge the planet of Hybrid. They are unable to communicate, but remain a potent threat.

The Hive Cluster contains a

Lair. The Lair allows you to receive missions from the Brood Mother and receive periodic mutations.

Evolution Chamber. Here, you can use resources to purchase mutations.

Hatchery. Lets you purchase basic minions.

Roach Warren. A place to relax and have fun (something the newly independent Zerg are just learning to do).

Spire. Lets you purchase Aerial minions.

Infestation Pit. Spellcaster minions are here.

Cavern. Lets you purchase Heavy minions.

Status of the Shadow Brood: Unchanged.
I am going to take my character out of the Invasion thread which smylez shut down.

Name: Sergeant Diethelm
Race: Terran (Process of infestation.)
Class: Heavy Support
Primary Weapon: Portable Man Sized Auto Cannon
Secondary Weapon: Scythe Pistol
Equipment: Radio, Grenade Pouch, Built in targeting system.
Backstory: Diethelm survived on countless counter attacks against the swarm, he was also on the front lines during the start of the war. His prototype suit allows him to carry heavy equipment by hand, since it worked out so well they decided to equip him with a Auto Cannon. The only problem with the Auto Cannon was that he couldn't run and it took him a while to set up. (Think of it as the draw back of carrying a Auto Cannon.)

Knarled this is him when I made him. I will try to get the ones where he was starting to become infested and I will give you the plot on how the Shadow Brood met him.

The Queen was communication to one of the Hydralisk's. "Put him in the bio chamber. And leave two guards outside of it at all times." As she walked away.

Diethelm was struggling against his bindings. No good it's to strong.

IC: The two Hydralisk's dragged Diethelm into the bio chamber and a creep like vine grabbed his arms and legs, pinning him down to the ground.

OOC: No this is a entirely different Hive that isn't that much farther from the Hive that Shadow has. So it wont be Insidia. Lets name the Queen in this Hive that I'm in called Zalra. And this Queen wants a Mutualism connection between Zerg and Terran. Sorry if I didn't say that before, but the Queen wants to create a new connection that is neither Parasitic nor Commensalism, she wants to experiment to see how using a Terran subject and injecting Zerg Strains will affect the body and how they will benefit from each other, in a way the host and the strain benefits from each other. This is what I'm trying to get at. But she is still wants to try to do a Infested like state which wont be to noticeable by the public etc. And if she succeeds in this it will make the host live longer and in a sense I guess they can be used as spies, the experiment is to see if they can do this right without making their minds damaged.
And I was thinking that I could give you Zalra the Queen that did the experiments on me.

The creep started spread fast on Diethelm's suit and it started to eat away at it. The only thing left on him was the pants that he had on underneath the suit. The creep then covered him up and formed almost like a cocoon but it was nothing like that. *Muffled Voices coming from Diethelm*

(Before Diethelm gets cocooned)

Zalra runs her claws across Diethelm's helmet. "Yes, I know what to do with you. Let's have a little experiment shall we? You will be forever be my pet starting right now. A slave to my will. This will be fun."

Zalra grabs a hold of the helmet and rips it out off Diethelm's head. The hydralisks backs off as the creep eats away at Diethelm's suit. It drags and anchors Diethelm to the wall. Just as the creep covered his whole body, Diethelm felt something forcing its way inside. "Do not disappoint me. Try to stay alive for a little bit."

"This new virus should be an improvement over the new one. But it is much more potent..."
This was smylez post since he was the DM I had him RP the queen.

The new and improved virus started to take affect Diethelm, it was nothing like the old virus which changed the person and their minds. This virus was keeping his memories, keeping his personality, and his mind wont be damaged unlike the previous infested before Kerrigan fell.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." The pain was intense from all the changes going on inside his body, and his pain could be heard from a distance of a mile.

The only thing that the virus was doing to Diethelm to his body was giving it a darker complexion due to the Zerg strains entering his body. The inner tissue cells were merging with the Zerg virus making his body stronger, able to have some regenerative properties and faster reflexes. "Yes it is almost over for the first stage."

The queen's telepathy invades Diethelm's mind. "It is far from finished Terran.You have survived the first part of the virus, assimilation of the host. The second part is whether or not the virus accepts you. You may look human now. If you do not have the correct genetic materials, you will be nothing but a mindless freak of nature, a husk. Please do not disappoint me. I've had far too many failures."
smylez again.

