Building Ramp Block

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Does anyone care about this anymore?
Is this still imbalanced?
Whether it's Terran or Protoss blocking a Zerg's ramp, is this still an issue? Do we still really need neutral Supply Depots there?

Blizzard has said that the supply depot solution is tacky and I agree. I like to wall on the low ground as some others do. I've seen pros wall on the low ground. I feel it's something we should be allowed to do.

So I ask the community at large if this is a problem.

If it is, why not implement a code where the area at your starting ramp only friendly buildings can be built.
No it's not an issue. Zerg some how thing pulling one drone off their line for 40 seconds will cause them to fall so far behind that they can't win after how devastated their economy is.

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