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Joeyray's Bar
I've recently thought of an idea to honor the great people of Joey Ray's, past and present, by making a grand RP. So, if anyone's interested in joining, it would be fantastic if you would post the characters you want to use so the intro will be a lot easier to make. And, if possible, could you also perhaps adding some plot-line from your character home RP (if they have one).

RP of origin:
Your status in the Starcraft world: Wanted, famous, etc.
I was thinking that I might have groups of three, like three are together, and another three is together.
Name: Prelate Razuc
Race: Dark Templar
Profession/Class: Dark Templar Hero
RP of origin: Amnesia
Status: Famous

Leader of a strike force to take an artifact located on a derelict worldship. Contested by 5 factions, he and his band ultimately get to the temple where the artifact is located but vanishes along with his men fighting a strange being of immense energy. Probes sent to the sector come up with inconclusive data regarding their whereabouts.

Name: Commander Azu
Race: Dark Templar
Class: Corsair pilot
RP of origin: Amnesia, made a brief appearance in "The need to survive."
Status: Well known

Part of the strike force, he commands the corsair with ease but is able to pilot all other Protoss fighter ships skillfully. He has rescued many dark templars when the plan went awry. Like Razuc, he too has vanished.

Name: High Executor Da'kim
Race: Hero of the Protoss Fleet
Class: High Executor
Story of Origin: The Stand
Status: FAMOUS!
This warrior was responsible for phasing carriers in favor of the tempest. Need I say more?
Name: Cayl Rios
Profession/Class: Chosen Knight
RP of origin: Pankoprulu Academy-Enrolled to learn new skills and make powerful allies.
Status: Protector

Profession/Class: Dark Templar
RP of origin: Wrath of the Firstborn v3-Attempting to save the Terrans inside the mining dome.
Status: Well-known.

Name: Jared Hunt
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Entity
RP of origin: The need to Survive-Trying to get all non-Zergs off the planet safely.
Status: Hero

Name: Tobi Van Helsing
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Famous Monster Slaying
RP of origin: Darkest Heart-Mentor to the other Hunters.
Status: Well-known.
Name- Abel Light
Race- Terran
Class- Scout
Rp: Academy- Enrolled to strike back at the commune under the orders of his commander. Later on he leaves to follow his own path.
Status- Disappeared after he left the academy, with almost no one, not even shadow knowing where he is. He settled down, and is currently working as a vigilantee, wearing a black medieval suit of armor.

Name-Sofia Light
Class- Gunman
Rp-None- but plays a significant role in Abel's life in the story. She will be introduced near the end
Status- Went missing in action when Abel was fifteen years old, Just before he entered the academy. Later on the two found each other, but to the public's eye, they have both vanished.

Race- Terran
Class- Psionic support
RP-None- Story
Status- Lives with Abel, and helps him out at times. A powerful psionic capable of both healing, and destroying using light.
Name: Brian/ Operative 2838
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6 feet, 1 ½ inches
Equipment: C-10 Canister Rifle, psyblade, Ghost hostile environment suit, and a small pistol.
Base Unit: Ghost
Eye Color: Brown, bright red when using his Psionic capabilities.
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Complete @sshole. Except when high.
Abilities: Is able to enter his opponents mind unless they are skilled enough to block him. He can cloak as well.
Backstory: Was a mindless slave of the Dominion from 2500 'til 2504. Was saved by his brother besting him in a fight. Well, no. No. Not giving much backstory, too lazy.

Name: Zaros
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches.
Equipment: Ghost hostile environment suit, custom CMC-300 combat armor, Katana, AGR-14 Gauss rifle, Torrent SR-8 shotgun, pistol, and a modified Wraith.
Base Unit: Nothing has what he has.
Eye Color: Light blue, but when using his Psionic power, usually bright teal.
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Sometimes completely immature but he acts his age , most of the time. His life has been consumed by rage and hatred, but he is still a kind person.
Abilities: Is a potent Psionic.
Backstory: Helped friends of his save someone close to them and found his brother in the process. He engaged in a battle with his brother. Zaros wielding a jagged knife and his brother wielding Zaros’s Katana which he lost not too long after leaving the Dominion military. Zaros had one of the worst childhoods imaginable. Don’t need too much detail on this though.

Name: Keira
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Role: Engineer
Appearance: Her skin is very pale from the lack of sunlight. Blue oval eyes. Long black hair. She has a very slim body shape. She often is found wearing a Firebat suit when she isn't working on something.
Weapon: Perdition Flamethrower and a Flak pistol when out of Firebat suit.
Personality: When angry she is a major Pyro, as well as when she is a drunk. Other than that she has a very kind personality. Has a love of machines. If she can get her hands on one she will also often use a Goliath.
Backstory: Joined up with the Confederacy soon after she graduated High School. She was great at repairing and building things, so naturally she signed up as an engineer. After being in several battles in a SCV she yearned to become a soldier. So every now and then she would go into battle as a Firebat because of her Pyro like nature when she got pissed. Is now a merc for hire.
Name: Marduk
Race: Zerg
Profession/Class: Queen/High Templar
RP of origin: PanKoprulu Academy
Status: Famous.
Backstory: Was birthed on Lorcadia in the midst of a complex power struggle due to the recent deinfestation of the Queen of blades. Sc%@#!d out an existence on Lorcadia, creating a small brood and eventually killing her 3 sisters inside combat. A protoss counterattack lead to the addition of a small amount of High Templar DNA, giving her massively improved psionic skills. Traveled to the academy to build her brood up, knowing that when the second great war truly starts, she will be in a position to strike.

