Performance is far less than it used to be

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It's practically unplayable at times, and I have a pretty decent Mac system (2011 17-inch MacBook Pro with Radeon 6770M, 512GB SSD, and 2.5GHz quad core i7). The FPS chops down to less than 10 in busy scenes when previously it would get no less than 25.

I'm not sure if replays are a good gauge at performance, since they seem to show higher FPS than when making 'em, which suggests the problem might be with the other stuff that's going on rather than the rendering of the graphics and physics, etc. Dunno, but in comparison to 1.4.4 and the 1.5 beta, this public release is a horrid detraction.
This is being investigated, since it is occurring on both Mac and PC. Our team in the bug report forum is looking into this.

We are currently collecting system information and variable information from users who have encountered performance degradation after 1.5. Please go to THIS THREAD and enter your information if you are encountering this issue.
I have discovered my 2009 MBP does better on MEDIUM settings than LOW. Yes, I'm serious.

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