Labeled as standard edition ?

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I don't know either that problem because of the new 1.5 patch or many patches before it since I already rarely played this game.
Only going online once a month.

So after patching into 1.5, I tried offline mode and failed due to standard edition.
Mine is full version, never re-installed it or something else.
I was working back during earlier days of this game.
No idea why no longer working now. No OS change, no hardware upgrade, nothing...

Weirdly enough, if I unplugged my cable during online, I can go offline. ( but no idea how long that can hold ).
And as soon as I exit game and restarted it again, I can go offline mode. ( once again, no idea how long that can hold )
But if I restarted my PC or just wait for a while or disabling connection, it won't work again.

Something to do with connection status being 'disabled' and 'unplugged' ?

PS : sorry for the broken english, not my first language.
i too have noticed this any see many many other comments about it, before this latest patch i couldnt even get it to bring up the login menu without being connected now it tells me my full version cant play offline because its a starter edition, this is beginning to get frustrating, i live on a truck, i rarely have internet access but its still a fun game and i want to be able to play it despite lack of net, if it moves to online only like so many other games are doing, including other blizzards games i wont be purchasing any more of their products.
aha, after a bit of searching and playing around i discovered a solution that worked for me, i had to tell it to remember my account information while i connected to it online, then i was able to connect to it offline afterwords, the trick is, at least for me if you log in online again it clears that and you have to tell it once again to remember it.
so where do i get my refund for a broken game blizz?

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