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Hello all! This is my first RP/DM so please be patient.
You can be Terran/Protoss/Zerg Zerg is NOT recommended but i'll still allow it.


A Prisoner: State the reason why you are aboard the "DayBreak" being shipped to Umoja through Protoss space. And state the crimes you've commited. (WARINING: This may give Buffs/Nerfs/Special Abilities etc.) You must be Terran or Protoss with this class.

A Passenger: State the reason why you are aboard the "DayBreak" being transported to Umoja through Protoss space. Also give backstory of why you are on the vessel. Buisness trip, visiting family, etc. and what you do for a living since you are an average Joe. (Warning: May give Buffs/Nerfs/Special Abilities etc.)

A Soldier: You are a soldier aboard the ship "DayBreak" Whether you were hired as a merc. Or work for the Umojan Protectorate is up to you. You must be Terran Only

An Experiment: You are in the beast room, with the rest of the zergs. You must be Zerg


Okay, now When you create/post a character here is how I want it to look. I am going to use all of this as an example

<Your ID name>
Name: John "Cyclops" Turner (Nickname between first and last name)
Age: 28 (must be between 17-70)
Race: Terran
Class: Prisoner
Classes Backstory: In prison for murdering a guard and participating in attempted prison break. (This would give a bonus in combat and security but a nerf in relations with guards)
Profession: Close Quarters Combat (Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Gunner, Heavy assault, Zerg Master, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, Security Specialist, Sharp shooter, fencer, farmer. Also you can have as many professions as you want, but the more you have the less good you will be at each one.)
Backstory: (Just put here some backstory for your character.)
Defining Characteristics: Grumpy, quick to anger. Has an eyepatch over his left eye.

Please tell me if I forgot something, or should add something.

Posting language key:

{talking in radio or on console}
"Character Speaking"
MarkusDaWise Speaking

I might add more

Each player will be given a private quarters, where there is a bed. If you wont be posting for awhile, please say that a character is going to his quarters to sleep.

If you have a character that has his own ship, please tell me so I can include it in the story.

This is the top floor of the ship "DayBreak" I am working on the second one. I dont know if this is going to be ship based, but whether it is or not this is still nice to have.

Exterior of the DayBreak

Top Floor of the Day Break

Bottom Floor of the Day Break
You wake up in your private quarters. Light fills your eyes and memories flood your mind.

You remember walking into this room and someone saying, "This is your private quarters, do with this space as you wish, but at the end of our journey, you will be held responsible for any vandalism."

You get up and sit on your bed looking around the room.

I am aboard the "DayBreak" which is a capitol ship on the way to Umoja's Capitol.

The room is empty, all it contains is a bed, a nightstand, an empty closet, a table and a chair, and a rack for equiptment. By the door you notice a console, probably used for communication around the ship. you take a deep breath and lay back down on your bed, waiting for other RPers to join. XD
Name: Joranis Flania
Deceased in Yuhn.

Name: Kordas
Deceased in Tekil

Name: Ivan Petrovia
Deceased aboard the "DayBreak"

Name: Graal
Race: Terran/Protoss
Position: Passenger
Age: 17
Height: 6' 1"
Characteristics: Orange eyes, cut off Protoss Appendages, dark brown hair, wavy, soul patch, has a tribal tattoo on his right arm going to his hand, average build, skin tone is tan. Has some Protoss features, but just enough where he still looks Terran. Is wearing a duster. He is a strong believer in his faith.

Backstory: He was abandoned by his parents at a early age, he had to fend for himself. At a decent age he became a Mercenary. When he was 15, he was supposed to go with a group to recover a Protoss Artifact, the Artifact released a Psionic Shockwave and it knocked him out. The energy started to enter his DNA structure. Some weeks later, he woke up from a coma, he was starting to develop Protoss features, but his appearance would pass him by as a Terran. He then cut off the appendages so he wouldn't be connected to the Khalai. He joined a Church after the incident and he was raised by them until he left at the age of 17. He became an Assassin for the Church when needed, his faith is strong.
Reason for being on Cruiser: He received a contract to kill off the Cargo on the ship, and to free the innocent prisoners.
Profession: Tactical 1, Blade Expert 2/3, Pistol Marksmen 1/3.

Name: Zanon
Age: 27
Race: Terran
Class: Prisoner
Classes Backstory: Caught by security professionals at [Censured for Military Reasons] guarding Project [Censured for Military Reasons]. Apprehended by operative [Censured for Military Reasons].
Subject is Psionic. Treat as extremely dangerous.

Defining Characteristics: Drains Psionic energy if he comes in physical contact with subject. CAUTION. Do not attempt to use mind probing techniques. Results in examiners death.

