Lagging into every match 10 seconds late

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Creating yet another thread on this as previous ones have gotten no response & the open ticket I've been replying to for 2 weeks hasn't produced any fixes.

I've seen a couple other threads so I know I'm not alone. I've played without issue since beta and as soon as 1.5 hit I've been mostly unable to play at all because I lag into the beginning of every match 10 seconds after my opponent. Replays will show me just sitting there while my opponent splits workers, etc.

I've double checked all my home network hardware, I've tried using a different client (Mac vs. Bootcamp Windows, etc.) and both clients encounter the issue.

This is immensely frustrating as I've been basically unable to play for 2 weeks.

I've got a running ticket, have posted on the other support forums, and have contacted BlizzardCS on twitter, I've been directed to post here even though it happens under Bootcamped WinXP as well as the Mac client.

On top of checking out all my hardware to make sure it just didn't go bad (magically on the day of the patch) I've plugged my computer into our connection bypassing the home network setup completely. No luck. It's not on my end. Fix it.

Also note that before 1.5.1 (i.e., 1.5 until this morning) it was a 3-4 second lag. Blizzard patches fixes in, and this problem got worse. Can't make this stuff up ...
Just posting to inform I'm experiencing this issue too.
Not that it stops me from winning games, a 10s advantage in the start in silver level gameplay doesn't mean that much, but it's annoying anyway.

Also tested on both clients (bootcamp, win7), same issue.
I use a MBP 13" Mid 2010 in medium graphics settings with an external monitor at 1920x1080 resolution.
My specs are:

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB
HDD: Seagate Momentus XT (7200rpm, 600MB/s transfer rate, 4.20ms latency)
OSX Version: 10.7.4

I'm not an expert on the issue, but it looks to me like it's a loading/rendering issue, because there is a 2~3 real-time seconds lag in the start of the game where I can see the game screen but can't do anything on it. Then it suddenly starts working and the in-game clock is already at about 10s.

I hope the info is useful and that the issue is resolved asap

Best regards.
I have the same issue. It's not 10 seconds for me, more around 4 seconds, but it's still annoying.
I used to have an issue of lagging into games, but then I got a new Mac, and I haven't had that problem since.
yea this happens to me.... really anoying and it does make small difference in higher leagues :(
this has always happened to me inconstantly. sometimes the game starts and i see already 7 seconds have passed. sometimes it is only 2 seconds. sometimes it is normal. just never really complained..
Try setting your shaders/shadows to medium or above detail. I was having the same problem as you were when I had them both set to low. For some reason actually raising them made the lag in the beginning stop! Now my eyes hurt from the shader effect but atleast i'm on an even playing field...
This is being investigated for all platforms. Please post in the Bug Report forum, so that the team there can investigate the issue:
This happens to me too. Its not as big of a deal as only getting 8 fps during engagements for me though :( I think I'm getting demoted back to diamond soon.
I have the same issue but only since patch 1.5.1 and it's like 3 or 4 seconds, thought it can be as long as 10 seconds.
I never experienced any lag at startup like this until 1.5 was implemented. Watching replays now, for a good 2-3 seconds at the beginning of each game, my workers idle like they're on strike.

This hasn't negatively affected me in Gold league yet, but I could see this becoming a problem as I (hopefully) move up.

(OSX 10.6.8)
Me too. I've quit laddering until the issue is fixed. Sometimes its 4 and sometimes it's longer. It all depends.
Please remember to post in the bug report forums for this issue, as the team there is collecting the issues.

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