Standalone patch for 1.5.1?

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I have to download each patch individually due to the way the Internet is set up where I live. Everything about Starcraft works fine except for the patching system for me.

I had just patched to 1.5 and the game was working perfectly...Now where can I get the standalone download for 1.5.1 and future updates? The webpage that usually has patches says it won't have them in the future what?

Here's the link:

Thanks for the help in advance!
Really? Haha am I the only one who's seriously worried about this?
I'm very worried about it, but I have no solutions. There are tons of dead threads where no one has addressed the connection issue. Since 1.5 was released I can't connect on one of my computers. I think when it installed 1.5 on the first computer, battlenet registered my account as all patched up. Then when I try to play on the other computer it constantly fails to connect then tries to reconnect every second. I'm just speculating it's from the missing 1.5.0 patch but since there is NO STANDALONE available, I can't even test it.
As of right no, there is no stand alone patches due to the new installing/patching system Sc2 is on (same as D3). Have you tried it with the new patching system?

If you are having trouble downloading the migration tool to convert to the new patching system, try downloading the standalone mentioned here:

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