25 Reasons why Zerg is OP in TvZ

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Almost as going to failblog for an hour....
Thank you OP, you made my day.

Oh and, Plat LOL
and all
that awesome jazz
Overlords OP lolol you would have hated BW when ovies were detectors as well lolol
08/09/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Kinaesthetic
The pro scene would become TvT only and would slowly die out because nobody wants to watch the same thing over and over.

You mean like how we are constantly seeing ZvP's over and over and over and over?

i'd rather be castrated than watch a full zvp series
i'd rather be castrated than watch a full zvp series

somehow this doesn't seem true
LiquidTaeja has 80% TvZ in what you all claim as imba match up......zerg must be op
Balance T_Ting to the max.

Its almost like this fella traveled to the nether and got attacked by some 12 ghasts, and was permanently infused with their T_Tness. He then wrote this thread.

08/10/2012 07:10 PMPosted by ioFaint
i'd rather be castrated than watch a full zvp series

somehow this doesn't seem true

yeah, lol
its a euphemism brah

watch, learn, play, get the hell off the forums you could idk be winning some games?
dude half of ur stuff isn't even true and is complete bs.
08/09/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Alcibiades
Terran has to spend apm every few seconds to keep up with production while zerg gets to watch

Link 1 game u played vs zerg where the zerg won with less then half ur apm average.
me thoughts :P
Make zerg's building/Construction time significantly longer, depending on the ter of the zerg
1. spreed creep requires 1 o 3 queens wasting time apm to expand the creep. u can come with 3 helions and radar and destroy all the tumors in 10 secons , for the zerg players spreed that cost like 10 minutes. if 1 overlod dies in mid or early game we get supply blocked

2.Overlord speed only give a little of vision , Sensor tower have a 80 range radius?.
3.we need 2 queens to kill 1 banshee . helions can move to our drones , burning him down and go away easily.
4. 4 helions can defeat 100 zerglings , 4 thors can defeat 40 mutas , 5 tanks can defeat 40 roaches . really dont matter how fast u can swap tech , terran only need 4 of each unit and a ton of marines to defeat almost all army composition.
5.if any terran attacks, the zerg have to stop building drones and reduce his income to able defend and when more the next terran atack come u have less units that u lose defending and less income cuz u couldnt build drones.
6.creep provides 30% movement buff , without it any zerg army losses!
7.the queen is the only defense zerg have against early pressure
8.Only lings and roaches have low building time , all the rest of the units give terran posibility to counter attack and take 1 o 2 expand before go back
9.zerg can remax all the zerglins 5 helions can burning all them in 4 secons as well
10.terran can go at the start of the freaking match and build 1 engineer bay and deny the necessary income for a reasonable defense and this is unavoidable
11.scan destroy land your CC. done.
12.zerg can hotkey all the hatchs in 1 , but they have to cast inject larva every 25 seconds or lose , terran can save energy all lauch all the mules at the same time.
13. choke point and zerg army is dead!
14.a hatch can only save 19 larvas and that takes 1 minute , also u need replace our army all the time, u need make drones instead of units in some moments .
15.terran can build his CC and land it . that mean instant minning.

Terran late game have cheat code , yes , "SHOW ME THE MONEY" 10000 minerals is the same the 20 mules droppping. instanly!

Planetary fortress + turrents +supply depot wall = u cant make damage to the terran expands

and im already tired of this . check last day9 daily taeja 80% TvZ win rate , only really noob terran cant defeat zerg
At low levels, such as bronze, silver, gold and even platinium, Terran have an advantage against the zerg for ease of macro, but master , diamond and professionals zerg can defeat terran easily
Anyone else see Day9's video about QQing terrans and the 80% win rate vs zerg?
Win rates are only roughly 50/50 for TvZ because players only work as hard as they need to in order to secure acceptable winrates. Terran has to work harder than Zerg to win. They must scout more as zerg builds are combustible (go out of control very fast). Terrans have to put 10x the effort into macro as zergs do. (don't believe me just add up all the apms required for a terran to max on 3 bases with marine/tank/medivac vs zerg doing w/e).

This is a joke right? Tell me this is a joke? Are you really going to say the top zerg players are just too lazy to get better since they are already winning enough. The top players of all three races do EVERYTHING they possibly can to achieve their win rate.

Win rates are only roughly 50/50 for TvZ


watch, learn, play, get the hell off the forums you could idk be winning some games?

http://day9.tv/d/Day9/tvz-from-terran-perspective/ better link
I don't have any problems with this match up. In Gold, you just macro well, look for a weak spot and push (simplified version of the way it actually works). As long as you aren't stranded in a sea of creep, it usually works out fine.

let's see you rank up to mid diamond and say the same thing. What you say is true, the point is that it's easier for Zerg to outplay Terrans as both sides max out their races potential.
08/09/2012 02:14 PMPosted by BlackDeath
A smart, resilient Zerg has complete control over the game from the second it starts. They can scout more efficiently than you, macro better than you, defend pressure better than you and be more aggressive than you.

Except you don't even find smart resilient zergs most of the time in high masters and especially not sub that

A friend I have in real life (nSBenjadeath) is a recently promoted high masters Zerg. He is both resilient and smart, and I can tell you I can really feel what Zerg is capable of when I play him.

Also, when I watch him play I see him win ZvT by (1) expanding (2) missing TONS of injects after 10 minutes - which outright kills Terran if they miss 1 or 2 production cycles EVER - and (3) by using all his leftover apm just microing his army. FFS he plays with one hand off the keyboard half the time (gets his apm from spamming mouseclicks) and wins because he's able to favorably engage 90% of the time due to the ease of his macro.
Anyone else see Day9's video about QQing terrans and the 80% win rate vs zerg?

So... the answer is to... be Taeja?
I feel there are quite a few problems in TvZ and it seems it's only going to get worse in HotS. Have you played the preview map? Mines are way too easy to micro against and don't do any damage (doesn't kill anything beyond Zerglings) and that's really the only thing that changed for Terran. In the mean time, Zerg can just get some lurkers who spawn freaking mini-roaches. Tanks don't one-shot them and by the time the first wave is dead, they've killed half your army and the second wave comes.

Taeja is not winning because the race is op but because he does crazy stuff. He defends a 6-pool by picking up his workers and moving his base while building barracks all over the map so the zerg has to split their army to kill them. And even then it felt like the Zerg could've just retreated and would still have won in the long term but the guy didn't feel like it and just gave up because his cheese didn't work out.

The problem with Zerg these days is that they can do anything pretty much unpunished. 6-pool no problem, 10-pool no problem, 15 pool/hatch no problem, 15 hatch/pool no problem, max on roach by 14 minutes no problem, tech straight to brood lords no problem and the problem is that when you scout them, their base looks just the same as they were doing any of those builds because they do get all the tech buildings and upgrades but simply never use it. Imagine as Terran building a Ghost Academy, Armories, Engineering Bays, Fusion Core by 15 minutes and expecting to have any army.

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