"Internal Error" issue for Mac

Mac Technical Support
This situation is happening to me when i try to launch starcraft2. i have tried unistaling it and reinstalling it but the same thing keeps happening. but when i click on an application that says sc2switcher starcraft2 starts.
How are you launching the game? (Desktop icon, Dock icon, from the SC2 folder in Finder, etc)
I try all of the options available and the message still comes out
Can you type this command in finder, and post the output?

ls /Applications/StarCraft\ II > ~/Desktop/sc2.txt
This should output a text file on the Desktop called sc2.txt. Open it up and copy/paste the contents here.
I agree and may I say well said. I don't want to have to pay good money for a game and then not be able to open it I'm having this problem but it seems everyone had this problem some time ago. If u have resolved your problem please may you inform me on how.


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