The Ascension

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My back press against the sides of the boulder. Pellets of rocks chip away as the hydralisk continue to fire their spines. I peek once again to gauge where the hydralisks are. I saw one coming straight for me, two right emerging behind pillars of stalagmite, and two more waiting on top of the ledge.

"BLEAAAAAAARGHHHHH!" My shields activate once more as a spine bounces off my shoulder. I quickly pull myself back to cover when a spine suddenly pops through the rock and lands right in front of my feet. Up ahead, a furious battle between a zealot and a roach took place; the zealot rolling to the side of the roach and charging into the roach, knocking it over the edge of the creep covered ground down into the abyss below. Triumphant, the zealot leap into a small pack of zerglings with a cry.

Time seem to have slow to a crawl. As I absentmindedly stare into the frenetic battle that rages on, I suddenly look at my hands. They were shaking. I close my eyes. What was this feeling that I felt? Was it fear, was I afraid of death? No, if it was fear, then why did I feel such serenity amidst all the chaos around me? This euphoric feeling was so familiar.

Opening my eyes, I leap over the boulder. Still in the air, I find myself staring face to face of a hydralisk with a look of surprise. I bring down both of my blades down on its head. A volley of spines are fired on my direction. Deactivating my blades, I grab onto the headless hydralisk and use it as a buffer against the spines.

Creating a hallucination behind me, the clone heads to the two hydralisks right behind the stalagmites drawing the fire of three hydralisks while I run towards a hydralisk on the high ground. The hydralisk shoots spines after spine at me to no avail as I deflect the projectiles with my blades.

Leaping onto the ledge, the hydralisk swipes at me with its claw. Dodging the blow, I rise up and slash off its right claw. Roaring in pain, the hydralisk lunges at me. Its movements were too slow. I jump onto its back and sever its spine and turn my attention to the remaining three.

Seeing as my hallucination was still alive and still directing fire towards itself, I begin to channel psionic energy on the stalagmites where the two hydralisk stood. They knew nothing of the pain that was going to be inflicted on them. A dazzling psionic storm cracked into life. In vain, the hydralisk tries to move away but it the damage was already done. Their scorched, lifeless bodies smoked on the ground.

The hallucination disappeared. Turning my attention to the last hydralisk, it was too far away for me to attack it. I form a psionic knife on the palm of my hands and direct it to the hydralisk. The hydralisk, too slow to react, slumps over the ledge as the knife pierced its heart.

Finishing off the enemy, I turn my attention elsewhere. The fighting was still not over. I jump down from the ledge, feeling anticipation as I rally my forces. It was good to fight again.
My blades hum softly as I pull my blade from the body of a roach. The last remaining Zergs climbs the walls and scampers towards the exits, scattering themselves deeper into the darkness, their furious cries wailing through the cavern. The battle was finished.

I look around, pausing to observe the destruction. The bodies of the Zergs by far outnumber the bodies of my brethren. A cold draft whistled its way through the hollow caverns.

A stalker walks up to me, "Executor, we have beaten the Zergs back in this battle. However, we have also sustained losses ourselves. Our combat capabilities is perhaps at seventy percent efficiency."

I nod and kneel besides a severely wounded zealot. His chest was cut open down across, starting from his left shoulder down to his right hip. The damage was already done. The zealot grimaced with pain and grasps my hand.

"Executor..." he began.

"You are in no condition to talk. I am sorry..." I say.

"My life...for Aiur. I am serve under you," his voice croaks.

His hands loosens its grip. He lays still, eyes open. I shake my head sadly and close his eyes. "The Khala take you." I manually activate his teleportation mechanism on his suit and watch as the body disappears in a ray of light.

"We will continue onwards and decimate this brood. I will do you a dishonor by asking those of you with severe injuries to leave. If you are unable to fight as of right now, I request that you head back to the medical bay and live to fight another day. The rest of you, follow me. This broodmother has gone into hiding long enough."

I feel a murmur of disappointment and anger directed at me. Yet there was understanding too that their lives were more valuable than ever since the Fall. Brilliant flashes of light illuminate the caverns.

I continue to navigate through the passageways, fending off the occasional Zerg skirmish. The Creep became more lively as we descended deeper and deeper until finally, I found myself staring at a massive complex of eggs.
Very, very good. I like the detail, as well as the connection to HotS. Do keep going, there is little I can add to help you in this, and I am eager to see its end.
I narrow my eyes at the eggs. The air was musky and moist. Larvas slither along the ground, hiding from plain sight. Overlords somehow were floating above us. A feederling hisses at me and darts at me. I grab it by the neck and snap it in half.

My company of warriors begin to spread out amongst the fields of eggs. "Such an unprecedented growth in this short amount of time. Their ability to reproduce is knows no bounds and it continues to surprise me. Their hatcheries should be nearby," a Zealot remarks.