While the Zerg was getting ready to leave, Zalra walked over to where Diethelm was and she placed a Symbiotic creature inside of him. "I made this creature myself you see, you will benefit from it and it will benefit from you. So it will be living with you for the rest of your life, this is something new I am doing for my experiments to see how the creature and the virus will react to your body."
I am so sorry for the read. I just wanted to get as much detail so you would know what I was going with this.
I will probably join this, although I will have to make a character later. This looks like a great idea, KO :D
FACTION: The Shroud
CLASS: Blood Hunter
MODIFICATIONS: Has used Dark Templar genes to enhance his speed and agility, along with his psionic potential and cloaking ability.
BACKSTORY: Was originally taken for Project Shadowblade. When the Dark Voice made it's move, he was added to The Shroud's group and injected with Protoss DNA. It took him sometime before he figured out what it was. Uses a dart gun with standard poison and a psi claymore based off of the design of a Dark Templar's own Warp Sword.

Crymson, looks good. I just need it formatted, so pick a class... I assume you will be either a Fighter or an Infested?

Nomad Fighter starts with Light Gauss Rifle and Combat knife.

Infested begins with Claw attack.

Zarkun, also lookin' good. HOWEVER the Shroud Blood Hunter starts with only a Dart Gun and Standard Poison, plus I will generally allow a custom weapon. I'll let you keep the Psi Claymore as your custom, but for ranged attacks you must rely on the basic equipment until you earn more.

Dart Gun - Shoots a Dart. You can apply liquids and powders to give Darts different effects.

Standard Poison - slowly drains an enemy's life.

More Poisons and such will be unlocked as you progress, and you will unlock additional weapons as well.

I really need to update the classes to match what I just said.
I wasn't sure if you had specifics, so I made something up. I'll fix it.
I will be infested since that is what he is turning into now. And he will be one of the smarter infested. He pretty much kept most of his human characteristics during Invasion, when the queen kidnapped him. I might also try to give him some kind of biological weapon later in the RP due to him being heavy support.
You're both good to go. You'll acquire more power as you continue, of course.

Since you two are the first, you get the honor of naming our Nerazim friend. What shall it be?
How about. Felullon
My name generator votes Aldarsis. So do I.
Come to an agreement. I suggest Aldullon (compromise).
Sounds good.
I don't really care, just thought I'd throw one in the mix.
The weight of all those minds entering him caused the Dark Templar to forget his own identity, his skills, his powers, even his name. Suddenly, he hears voices whispering inside his head...


Is this his name? It must be. He knows nothing else called this.

Aldullon flies away from the planet where the Protoss civilization fell. He must do something... As he sails through the Void he thinks to himself. What to do? Where to go? He must make a decision based on his limited memory of the Sector.

A direct attack against the Hybrid would be satisfying, but dangerous. An old Terran station where many Hybrid were known to dwell is nearby...

A pilgrimage to the Protoss homeworld of Aiur might provide some insight, but who knows what lurks there with the Zerg destroyed...

What should Aldullon do?
Let me see, there could be a group of Terran's on the station. But there could be the group of Zerg you were talking about, the Shadow Brood. Could be on Auir. This is a tough one.
Well, I say Aiur to see what insight can be gained then off to the Terran station.
Alright, I'm heading to karate. I will return - come to an agreement.

Up top I posted a starting thingy for the Shadow Brood. I'll post the Shroud beginning when I get back, but it's essentially a big temple hidden deep beneath the ruins of Korhal.
Name: Xel Kîr

Faction: The Shroud

Class: Psion

Modifications: Xel Kîr is a tank-born High Templar/Ghost.

Back story: At one point, the Shroud attempted to create a multiracial clone, a mix between a High Templar and a Ghost for maximum potential Psionic power. Even though Xel is a tank-grown Protoss/Terran, he does not actually posses as much power as they thought he would, even though he is still a potent Psion. He prefers telekinetic powers, using enemies and objects as rag-dolls. (Xel isn't that strong yet, you can regulate this.) Xel is not actually male or female, but a mix of both, due to a careless mistake - the High Templar was a female, while the Ghost was a male. This make social interaction awkward for Xel, and Xel usually keeps to itself. (Xel is technically an 'it', although it is usually referred to a a he or she in conversation.)

Weapons: if possible, a small blade, a bit longer than a knife, that is keen and elegant. Also, a SMG, if possible, silenced.

Appearance & Physical properties: 5'2" in height, Xel looks much like a Protoss, only with a mouth and standard human hands. He still absorbs light like other Protoss, as well as water. He is estimated to live past 250, assuming he is not killed in action. He is not connected to, or part of the Khala.

Xel is not telepathic. He talks through his mouth.

Xel is not NATURALLY telepathic. He can still use psionics to manage an equivalent, it's just harder than normal.

Hopefully the final edit:
Seeing as this will probably require a lot of inventory stuff, I'm just going to put everything in my inventory here:
1 SMG w/ammo -- Currently lost!
1 Light blade

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