[Bug] 10+ second lag at match start since 1.5

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It would be nice if blizzard would take the time to write a short update on how their investigation of this issue is going. This problem is quite discouraging for players who have it and an update would be greatly appreciated.
Blizzard, I've had this problem since 1.5 as well and it's really frustrating and demoralizing when it comes to competitive 1v1's and team games.

I've heard that in the HotS beta there is an auto-mine function which sends your first 6 drones to a mineral patch for you at 00:00 game time.

Maybe quickly applying this as a fix in WoL might be a good idea (and exciting for many) while you are getting to the bottom of why some computers have the strange synching issue at the start of the game.

My lag time ranges from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, not sure what causes the variance...

Anyway, please at least let us know you're still concerned, it would go a long way for the people complaining in this thread.
Mods I think it is very odd that someone from the U.S.A can connect to the EU server and experience no start lag, but on their native server they experience lag.
I have noticed startup lag as well, but startup lag hasn't been as consistent as the overall 300% hit in performance that makes the game absolutely unplayable.
I noticed yesterday that when Demuslim was playing HOTS Beta, I still saw a 5 second delay at start, but of course there was auto-mine so when the lag stopped the workers were already mining, and didn't miss any mining time, no econ consequence happened. Funny how blizzard has no fix for lag but auto-mine magically shows up.

This better not be your lag fix blizzard.
Maybe it is a local problem. Is anyone here from the East coast of NA?
It's not a local problem. That would mean everyone on that part of the country would have the problem. This is a ridiculous problem and I am so disappointed this hasn't been fixed. I won't be purchasing HOTS because of this issue alone.
I agree Fallacy. Even if the scv split perk helps a little, a 10-15 late start still means you are far behind on producing scvs. I cannot purchase a game that I know is bugged, and it's a shame because I still play sc2 even with this bug :(
I get the same 15-20 seconds (NA) in game late start whenever I'm not playing the single player vs AI. I 1st realized it when i was playing co-op on NA Server with my friends where we would always be on skype and my friends always counts the second that the game has started before i start selecting my workers and building them. It ridiculous.

SEA/ANZ I get about 4-5secs late start.

I have always been a fan of low settings. Everything is smoother that way. But not when 1.5 came online.

Please update us as you guys (Blizzard) tries to fix it. Really appreciate it.
O.k Blizzard....

I don't know if it's because not everyone gets this bug and you guys have deemed it to be of low priority but i am loosing faith.

I check this thread and the known bugs thread every day hoping for at the least an update, but you guys haven't updated the known issues thread since august 21st.

But Blizzard, do you realize that i was able to play the game competitively before this bug but since cannot play without having the ridiculous handicap of being behind from the start?

The game for me is broken, i cannot play it.

This means that for 2 years i had a working game, but now it's broken.

What I'm trying to say is that THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE. This is one of the largest bug threads and it is one of many bug threads referring specifically to the delay at start issue...

I saw some news about an incoming update and change to the ladder system, and while it's good to know that you guys are committed to improving the game-play experience, it saddens me that i feel I have now been left by the wayside .

It would be swell if you guys could at least give weekly updates regarding a game breaking bug, even if it's only 1-5% of players who are affected.

In business, improving your customer retention by 1-5% is not something to laugh at, and i just hope that you guys don't ostracize more people than it appears you already have by failing to reassure us that the game we bought and practiced and played isn't going to be broken indefinitely.
I'm also getting this problem, just realized it because I hadn't played in a couple of months. The loading screen switches to the game view with the game timer at 0:07. Increasing Shaders to Medium did reduce it to 4 seconds, but it's still too much. And it must be horrible to get 15 seconds, heh. I think a lot of people are probably getting this, and not even noticing. Or they've noticed and just feel helpless, like it's their computer or something. But this is too many people for it to be a machine problem.

I never had this problem before recently, and have been playing since April 2010 in the beta.
I agree that medium helps out with the lag at the start but when I play 3v3 or 4v4 this becoes too laggy to handle. Silly how low settings are nerfed the hardest
The most annoying thing ever! 10+ second lag at the start! Do you know how crucial those seconds are? Especially for early game play? Please fix. :(
Jesus Christ how has this not been patched? It's been so long.
touching on what flimflam said but this is ridiculous I can't believe it has been over two weeks and this issue has still not been patched at first it was just a minor nuisance i figured take a week off come back it'll be fixed but still same issue that early game is so important you are a behemoth of a company raking in millions of dollars (maybe that's an exaggeration) this shouldn't be happening
"We have been digging through all the data provided with this thread along with our internal testing, trying to identify the cause(s) of the performance issues that appeared with 1.5. Unfortunately we have been unable to identify an easy fix with our existing data tracking combined with your reports, hardware information, and variable data. With 1.5.2 we have added more data tracking to the actual game so we can have a clearer picture of what crept into the game with 1.5. We understand that this is not a perfect or fast solution to the performance issues but we are getting closer. Sadly, it has proved to not be as simple as “reverting code” back to the way the game was in 1.4.4.

As it appears that we have gained as much data as we can from pre-1.5.2 reports I will be locking this thread. Thank you all for being so diligent and providing this information, it has been very useful even though we have not been able to find an easy solution." said: Huginnco at: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6246945462?page=14

Maybe you should stop saying that it should be fix, they know something is wrong and are working toward fixing it. Stop complaining.
I agree with your statement that we should stop complaining as much but I believe this is a different issue than lag skipping and game lag. It has nothing to do with graphics or lag during the actual game, just at the start/synch.
They updated the Known Issues thread with the breaking news that no progress has been made on this bug. Wonderful. What are we going on, like a month and a half right now? Blizzard has patched the Beta more times in this period that they have their legitimate, finished product.

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