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okay i was searching the mapster forums, and noticed that to make a leveling ability get 1 point every 5 levels that it was a pain you have to do all kinds of crap just to get it to emulate what your wanting.

So my suggestion is add decimals to the points per levels. for example. if you have .25 points per level then every 4 levels you would get 1 whole point. i think this would be a very easy and cheap change that would help people.

PS. If it is already this way i am sorry, i havent tested it, but other players were saying they had to do a work around, so I took what they had said on it.
I wrote this list, it doesnt go into detail though.

10 things about the editor that I would like to change.

This is just a list of things that I hope are changed by LoTV

1. Its too Complex, Everyone has stated this issue, its too much work to do simple things.

2. The way water is handled, If its going to be in blocks, then can you give us some River doodads or something, so we can make a river go down the hill... thats REALLY annoying. otherwise, add water physics, and allow us to select water by each square, so we can enable water physics and drop the water onto the land.

3. Model Settings, In the cutscene editor, we are allowed to view the model data, and see the settings, but we cant change those settings, if you could make it so we could change them that would be great : for example the textures path, or how the alpha channel comes into play, or if team color is enabled.

4. Signing in, When I sign into the Editor, it should keep me signed in if i want it to, I hate signing in every time, not a huge deal, but big enough to make the list.

5. Absence of certain assets, that were major in the previous games. Such as the Hero Glow undercolor.

6. No way to change the map or change the texture set in game. on

7. Only 4 Terrain levels, There should be at minimum 12.

8. Command card limitations, The command card should be easily expandable, by simply hitting new card slot from teh command card section.

9. Tooltips, the majority of the editor is missing tooltips, Though this is being worked on.

10. Loadingscreens, and arcade icons DO NOT WORK if they are in the MOD file, though Sometimes they will work randomly.
There is a bug with copying and pasting the 'create units' function.

When you copy + paste it, the "options" parameter is set to none and disables the entire function, so you have to click it and click okay in order for it to say "no options". This bugged my entire map when I copied a trigger and it did that to EVERY SINGLE create unit func. So I spent like an hour just pasting no options into every single one.
I put my demand on the sixth page
Skinning and the Cutscene Editor
I was making a new skin and thought, why should we have to open 3ds max just to preview my skins as I work? Why can't we just use the cutscene editor?

So, simply, here is my suggestion/request: The ability to replace skins and update them in real-time in the cutscene editor.
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
I put my demand on the sixth page
More control over turrets would be helpful.

IE, the ability to rotate a turret via triggers, to cast an ability and decide whether or not I want the turret to rotate and "fire" a projectile or the whole unit to rotate, etc..
I deleted all my previous messages on this thread to create a new, more concrete and complete wish list. I also made 4 libraries threads on the sc2mapters that shows, a little bit more, the kind of things that I can do with the editor. To make a short story about me, I program with the galaxy editor since december 2010 on a RTS map named 'dune', like the old sci-fi movie. So my list is the sum of all the things that stranded me since 2 years. Let's get started!

Suggestion to improve in general.

This part of my text is about every upgrade that could be done in the editor that I have not been able to place in my titles.

1. many tabs in the data panel don't either have the validator or the requirement slot. Sometimes , I need a validator (like time of day, combine multiple validator, etc.) or a requirement (like tech tree for weapon). If you could place all this slots in all the 'game tabs', that would be perfect.

2. I frequently use the 'texture declaration' slot in the model tab and in the actor tab. It is perfect to modify a model, but if I want to put back the original texture on a unit, I need to create all the model's original datas (specular,diffuse,etc.) in the texture tab to link it in the actor event. In short, I wish that all the datas are already in the texture tab so I could easily pick them without creating a hundred of datas (it takes like 5 datas for only 1 unit).

3. I would like to have variables that directly links action definitions, events or conditions. Variables can already links triggers, but action definitions are more efficient and useful than triggers. I would also like to add negative arrays to variable. This upgrade could give me more flexability with some functions.

