Umoja's Plains (Completed)

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LOLOL^^ She is busy not dieing by protoss I think.
"Okay, I am going to ignore that, because that is basically random trolling."
I finish turning the town inside out. I set fire to several buildings after packing a large amount of supplies into a Shikoto Coupe and drive away.
Nina snaps her goggles into place.
"Hope you don't have motion sickness" The grin was obvious in her voice.
She turns her attention back to in front and slams the throttle, heading for Tekil.

OOC: I just noticed something. Phil is a doctor, and he said that he found the captain...... I sense incoming problems.
"What is this test coward?!"
"First you must become trusted among the Umojan Protectorate. As of now, you are the number one suspect for the incident on the "DayBreak". You must regain their trust by destroying another known criminal. Then you must destroy the protoss that seem to have befriended you. They are trying to make you see your "true power" as they call it. When in reality all you are is a foolish terran with too much power at such a young age."
I watch the vulture go.

Should have installed some guilt before he left. No... I'm not sure I could do that without damaging him.

The sector needs more honest doctors.

Time to get set up for the nite.
I drag the disabled stalker (not an easy feat) and place it over the hole in the pod, sheltering me from detection.

Now... I wait a day, and if that guy doesn't come back... Start walking.
Kordas lays down beside the pod. He couldn't believe he was stooping so low to try to become a Terran's pet.
@CR: "There is a spectre named Joranis. Currently he is in one of the small settlements in Umoja's plains slaughtering innocents. Even to zerg thats just cruel; for even the zerg slaughter for a purpose. Even if that purpose is vile. Kill him, or put him behind bars and give him a beat down. Either one, he must be stopped. Oh, and another thing, dont try and run. We can taste your presents in the galaxy."
Nina stops just inside town, and parks the Vulture.
"All right, Phil, this is your stop. Your commander is at the hospital, getting treated."
"You are nothing like the Tal'darim that want to kill anyone abomination, or any Terran that defiles one of their relics. I will not do this!"
@Jester: "Thanks for saving me. Thats kinda emberrassing being saved by a girl." Phil smiled sheepishly. "We were never properly introduced. My name is Phil Turner." Phil sticks out his hand in an attempt to shake yours.

@CR: "You are an abomination and a terran that defiled one of our relics. If you do not, you will die. Look into your future Graal, you know your life doesnt end here. But you also know we can and will kill you. I give you an hour to make up your mind." The transmission cut out. Leaving you in an empty room with no doors or windows.
I drive away from the burning town, smoke rising over the horizon. "Ah, the smell of burning corpses at sun set."
Nina shakes his hand.
"My name is Nina Kalvaus, mercenary."
She turns the Vulture back on (Assuming he got off, which I'm guessing he did.) and drives back out of the city, looking for any more survivors.
Phil just stood there for a second, pondering why she had left so fast. Nina Kalvaus He cogitated. I wonder if I will ever see her again. I should prepare a "Thank you" If I ever do. Maybe I could- His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a horn growing louder and louder. Just then he realized he was standing in the middle of the road! He quickly dived out of the way into the sidewalk. Sharp pain rippled throughout his body starting at the elbows. He felt the wind from the mac truck brush up against his straight, ear length hair. Phil gasped. The criminal! What should I do? Should I let him run free? Should I call the police to come arrest him? Should I keep my word and come pick him up? Do I really want to tempt him to kill me?

Phil noticed a crowd gathering around a large hologram. The crowd looked angry and sad. He could hear a news reporter talking about the destruction of a small village on the outskirts of town. Could that be him? He quickly ran over to the crowd and pushed his way up. The news reporter was barely visible from all of the smoke.

"As you can see the damage done to this small village is unmitigated. Who could have caused this level of distruction? Was it just colateral damage from the protoss fleet that just so recently engaged in battle on Umoja's plains? Or was this linked to a ship called the "Daybreak" This ship that was full of prisoners and zerg specimins suddenly exploded for unknown reasons. What we do know is that it wasn't an accident, becuase there were survivors. Escape pods lay scattered throughout Umoja's plains. Answers are on the way."

Phil was amazed that he was on that ship. A thousand thoughts rushed through his mind. Then he knew that he had to pick up that prisoner. He had to know if this was his doing.
I continue driving away and purposely run over someone. "This is fun."
Kordas is sleeping beside the escape pod.
OOC: "Zanon, my Zergling is now your pet." XD
OOC: Pulling out of this RP Markus, you can kill off my character or keep him.
Phil rushed to the nearest taxi he could find and jumped in. "Apartment complex 346 punch it!" The taxi drove to his apartment as fast as the law would allow. Phil handed the driver a fist full of cash and ran to the door of his house. Before he got to the door, it opened. His wife appeared in the doorway with a sorrowful look on her face. It was obvious she had been weaping for hours. She instantly started sobbing even harder then it appeared she had been. She ran up and gave him the biggest hug
"I thought-" the rest was unadible due to her sobbing. "I know" He said gripping her tighter.
"I know" He repeated. They hugged in the lawn for a minute then he finally let go and started walking to the garage.
"Where are you going?" She demanded
"I will be back sweat heart"
"You cant leave me again!"
"I have to do this, I gave my word. Besides, the commander is waiting for me."
She started sobbing again and shaking her head.
"Dont worry honey."
"You cant..."
"I love you." He said closing the door of his shakato coupe. The garage door opened and he drove off, toward the direction of the wreckage. Toward a criminal who may not diserve a second change. To Umoja's plains.
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OOC: Pulling out of this RP Markus, you can kill off my character or keep him.

Oh, thats too bad! Okay, I will keep him for awhile longer but I encourage you to stay and make his death glorious or meaningful.
The shikato Coupe raced over the hill and then phil could see the plains. The battlefield that had once been a beautiful plain was now covered in debris and fallen soldiers. He didn't stop though, he just kept blazing through everything, driving like a mad man. He finally reached the escape pod where the criminal was. He securely fastened a revolver in his pants and covered it with his shirt. Then he got out and walked over to the escape pod. The door was covered by a stalker. Interesting He then rapped on the escape pod. Awaiting a response. A wave of fear came over him. What am I doing here?
Guess he came back.
Or maybe it wasn't him. Or maybe it was him, but he had brought back soldiers .

I'm over thinking this.
I calm myself and slip into a more... relaxed state I guess. I focus on emptiness, nothingness and feel a tingle.
I'm inadvisable. Cloaked using only psionic energy. Like the Dark Templar.

I push the stalker out of the way. Doc is standing outside, looking apprehensively into the 'empty' escape pod.

Since there is no need to alert him to the fact I can cloak at will, I quietly walk around him and decloak.
"I wasn't sure you would come back, what with me being a prisoner and all."

His mind is buzzing with questions. I can tell.
"I'm not really a mind reader, so you are going to have to ask your questions out loud doc."

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