I kneel to the ground, noticing something odd. Mushrooms were regrowing around a cluster of eggs. They were the very same mushrooms near the entrance of the caves. They were glowing very dimly. Were the Zergs utilizing some property of the mushroom to accelerate growth? Curious, I harvest several specimens and place them inside a sterile compartment around my waist.

I turn to the Zealot and answer him, "It is unlikely they can reproduce this fast. They must have had some sort of stimuli for them to achieve this. In addition, even if they can adapt to any environment, adaptation can not occur so fast. At least that is what I hope."

"We must purge these caverns from these aberrations before they taint any more of the surface!" an immortal shouts.

I sever several eggs at once with a swipe of my blades; their contents ruptured and several undeveloped, malformed organisms spill out and splay themselves on the ground. I look quietly at the contents. I look around me. Numerous openings were present at all sides.

I cut down a larva. "Exterminate the eggs and anything else present! They are not hatching on my watch and I don't want anything flanking us from behind! Prepare for any Zerg attacks! They will no doubt try to defend this cluster of eggs. Perhaps we will even draw the elusive queen out."

Just as I finished the sentence and I ready my blade in the air, a fierce cry rang throughout the caverns. "FEEERRAAAAAH" My ears track the source of the sound and I saw it on the far side of the cavern. Our target that eluded us for so long finally shows up. The queen was finally here.

The queen roars at us once again. The caverns became alive once again as the feral screaming of the Zergs filled the room. "This looks familiar," I say to myself.

She hisses. Overhead, groups of overlords begin to make their way to various batches of eggs. They begin to excrete something that is not creep on top of the eggs. The eggs shake and quiver violently and several pop, revealing newborn ground troops. They look eagerly at us, hungry for blood. The queen defiantly roars and disappears behind a passageway.

"Executor! That queen...!"

"She is desperately throwing everything at us to stall us but her death is certain! She cannot escape no matter where she goes when we have the air superiority! Exterminate what remains of her forces here! Her death will come soon!"
I removed my blades from a malformed hydralisk. In a short but intense fight, the brood was laid to waste in the egg chamber. Their blood was everywhere. Though their dwindling numbers were bolstered by the hatching eggs, they were far too weak and fell easily to any blows.

Yet I knew this victory would amount for nothing if the broodmother was not dead. "Come, we cannot give the enemy any respite! She has may have delayed us but she cannot escape our wrath!" I lead my brethren into the passageway where I saw the broodmother escape.

Some time later, the caverns grew colder and less dim. A cold draft made its way through. Evidently, the trail lead outside. What was unmistakably the footprints of a broodmother was on the floor. I ran and found myself alone in the tundra.

I saw the broodmother far away in the distance with a small pack of roaches. The presence of my brethren lagged behind me. They were still making their way through the caverns. I power up my suit into overdrive and I sprint towards the small pack of roaches. It was time to end this.

As I rushed towards the queen, five pitiful roaches stood in my way. Jumping upwards, I landed on top of one roach and I drove my two blades on its back. Feeling the psionic power radiating all over my body, I telepathically exploded the heads of two of them.

The queen was off in the distance, heading to a ravine. The other two roaches lagged in the snow. Not wasting my time on killing the other two, I sprinted quickly and caught up with the queen who seem to have trouble navigating through the thick snow.

"Vermin! You can no longer run!" The queen seem to have sensed that there was no way for her to escape. She turned around and faced me, her talons ready to strike.
Keep... writing...
The queen threw a volley of needles at my direction as I charged headlong towards her, shrugging off her attacks as the needles bounced harmlessly off my shields. She snarled and and raised her razor talons in the air as I neared her.

She swung her talons down at my head and my blades made contact with it. The talons was sliced off and flew into the air. She reeled back, roaring in pain and flailed wildly. Jumping in the air, my blade came down upon her neck and I sliced off her head in one quick stroke. The body limped to the ground immediately.

I stood on top of the body like a hunter finally snagging the elusive game. The remaining roaches that approached me suddenly turned on each other. Without any guidance, the Zerg were no more than animals who survived on instinct.
With the last roach standing, I merely blasted its face with a psionic bolt launching it several feet off the ground. The rest of my company emerged from the caves and shouted victoriously at the sight of the dead queen.

"I knew you still had it in you Executor! You have lead us to victory as you always had!"

It was a good feeling even though some of the Zealot's words may have been exaggerated. Attuning myself to the energies of the Khala, my mind linked itself with Fa'rah.

"Executor? I sense weariness from you. Has something happened?"

"It is done Fa'rah, tell the other commanders that the foul queen was slain."

"That's good to hear Executor. I will immediately notify the other commanders. Shall we procede with purification protocols?"

"Yes, please do so Fa'rah. We must cleanse this planet of all Zerg bio signatures before we leave. It would be a waste of our time and blood to cut off the head only for new ones to spring forth."

"Duly noted Executor, I will send out purification squads to the vicinity. Commander Ja'yaal has already sent his void rays to incinerate the remains of the behemoth. The other commanders have heard your report. They are pleased to know that you have accomplished this endeavor despite your recent amnesia."

