[Bug] 10+ second lag at match start since 1.5

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It's ridiculous that Blizzard, according to the linked thread, hasn't even BEGUN diagnosing this problem. It has been a month and this game is still unplayable.
Still having problem, played about 30 games and still winning but havn't faced any cheese yet in silver league so im not sure if its gamebreaking yet. Atleast 10 seconds late into game sometimes 13, and I reformatted
Have also been having this problem since the patch. PC definitely is not low end, sometimes enter games at 8 seconds, sometimes between 3 and 5. It will sometimes come up with a 'waiting for server box' as i load in to the game then i will be able to play.

A fix for this would be great, makes the game quite annoying to play when you don't know how far behind you will be if your opponent entered on time.
Still no fix for this? Just started playing again and this problem makes the game not worth playing.
Still nothing.... :( ugg!
Never had this problem since 1.5 but now like others i'm getting anywhere from a 9 second to 25 second delay at the start of the game. The game is absolutely unplayable. I really hope Blizzard is taking this issue seriously.
thought it was just me until i found this thread! i guess my CPU is considered "low-end", but everything ran fine up until the 1.5 patch, so this is pretty disheartening. that 15-20 second delay really throws off so many early game builds and can mean the difference between holding off early cheese or dying to a cannon/bunker rush that i used to hold off easily.

in any case, it's quite bad business practice to release *required* updates that essentially breaks the program for any number of people, since we all paid for the same game. Either make the update optional, or make sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen before releasing it!

i really hope (like everyone else) that Blizzard is working on this problem and finds a fix soon. was looking forward to HOTS but if this is how they handle their product then i don't think i can justify trusting them with any more of my $$
A guy on my teamliquid post regarding this issue claims to have fixed his issue in WINDOWS 7/NVIDIA graphics card by updating to beta drivers and by installing all windows 7 updates. This did not help me at all as Im a radeon/xp user but I'm sure some of you will find this useful.
Just wanna add my 2 cents of complaining, do developers even test these things or throw them out there and hope for the best?
Yet another day where the game still broken and unplayable. :(
Broken blues :((
screw this, playing LoL. this is ridiculous.
How is this bug still in game? This is very detrimental to your play, and is happening to so many people. Please fix this Blizzard :\
Game still broken for me. Ladder is unplayable. This is just a disaster.
So I guess everyone with this issue has just quit? Am I the only one still playing? Wish we could get some word from blizzard on this issue
So I guess everyone with this issue has just quit? Am I the only one still playing? Wish we could get some word from blizzard on this issue

I've been checking back every so often to see if it's been fixed, but I've stopped laddering. Why play with a forced handicap?
My computer is far from "low-end." My internet works great, I've played side by side with a friend on his laptop. He was in as soon as download finished, and I sat there for 10-15 seconds watching him mine minerals.

I can't 1v1 anymore because any rush = lose. Even team play is rough because I end up putting my team in a bad situation of playing catch-up.

Its been far too long for this problem to still exist... Is Blizzard's tech team on vacation??
OP here. Haven't been playing at all since 1.5 because 3-4 seconds is bad enough and DOES make a big difference, but since 1.5.1 I've actually been getting 10-15 seconds every single game, even customs. Messing with graphics settings (setting them higher) does decrease this slightly but it's nowhere near playable.

They've left a good number of us with an unplayable game for what, over a month now? When do we at least get a solid update? This is really turning into a mess and I'm a die-hard fanboy but Blizzard is losing me as both a fan and a customer.

The least they could do is toss is a HOTS beta invite, maybe that would work and we could at least be hopeful to play again in the future.
something VERY interesting: i used a relocalizer to go play my EU acc (something i haven't done since 1.5) and on EU i am NOT getting this delay problem. I am lagging in the beginning (opponent sees a lag screen) but its letting me in at like 2-3 seconds in. I just switched back to NA and am still having the 15 second delay problem.

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