Profession: Pilot (Phoenix expertise), Sharp shooter (revolver only)
Backstory: Works alone most of the time. His family was killed during the initial phase of recruitment to the Ghost Program. He managed to escape the facility with the help of a High Templar and traveled with the Templar for the next 10 years. This Templar trained Zanon in the Psionic arts as best as he could. It was during this time that the Templar realized just how unique Zanon's abilities were. They seemed to be based in the Void. They parted ways and Zanon had a run in with a few Ghosts working with Raynor's Raiders. The details on this time are spotty, but apparently he managed to befriend a Zerg Roach. He parted company with the ghosts after a while, and began his own private war with the Dominion.

Unsurprisingly, his luck ran out and he was caught. And here we are today.

Name: Valens
MIA on the battle for Umoja's Plains

Name: Phil Turner
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Class: Passenger
Classes Backstory: Works as a Doctor on the ship "DayBreak"
Profession: Treat Injury, First Aid
Backstory: Family Lives in Umoja, Average Civilian
Defining Characteristics: Kind, trustworthy and loyal. All around great guy.

Name: Captain "Iron Fist" Jack Desmond
MIA in the battle for Umoja's Plains

Name: Known by fellow ones as simply "The Ancient"
Deceased Aboard the "DayBreak"

Name: Nina Kalvaus
Age: 21
Race: Terran
Class: Soldier (Mercenary)
Profession: Pilot, CQC, Rapid-fire weapons.
Backstory: Worked as a freighter pilot with her brother when she was younger. Has a previously unheard of ability to nullify psionic abilities near her. Started working as a mercenary in late-teens.
Defining Characteristics: Makes nearby people uneasy due to the nullifying field. Always cheerful, even in grim situations.
What is the purpose of the RP?
Why are they there, and what are they doing there?
What is the purpose of the RP?
Why are they there, and what are they doing there?

oops, I forgot to write out the story. . . Oh well, I guess I will do that once we have people join? Maybe? IDK help me out here.

EDIT: Okay I am writing the story as we speak, but generally it is up to you what you are doing on a capitol ship on the way to Umoja. It doesn't really matter though because your plans will be forgotten after the RP starts ;)
"I would be a prisoner being transported to New Folsom because of being a Spectre. I will post my character soon."
08/15/2012 01:01 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"I would be a prisoner being transported to New Folsom because of being a Spectre. I will post my character soon."

How soon is soon?
Name: Joranis Flania
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Unit Type: Prisoner Spectre
Ship: Daybreak
Age: 20
Backstory: Was captured by Nova after Project Shadowblade was terminated and is now heading towards New Folsom. But his stasis cell just had a malfunction.
Profession: Psioncs (Passive, so I can have full strength on another one.), Marksmanship and Bladesmanship.
Defining Characteristics: Insanity.
Cool, thanks! Why isn't everyone else joining?

EDIT: I'll start when there are 4+ people. Unless it takes days, then I might start with 3
Sorry Mark, but I have my hands full with the other RP's I am in at the moment.
I'll join. I just have to pick a character.
08/15/2012 02:48 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Sorry Mark, but I have my hands full with the other RP's I am in at the moment.
"There are only two active RPs you are in..."
08/15/2012 03:11 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Sorry Mark, but I have my hands full with the other RP's I am in at the moment.
"There are only two active RPs you are in..."
By active, you mean the Academy and Outbreak right? I was thinking, I might have Sol disguised as a passenger, she survived from Outbreak.
"Okay, I am going to post how powerful each of his professions are."
Psioncs: 1 whole(Needs to be, with him being a Spectre), Marksmanship 2/3, Blademanship 1/3.
08/15/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Zanon
I'll join. I just have to pick a character.

Great thanks! so that makes two. We need about 1-2 more people to make this fun I think. especially if someone is going to be a protoss.
Mark, if you check out the Outbreak RP, then I will be Sol. She is going to be a passenger, but she really is something else. Think of her as almost a true hybrid of Terran and Zerg due to the events of Outbreak.
08/15/2012 03:33 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven

Whats sol? I finally figured out what OOC is and IC sometimes BIC is. haha but im still figuring out all this lingo.

EDIT: Wait. . . LOL is that a name?
Yeah, it's a name of one of my characters. LOL

Or, I might use Graal.
Graal is a beast! Use him :D But I dont think he lives in Umoja so he would have to me a merc. or a prisoner or a passenger.
Passenger in disguise my friend.

Sol will be a passenger if she is in, she is what I would call, a Terran that was kinda Infested back in Outbreak, but a certain Protoss made her sane again and she can control her Zerg like symptoms now, and she looks completely human, but I wouldn't call her Infested though, Diethelm is truly Infested. So that is why I say that Sol is Infested but isn't in a way, you understand any of this?

And Graal is a passenger also, he is in disguise, you wont know his mission until it starts. All of his gear is in a duffle bag in the cargo bay, the only thing he has on him is the Bayonet Blade hidden in his duster. He is also a Mercenary.

If any of them are in the RP, they wont try to cause havoc unless they really need to. So they don't mean to cause trouble.

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