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I'd had a more convincing post typed up, but it was lost and this will have to do:

Functions to hash objects (minimally units and triggers). There are multiple libraries that different map makers have put together to index units, so there is clearly a demand. In combination with data tables, it would let map makers define arbitrary relationships be game entities rather than just the ones available by natives. I'm sure there are existing internal unique identifiers for these objects. Exposing them only helps map makers.

Support for dynamic management of triggers, trigger events, conditions, actions would be useful, saving the time required to generate and maintain chunks of custom script. It would also help to modularize our triggers, so that if we don't want a trigger to fire for a particular event any longer, we could remove the event or destroy the trigger.

Maybe some of these things are already planned, but if not, they'd definitely be helpful.
The ability to change the ingame cursor in the data editor would be nice, Also it would be nice if we could change the cursor for when over a unit in the Events + on the actor.

And one more thing if you do both of the above, their should also be a way to make Dynamic Cursors. Meaning that with triggers we could Dynamically change cursors mid game.
It would be nice to have an easy way to do all of these.

Also one last thing. I know this is most likely impossible, but it would be nice that if in the data editor, we could actually change the picture around the Mini Map, Command card, Unit, portrait and such, THe Zerg/Terran/Protoss thing, in the races tab, WITH EASE lol, i mean just linking a picture. And have it so the Mini map and such will overlap it so it doesnt go over the mini map and stuff.
I would love the ability to "splat" or overlay textures onto models. So if one of the player's marines gets splashed with acid, I can actually "splash" an acid texture over him, then have it fade away.
I would like more support for player-made custom campaigns as well. I want to put everything into 1 "campaign" file. The mod file along with all the maps, etc.. And then the ability to publish it to the arcade, and a new arcade category for single-player campaigns. Simple and easy distribution.
I made an individual thread but I will add it here as well.

Edit boxes can only access the first 256 characters which is much too small.

This would need to be at least 2/4 times bigger to be able to transfer data from other sources.
I think it'd be great if we could have a new official SC2 channel called "Custom Map Development." The Arcade one doesn't quite handle map maker's needs because most people there just play maps, not make. And the channel we use for testing/help shouldn't be the same as the one we use for finding games, anyway.

I'd agree that this would have a slight unprofessional air about it, but it could just be temporary.
Please document the map editor. I know the map editors for previous games have not been documented, but the SC2 map editor is orders of magnitude more complicated. My roommate made maps for Brood War and for WC3, and he has been complaining to me about the complexity of creating maps in SC2. I am a professional software developer, so I thought I would take a look at it to see if his complaints were warranted. His task for me was to duplicate the marine. After going through the official tutorials, I searched online for unit duplication tutorials, but the ones I found were out of date due to the changes in the map editor. Using the relevant information from the tutorials I read, I set out to duplicate the marine. Initially I thought I succeeded, but testing my map threw an Invalid preplaced unit error. I have no idea what aspect of my duplicated unit caused this error, and there is no documentation on this. It seems silly that such a complicated piece of software is undocumented, and I'm sure there is internal Blizzard documentation floating around in the company. Even this documentation would be better than having no documentation. I believe the reason that SC2 has few good custom maps is because many of the map makers from previous games have been dissuaded by the undocumented complexity found in the Galaxy Editor. That is my 2 cents.
my suggestions for the HOTS editor

ARMOR = put in an easy way to make an armor system based of percentages so that armor values stack differently with either each armor point added or removed. (refer to this chart to get an example)

Channeling ability casting support within a control group

Make it so that when a unit is currently casting a channeling ability, change the relationship the channeling unit has with the group of units its currently selected with.

For instance in warcraft 3 , when hero archmage casted blizzard( a channeling ability), if your control group also consisted of a couple riflemen and you were trying to move the control group of units to a new location, it would not cancel the blizzard ability. The archmage would continue to cast blizzard. Now in starcraft 2, the only way to set up something similar to this is by putting in a cancel button (as escape for the hotkey) and then mark the channeling phase as "uninterrupted"

This isnt really intuitive for HERO like custom games such as mine (zealot frenzy). I dont want my players having to press Escape all the time to cancel channeling abilities if their heroes are grouped with units.

So im asking for a setup like how warcraft 3 handled channeling abilities when grouped with other units .
If we could enable/disable actor events in events+ similar to how you can enable/disable triggers and their events/conditions/actions with Control+I, that would help a lot!

Here's some data editor workflow improvement ideas I had as well:
The #1 thing the editor needs its an EASY MODE!

1, Make the triggers as easy as it was in sc1
2. Make model editing alot easier, maybe have a 3d interface and able to change the gear skins on units or change the models all together with custom models or models you can create in the editer.
3. A better user-friendly tool-tip advice panel that explains in detail what all the terms in the editor mean. If your lazy like me and don't feel like wiki the answer!
4. Easier camera functions and trigger options!
5. EASY EASY EASY for noobs like me! :) sc1 was alot easier make it more so please!

Thank you! P.S cant wait for HOTS!!!
Would be very interesting if you could generate simple map data (something for HOTS). What this would do is allow the creator to collect simple overall map data and use that to tweak and improve his map, as well as display global stats.

That way I can find out what percentage of mission failures/successes are on each game difficulty, and show stats like the total games played, etc.. Maybe allow us to create a "map" bank file type of thing?
It would be really awesome if we could have an item type similar to the Tiny-GreatHall in WC3. Currently the only option is to create the unit using a Create Unit Effect.
But this only creates a unit immediately on the ground at the target location.
The Tiny-GreatHall in WC3 allowed you to construct a building including a placement model and construction period.
Currently it is not easy to create a building like a worker would with an item.
I have tried using the Build Ability to accomplish this task however the Build Ability requires a Secondary Command Card to reference Build01.
Another solution would be just allow us to reference or create our own Build01 Ability.
It would be nice if we could change the physical models settings, Such as disable particle emitters or Modifying things such as Blend mode and emissive mode. This would allow us to be much more flexible with the models already in the game, and those made by our great modelers
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page

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