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So, since patch 1.5 I've not only discovered that the patch reset my graphics settings, that no fullscreen resolution serves as actual fullscreen and now have to run the game in Windowed Fullscreen to get even decent resolution, but it seems that my game freezes for the first sixteen seconds of every single ladder match. Before 1.5 I got maybe 3 seconds of freeze before each game started recognizing my inputs, but sixteen is a bit much and puts me a pretty drastic amount behind at the start of each game.

Does anyone have ANY idea as to how I can fix this? I'm running SC2 on a mid-2010 15" MBP with the latest build of Lion and all of the graphics on low settings except for a modification to the shading to make cloaked units and FF easier to see.
my game freezes too, they told me to delete a folder and run the game again. all it did was reset all my settings to the default and obviously didnt work. for me it is about 10 seconds and if i get rushed its gg.
yup, I can confirm this but its usually around 12secs for me.

when the game loads there are no shadows and as soon as they appear I can play, around 10-15 secs in
Try setting your shaders/shadows to medium or above detail. I was having the same problem as you were when I had them both set to low. For some reason actually raising them made the lag in the beginning stop! Now my eyes hurt from the shader effect but atleast i'm on an even playing field...
It ranges from 12 to 25 seconds for me. I'll try the shader thing tregnoc mentioned.
Yup. I start the game anywhere in between 10 and 20 second into the match.
If you're experiencing starting the match after x seconds, then this is a bug we're looking into. For this issue, you will need to post in the bug report forum, as this seems to happen on both Mac and PC.

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