Last of the Firstborn

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That I haven't been helping with the guy moving along in the RP and me not posting in it.
Oh. Apology accepted, I am unoffended. It is routine for my threads to die.

So, that's one vote for chasing the Queen-thing.
It's a tie. I guess Zarkun will get to pick again, unless someone else votes.
Ha hell, chase the queen and if you loose it, go back and check the growth.
Aldullon springs after the Queen. Caught up in the pursuit, he chases her for some time. Eventually she stops at a passage. Evidentally she fears the passage more than Aldullon, so she turns around. Dropping the eggs, she prepares to fight if necessary.

Attack, or attempt to communicate?
Some important data:

The storyline is very nearly complete. I don't think we will need more than a page of the next thread, though it depends on the choices made. When the storyline concludes, I may create a sequel. Maybe not.
Hmmmmmmmm.....Communicate, then if she won't listen, kill her.

IC: I wrench the door open and step through, but Xel Kir was already gone. Or dead. I didn't know, he just wasn't there. Sighing, I head back to the warp pad and land, heading back towards the temple. Leader wasn't gonna be happy about that.
Several minutes later, Teo is standing in front of the Leader's seat with a wincing expression on his face. The Leader is very unhappy.

"You allowed Xel'Kir to be lost?!" He shouts. "And not in battle, but you let him run away from you!" He snarls angrily. "Who knows where he went? He was valuable!!!" He screams, spittle flying from his lips.


Aldullon's first instinct is to attack, but he refrains. He needs answers about what's going on here. He reaches out with his mind...

Who are you?

That is none of thy affair, servant of the Fallen One. Best kill me now, for thou shalt get no more of me.

I do not serve the Dark Voice! He destroyed my people, the Protoss! I search for those who can aid me against him.

She considers this a moment.

An thou tell the truth, thou wilt agree to be tested? An thou would learn more, follow. She turns fully toward him and walks deliberately past him, into another passage.

Follow? Or other?
Follow, he needs to prove who he is or he'll never get answers.

IC: "I don't know why he took off. I knew he was a hybrid, I mean, hell, all of us are, but he didn't realize it. He...seemed to think that the Dark Voice might listen to him. Look, he's probably dead. At least he died fighting, even if it wasn't there at the door."
The Leader turns purple with rage, then seems to suddenly calm down.

"I suppose you're right. You did your best. Very well, I have a new task for you. Find Xel'Kir. I don't care what's left of him, if even a limb or a sample of skin remains bring it back. But take this; the Hybrids have gotten more numerous aboard the Worldship."

Acquired Sol venom: when applied to darts can ignite enemies.
Cool. >:)

IC: "Fine, even if I disagree. Also," I pull out the data disc, "I got this from the worldship's bridge. Thought it might have a way to destroy the worldship."
"Now that news is good. Give me the disc, and be on your way. I will study it."
I nod and hand it to him. "I'll be back as soon as I can manage." I leave heading back to the worldship. Please be alive...
Aldullon follows the Queen into the dark passageway. He walks after her for some time, then she suddenly seems to speed up. He runs after the Zerg, then rounding a corner, finds her gone. THere are two passageways before him.

THis choice is much simpler. Left or right?
Hmmmmmm.....The question of life if you really think about it. I say...right.
As Aldullon begins to walk down the right passage, he quickly realizes that it was the best one to take. A bright glow comes from the left passage, and he realizes a minute later that a great psionic power is following.

Stop, or run?

OOC: done for now
Run, stop only if you have to.

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