4. I have a special demand about a specific condition, 'unit has behavior'. For example, I have an unit with a behavior X. If I run this condition while the behavior X is disabled, it will returns false, even if my unit have this behavior! This point leads me to my next suggestion: a new action that changes the state of a behavior (like activate, increase, refresh, etc.). I already have the event about that (unit's behavior changes), so an action will complete the behavior part.

5. A new harvest ability flag that allow a worker to accumulate resources, like the harvester in Command & Conquer. I made an example map about that feature and I think that this improvement could create a new type of strategy game. Here is the link about my example : add units in your new race, but you cannot add effects, behavior or abilities to it. A little fix about that could greatly improve my data's organization.

7. I recently found something strange about the action 'remove unit'. If I remove a unit that is inside a transport bay, the program will drop this unit before removing it. In short, if I have a trigger that fires when a unit unloads a cargo, this triggers will fires for the removing unit, which is not supposed to happen.

8. I would like to have a new action, 'Add irregular polygon to region'. This new action could create more realistic zone for weather, as example. This action could have parameters for the number of sides and length of each side.

9. I would like to have 2 new mathematic functions about trigonometry. I already have the sine and cosine function, but sometimes I need to have the functions sine^2 or cosine^2. As example, I could need the following function : sine^2 X, not sine X^2.

10. if I create a 'harvest' ability, I cannot choose if this ability deactivate or not the collision when reaching the resource. Enabling this choose could give more realism in specific situation.

11. if I create a marine with a rifle and a snipe, I will only see the rifle in the weapon icon, in the info panel. I think that a 'folder' that appear when you put your mouse over it to show all the weapons of the unit could be more efficient.

12. if I put the flag 'individual subgroup' to a unit, I can have access to each unit of same type. This wonderful flag can let you access to each unit's inventories, abilities, etc. But there is a problem with that flag: for example, if I have 4 SCVs with this flag and I want to build 4 supply depots, I need to press the tab key each time to change the SCV and I need to reselect my building. In short, I would like to have a new flag for abilities, behaviors, effects and items named 'shared subgroup ...', which gives the advantage of use the shift to make queued actions. You could also add a new key (like to one up to the tab key) that do exactly the same job as this key, but always changes the subgroup even if the unit have the individual subgroup flag.

I would like to have an improved UI window, a well-organized and efficient window like datas or triggers (with tabs, categories, options, etc.). When I open it, I only see a big mass of script in 1 folder, which can give a headache.

The item system

There is many lacks and problems about items in the trigger and data panel. So this is my wish list about that point :

1. I would like a new way to call an item's container or slot in the trigger panel. In other words, if you want to select a specific item, you could add new actions/conditions/events that match the index of the container and the slot of this item. At this moment, in the data panel, indexes start at 0 and in the trigger panel, the indexes start at 1, which makes links impossible.

2. You could improve actions like 'create inventory item' or 'move inventory item', otherwise make them work with the specific container and slot.

3. New actions/conditions/events that set and get item's charge, cooldown, abilities, etc. There is now a home-made library that do the same job, but natives function will be more efficient and functionnal.

4. A new action for equip/unequip an item. For example, this action could check if there is a slot that match the item's class and move this item at its place.

5. New order abilities in the data panel that are specifically made for items. Specific orders like picking, using, dropping, selling, etc. could be more efficient to fire an event.

6. New validator types that are made for items. For example, validator that returns item's charge,cooldown, enabled or not, if an item is in the inventory, etc. For example, if there is no arrows in the inventory, the bow will not fire.

7. I would like to modify, in the UI panel, the universal tooltip text for an item (right-click on this item to....).

The link for the item's library is :

The day/night cycle

I recently done a library to show the possibilities about this cycle (the link is at the bottom of this page). Here is my suggestions:

A. I would like to have behaviors/abilities slot that links the lightset dawn/dusk event (like unit's sight bonus). Currently, I need to create 3 validators to do the same job, which is long and not optimized.

