How long must you fail us Blizzard??

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Since 1.5 I haven't been able to even OPEN SC2. This should have been resolved a LONG time ago. I've reinstalled twice now, done everything on here, and still get this:

And YES I've done the whole folder move/delete, variable file changes, etc. etc.

But it doesn't matter because I SHOULDNT NEED TO DO ALL THIS CRAP TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

Of course I don't want my money back; no, starcraft has provided way too many hours of entertainment for that....

But the game should be FIXED BY NOW for Blizzard's reputation and their respect for their customers.

I have never felt so disappointed before.
Curious--do you either have a firewall active or are using a wireless connection? If yes to either one, disable or hook up directly to the modem if possible and try again.
no. this is not something from my end...
This is due to agent.db file having the wrong patch urls. This is something that you will need to fix manually to resolve the issue. I've provided the steps below to show you how :)

Here is what you should check:
    1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II
    2. Right click launcher.db and select Open With > TextEdit.
    3. Follow the steps on our support page to input the right locale:
    4. Now navigate to Users/Shared/
    5. Right click agent.db and select Open With > TextEdit
    6. If you see any urls that have: it to what locale you set your launcher.db. For example: Save the changes.

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