"Haha, they underestimate me. It was good to feel the vigor of combat. One more thing Fa'rah..."

"Go on."

"Send out dropships to my position. My company requires extraction and we are quite a distance from the main base. I must say, despite my conditioning and shields, I can still feel the cold's frosty grip on my skin. Between Char and Khaldir, I don't know which planet is worse. Both are so far in the extremes in their climate."

"And that is why the Zergs thrive on such hostile conditions."

"Indeed Fa'rah, that is why I am glad we have stopped them from evolving on this environment today. We save many lives by preventing the next evolution of the Zerg. I will speak with you later, I am a little tired from my excursion."

"I will see you at the command post then Executor. Be safe until then."
The dropship began its descent and landed. The hatch opened and I stepped out into the snow where I saw Fa'rah awaiting not far away. She motioned for me to follow her to the commander's ground headquarters. With that, she turned away and entered the building.

I followed her inside. The room held a small beacon showing a holographic map of all the Protoss within the area. I nodded approvingly. Such data would be useful in routing out the remaining Zerg infestation.

"Give me a status report," I said.

She looked up from the terminal. "Our battle groups have been cleansing this planet of Zerg for the past half hour while you were boarded. Without any command strains, our forces are facing little trouble getting rid of the remnants."

"Good, good...tell me Fa'rah," I began, "How long is it since we have landed on this planet?"

"It has been a little over two hours Executor," she replied calmly.

"Has it been that long? It felt so much shorter within the caverns," I saw while I follow the movements of the dots in the hologram.

She chuckles softly, "That's hardly a long time."

"Time goes slowly navigating through the caves. Maybe it is the darkness or perhaps it is still my senses that have not recovered completely."

At this, her expression grew serious. "That's right, you had a concussion and suffered from amnesia. We should get you to the infirmary right now. Hello? Yes, can I get-"

I held up my hand. "That won't be necessary. I have no injuries to speak of and there are others who need medical attention more than me. My memory will come back in time. All I need to do is meditate for the time being. I trust you and the other commanders can do the rest without me?"

She narrowed her gaze and shook her head with disapproval. "I don't think that is the best course of action to evade medical aid but if that is what you wish Da'aek, I will honor it. You can rest easy, we will finish the job."

I close my eyes in preparation for my meditation. "Tell me if there is something that demands my attention."

"Of course."
I sat in the circle amongst dignitaries in a traditional Nerazim meeting. The Judicator slammed his fist down at the table. "We have fought those monstrosities while you fled to the shadows and hide! We do not require any of your help! We can defeat them with our own power! Your help is not needed Nerazim!"

"Judicator," I said calmly, "your rashness is uncalled for. For you to dismiss our new allies so easily-"

His eyes were furious and he pointed a threatening finger at me as if accusing me of a crime, "ALLIES? You dare call them allies? You are not a true follower of the Khala! I would have you set before the tribune, before the Conclave!"

I shook my head sadly. It would be hard for some to accept integration, particularly those of the Judicator caste. "The Conclave is no more," I said firmly, "We live in a new reality Judicator and it is time that you face it!"


The Judicator's face contorted with rage as he stood up and approached me from the other side of the table, "YOU! HOW DARE YOU! APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!"


I merely stared at him as the Judicator finally came face to face with me. He pulled back his hand to his side, curling it to a fist...


My eyes opened slowly. Dogmatism. It will be the downfall of the Protoss if they could not reconcile their differences. It was strange how I could imagine the events I saw with such clarity and focus.

Before I could continue to dwell on my thoughts, it was only then that I noticed that Fa'ras was holding both of my shoulders. Her eyes showed signs of worry and apprehension. "Thank Adun, you have awoken! I was worried I'd need to do something drastic get you awake. We have a problem."

I got up and followed Fa'ras as she lead me back to the holographs. "No need to apologize, it is what I've asked you to do. What is it? What has occurred?"

She touched several holograms. "We have lost contact with these units for the past hour. Any transport we've sent to the area lost their signal. None of them have replied to our transmission yet."

I rubbed my chin slowly, "The Broodmother was personally slain by me and the Zerg forces that remain here should be easy prey. Is the hunter being hunted...?"
The zealot's back was backed against the frozen mound of ice as several roaches surrounded him. The ambush quickly overwhelmed his brethren and now he was all that stood in the way. "I am prepared! You will not take me so easily fiends!"

Just as he was about to charge in, he immediately stopped in time as several psionically charged bullets zoomed past him and lodged itself in the mound of ice. The zealot pinpointed the bullet's path and saw an unbelievable sight.

"You! Impossible! You're suppose to be dead!"

The final shot was drowned by the angry cacophony of the wind and hail biting the cold floor. The zealot slumped to the ground, his eyes filled with horror as the snow slowly began to cover his body in a gentle white.
Excellent quality and length.

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