B. A new function that convert the current time of day into a string for a clock, as example. This point leads me to my next demand, a clock that is similar as Warcraft 3, in other words a beautiful dynamic clock that have a day/night cycle with a sun and a moon.

C. I would like an improved export/import system in the lighting window. If I export a lightset by this way, I will only export the first light, even if I got more than 1 light in this set.

D. New actions/conditions/events about seasons. In my example map, I need to pick all units in the map to change their last season behavior for the new one, which is not very efficient. This season cycle could be shown in the dynamic clock with modifiable images.

E. Currently in the editor, I have only 1 type of hour available in the system, so I would like to have 3 different type of clocks. These clocks could be synchronized with the key,fill and back tabs in the lighting window (in other words, 1 clock by sun). The great advantage of this improvement is that behaviors could be activated or not with one of the three clocks.

If you want to take a look on my job, here is the link :


I have only 1 demand about that, I would like to create online achievements. The reason why I want that is simple: I have a building that can let a player to go back in time (with saved game method) and to prevent a player to use this ability many times, an achievement may be given to that player. This achievement will be deactivated once the game is finished.

I made, last week, a map with a terrain generator. The link is at the bottom of this paragraph. Let's get started with my suggestion :

1. I would like to have actions/conditions/events that modify the terrain textures. Currently, I can only 'changes' the terrain with a modified creep texture (create or remove creep with trigger), which is not perfect and have some glitches (the creep have an animation).

2. New actions/conditions/events that could let me use the cliff mechanic. The workaround I found to do that is a LOS and movement blocker with a revealer at the top of my mountain to let a player see the area. These new triggers could let me use the cliff's height and properties.

3. New actions/conditions/events about a terrain generator. I think that this point could be the more interesting upgrade of the editor that was ever made. Imagine the possibilities, every time you play on a map, you have no ideas of what will expect you. For example, one of the best terrain generator I ever saw was in the RTS 'Age Of Empire 2', which gives an always new terrain with some identical parameters (ressource, spawn point, etc.). This terrain generator could spawn mountains, ramps, resources, cliffs, bridges, etc.

In last, a new behavior type that could be named terrain-affected. Depending on which terrain texture you are, this new behavior type could give or remove specific bonus, like a normal behavior. This new data type could be add to abilities, events, items, etc.

In you want to see my work about the terrain generator, here is the link :


I have some specials demands about this point. Footprint are very interesting to make new kind of RTS, but it is not enough efficient and flexible. I made a map about an idea for a new type of strategy with footprints. The link is at the bottom of this page. So, here is my list :

A. Currently in the editor, if you create a footprint of size 1X1, you can upgrade the resolution to get more square inside it, but even if you make an amazing footprint inside this size, when you start the game and you try to build a building with that footprint, you will only see a basic square. For example, if you build a terrain refinery, you will see a basic 3X3 square but if you go in the data panel to see that footprint, you will see that it actually have a complex oval shape. The name of that footprint is 'vespene geyser rounded built'.

B. New actions/conditions/events that could be made with a unit's footprint. In the editor, a unit is only a precise point, so even if you have a building with a footprint of 10X10, you will always get the center of this unit with triggers.

In last, I found a strange bug about shaped footprint. If I don't put a square footprint on a drop-off buiding (like nexus), the workers will stack at some cases, depending of the shape of my footprint and from where the workers come. For example, If I have a nexus that have a + shape (5X5 without the corners), when my probes will drop their resources, they will stack at the 4 corners of my building.

Here is the link for my map :

Here is my last title of my suggestions for the editor: Minimap. Minimap , in Starcraft 2, is only a basic thing that I think could be greatly improved. This is my ideas about that :

I. New actions/conditions/events that could refresh the minimap. For example, if I create terrain deformer actors, they are not showed in the minimap, so I don't know how looks the new terrain.

