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Kordas wakes up as the Stalker was moved. "Huh, did he exit?" Kordas sees him appear behind the other person. "Oh, hi there."
Phil stammered and tripped over himself "How did you know I was a doctor?" Phils face suddenly became pale. He is a psionic you idiot! He's been playing you all along! Phil was trying to say something but nothing would come out of his mouth.
"So. . . uuh" Phil didnt know what to say. So he just pointed to his car.
"Where do y-you want to go?" Phil almost called him sir. He isn't a sir. He is probably a murderer. And guess who is next? Some guy who braught him a lovely new car!
"Just be mindful I have a family waiting so I cant be too long." IDIOT! Why would you reveal a weakness so easily? Phil bit his lip, then noticed the zerg sitting there. Phil yelped and drew his gun aiming it at Kordas, trying hard to stop its shaking.
"Stay back, you. . . strangely tame zerg that speaks english!?" Phil then realized his gun was worthless. If either one of them wanted him dead, he'd be dead already. He cleared his throat and put the gun back in his pants.
"Im sorry, its just. . ." Phil was speechless. What could he say? Nothing, he could say nothing. So he didnt say anything.
"OK. First, I am just behaving myself. Two, I can speak because I am not controlled by the swarm." His Hydralisk jaws chomping a bit and his Hydralisk tail swinging around the ground.

I go to a small caravan of people and kill them all then start burning the corpses. The smoke is seen by the people at the escape pod.
"Could you think more quietly please? I'm not going to kill you. But to answer your unspoken question, I have killed a lot of people. Most of the time they were trying to kill me."

A thought stands out more clearly than all the others.
Family. Fear.
"QUIT IT! I'm not going to threaten your family! Who do you think I am? A politician?"

He stands quietly for a few moments.
Cooling fear and growing acceptance. Now we are getting somewhere.

I take out an ordinary looking watch from my belt and place it on my left arm. Multiple holographic displays appear along the length of my arm and I begin to manipulate them.
"Hey Digger. I've escaped. Come pick me up."

I can feel the question forming in doc's mind.
"He's a friend."

I look at the man and then at his car. "Somewhere close to the city, ideally in a big enough space that a banshee can land. Would you mind driving? I want to have my hands free if the zergling tries something."
"Hey. I am stooping so low to be a pet! I should at least have some trust!" Kordas yells as he follows.
I drive right by the escape pod. Two clouds of smoke in the distance. Both because of me, it was a good day.
OOC: Ok, I'm breaking off on this. Sorry, but Nina isn't working out like I hoped. Apparently, not many would like the idea of a mobile psionic dampener. So, I'm going to go with my other idea. Sorry, Markus.
OOC: Alright well you three are the last ones (besides CR) so im going to end this RP soon but be prepared for a sequal! I think this is a great story with some great character development. A second one will be fun I hope to see you all!

IC: "Yeah!" Phil just stood there still pondering how he could read his mind. MOVE every cell in his body wanted him to move but he wouldnt. Finally the ice was broken after Phil shook his head.
"Yeah, I know just the place." He got in the driver side door and put his seat belt on. Phil took a staggered deep breath as Zanon also entered the vehicle.
"Excuse me little zerg, wouldnt want to hit you now!" Phil cautioned not even loud enough for Kordas to hear. The engine revved once then was off. It was a bumpy ride since all the debris. I wonder if I will ever see nina again. Phil drove silently without looking at Zanon. I have never seen a merciful female mercenary A large bump interrupted his thoughts. They made it to the road and drove toward giant buildings in the distance. So what's your name, outlaw? What are you in for? Phil looked at Zanon to try and differentiate wether he read his mind just then or not.
"Only about thirty minute drive to a private landing pad."
Kordas was holding onto the back of the vehicle as it was moving. His tail scrap_ing across the ground.
Phil looks in the rear view window and sees Kordas. Huh, its a zergling that- Phils eyes widened ITS A ZERGLING!! The vehicle sped up faster and faster. It was going about seventy when phil made a sharp left turn. Kordas flew off the vehicle and landed into another, nearly killing him.
"Stupid zergling" Phil said out loud.

EDIT: I said shart instead of sharp XD
"Ow." He looks at the person inside and starts eating him.
I pass by the Zergling. I ram into the car that had it on him previously. "DON'T THROW ZERGLINGS LIKE FOOTBALLS!"
Cars continue to hit you and you can feel your bones cracking and bruising, soon to be breaking. Some people swerve to try and hit you.
The landing pad was now visible, their journey had reached its end. The car stopped and Phil looked at zanon and unlocked the door.
"Try to stay out of trouble. I dont want blood on my hands because I helped you escape."
After Zanon's friend picked him up Phil drove home thinking of all the experiences he had been through. Being locked in my room aboard the "DayBreak" was thought to be a curse, but it saved his life from all the crazies out there. He was glad to be back home here on Umoja's Plains once again. All he was thinking about now was how he is going to get it from his wife.

OOC: Hey, thanks guys this was an amazing RP! I hope to see you in a sequel I wanna make! Starring most of the same characters and maybe some more =D Sorry to cut Graal's story short, I think it will make great RPing material for the sequel. Zanon, I love you, you're awesome, dont change a thing! I love the detail you add in every post, and they're all nice and long. Thanks!

As Joranis sits there. "You are definitely going to die." He says from within his prison cell.
I let Joranis live, dont kill phil ;)
"I do not want him dead. I am planning on bringing him back in another RP."
Okay, thanks guys! Lesson learned! Joranis lives! But can we pretend he didnt kill millions of innocents effortlessly and just for the heck of it? At least in my RP?
A heartless GM.

We may need to take juristic action at a later date.
(Though killing characters who charge forward stupidly isn't to big of a problem)

You heard it here first!

This is Zanon, signing off.
"He is a sociopath spectre, of course he is going to go around killing random people."
SF, I am scared that he might kill off Cynthia and Korzis.

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