II. A new button next to the minimap the show the actual altitude. Like a topographic map, this new button could show the lowest height in blue and the highest height in red.

III. New actions that could add or remove a minimap's background image. Like in Command And Conquer, you could add actions that choose this image depending on the race or the team of a player.

In last, New actions/conditions/events that could split the minimap in multiple zones. Like in the RTS company of Heroes, when a player gets a new zone, the zone's border will change to his colors. You can easily see an example on google.

To conclude, I want to congratulate you for the editor, which is near of perfection. Don't stop your great work and I hope that I will help a little bit with my big list!
after a long time i finally figured out how to create custom Status Bars, but my issue is that their is not a UnitStatusShieldBar but only a UnitStatusShieldedHealthBar.

The only way to create a Shield Status bar on its own is to use a periodic trigger to update the bar every few seconds.
If this could be added/made it would be a great help.
Can we get a way to easily texture a Cursor Splat Model.
Or have the option to use Texture Select By Id on a Splat Model.
It would be of great help for me and future map makers.
Can we get a <MaxWidth> tag for UnitNameLabels to allow for Wrapping names that are to large to fit.
Currently if the name is to large it will display some of the name and then a ... at the end indicating there is more information
Could it be possible to have multiple add-on for a building? For example, I have a barracks with 2 possible add-ons (tech lab and reactor). I also want to have the reactor at left and the tech lab at right (with the add-on offset). If I build the reactor in first, the tech lab build option disappear. So a flag for this ability 'multiple add-ons' could easily solve this problem.
I've found a strange bug with the flag 'bypass resource queue' in the harvest ability. For example, if I use this flag with 1 refinery, all my SCVs will gather at the same time, but if I have 2 or more refineries at the same place, they will wait at the resource as if this flag doesn't works.

And another thing about footprints. I cannot set a custom footprint that do the same job as a command center : otherwise a custom footprint that cannot be placed too near from resource nodes. If I only copy and paste the datas about the command center's footprint, the new footprint will not work with resources.

One new thing, I cannot have 2 different harvest abilities on the same worker. As example, my SCV have 2 harvest abilities : 1 for mineral and 1 for vespene. The reason why I don't put the 2 resources in the same ability is that my mineral ability have the flag 'bypass resource queue'. So when I put 2 or more harvest abilities in my worker, it will be only the first to work in-game.

1 other little wish, could it be possible to add our custom units attributes or flags? In my map, I need a new attribute that is not a structure or an armored unit. Currently, I use the 'hover' attribute but soon I will need like 2 or 3 more to add more complexity to my units.

New demand, could it be possible to add random offset for effects? Currently, offsets are only possible with static numbers, so I need to create a trigger that create this effect at a random point.
When I go to play my map in arcade and I click play, it does not open a lobby, but instead just says "waiting for players" as it does when I am doing people vs AI. How do I fix this? The map is called "Da Battle of 300"
Could it be possible to allow the modification of each kind of panel in the UI editor? Many panel and functions, like planet panel, pylon button,etc. are marked as Blizzard only, so they are actually blocked...
Please return the drop-down menus in the Data Module window. It's an easy suggestion, I implore you.

When the Arcade was implemented, Blizzard announced they made plenty UI and function improvements to the Galaxy Editor.

The drop down menu was removed and the Galaxy Editor emphasized more on using tabs.
There's over 60 different data fields. Imagine having 60 tabs open on your internet browser you'd have to scroll through. Realistically, I've only had around up to 10 tabs up at a time, but I'm sure the point is still made.

The tab feature existed back then, yet all of it was also placed into a single scroll down menu near the top middle of the Data Module window. I found it completely useful and convenient. It would benefit expert modders and beginners alike who like to explore, tweak, and shift through many different data fields.


Please develop a new trigger that can read real world date and time. This new function would accommodate the bank system. This could allow us to make "time competitive" games - games that could continue on without the player. Imagine games like Farmville, SimCity, and special RPGs being included into the Arcade map-pool.

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