Name: Operative 294531
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Ghost
RP of origin: Cloaked Love.
Status: Not very well known due to everybody in Cloaked Love having died.
Backstory: The illegitimate son of [Prominient Figure] he was in line for [censored]. Was forced into the Ghost program and his memory removed. He now is attempting to track down objects that he remembers, hoping that they will restore his memory. Pilots a ship similiar to the Strahl.

Name: Ymir/Junge'myk
Race: Protoss
Profession/Class: Dark Archon
RP of origin: Amnesia
Status: Not very well known due to everybody in Amnesia having died.
Backstory: One of the few Dark Templar to survive the disastrous arrival, they continued their mission to retrieve the Xel'Naga artifact, killing many Tal'Darim and hindering their mission. They eventually were trapped inside a Tal'Darim carrier, rescuing many of their fellow brethren and making it out into the jungle. The pair killed a gargantuan while on the run from the Tal'Darim, forming a bond in the process. Later, after entering a Tal'Darim temple, the two were surrounded on all sides, finally merging into a Dark Archon of extreme power.
Name: Agent Shadow
Race: born Terran, Zerg and Protoss augmentations
Profession: originally an agent of the CSAA, became a teacher and, eventually, a mercenary.
RP: If you wanna get "technical", the Roach Warren.
History: Drifts through life, having been taught that modification solves all issues- modifies his ships, weaponry, and job description as he sees fit. Doesn't feel like he can trust himself. Only turns up when threatened or absolutely bored.

Name: Agent Umbra
Race: born Terran, Zerg and Protoss augmentations
Profession: licensed mercenary
RP: PanKoprulu Academy
History: Former leader of Fenris Squadron, when her squadmates perished, she followed her twin brother, Shadow. Neither knows their own name.

Name: Kentel Getintheship
Race: Zerg
Profession: Aide
RP: PanKoprulu Academy
History: A fusion between a Lurker and a Changeling, while not bright, he latched on to his accidental Creator, and serves Shadow gladly. Horrible neat freak. Keeps a collection of Earth books and is slowly but surely learning to read.
Name: Tlht'Rhn
Race: Protoss
Profession: Knowledge Hunter for the Brotherhood.
RP: Zerglings and Zealots (my first char!).
History: Was a Dark Templar until the Brotherhood saved him from a horrible death at the hands of the Zerg. Now uses his Crystal to read minds and spy on people. Only Discord and other sentient machines can detect its influence.

I may put in others in the future... may I ask the nature of this "grand RP?" I'm sure we'd all like to know what to expect.
Group 1

Name: Bianca "Shade" Ravius
Race: Terran with Protoss DNA injected
Profession/Class: Rouge Black Ops
RP of origin: Academy
History: Went into the Academy for better training and knowledge, back then she was a different person, during one of the missions against the Commune, her memories came back to her and Raven resurfaced from the uncharted sections of her mind. Abel created a potion to help him sleep, but instead it had different effects on the Terran body. Rumored that there is going to be a baby somewhere in the Academy's future, or any RP she is in really, maybe even in this one, the world will never know.
Status: Gone under the radar after the Academy, always keeping low and staying out of trouble as best as she could.

Name: Bryan "Raven" Ravius
Race: Terran with Zerg DNA injected
Profession/Class: Split Personality
RP of origin: Academy
History: Murdered his parents and friends, the Ghost Program captured him and put a mental block on his mind, thus putting him into the deep reaches of his mind. Several years later, he resurfaced.
Status: Gone under the radar after the Academy, always keeping low and staying out of trouble as best as he could.

Name: Ex. Sgt. Diethelm
Race: Infested Terran
Profession/Class: Heavy Support
RP of origin: Invasion
History: Was a normal soldier, he was on Tarsonis on that day. He manage to save one girl until they reached the only transport out of that hell hole, a Hdralisk shot a spine into her heart. Once he reached another planet, he went into a killing frenzy and killed many innocent people. They gave him one last shot and they sent him to battle the Zerg during the Second War. He was later infested.
Status: Traveling with Shade and Raven.

There shall be another group in the near future. And that group has major difference and tried to kill each other before.
"'Kay, done it."
Quick question, was the Academy Dominion or was it a private group and what did it do?

And what in happened in Z&Z, anyways?
"Not much for my chars. Just Brian was saved from dominion."
Name: Markus Devroy
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Mercenary/bounty hunter
RP of origin: The New Bar Hijacked (P3)
Your status in the Starcraft world: Wanted by a gang called Black Peace. Because he killed their leader for a rival gang for a mighty sum.

Note: spends most of his time doing jobs, in a bar or tuning, buying and repairing equipment.

BackStory: Noone really knows much about Mr. Devroy. His parents signed him up in the psi-ops to be a ghost, but he vanished one day. Nobody knows how much psionic power he has obtained. He was always careful not to show any weaknesses in himself. Later his whole family got annihilated by the zerg. Very few people have seen him actually grieve for his family.

Equipment: He loves his favorite revolver. Of course, a standard issue C-10 Canister Rifle. and ghost armor. Only wears helmet when on a job.
Stands for Role-Play. You'd put none cause you're new. And I believe the Academy is unaligned.
RP stands for RolePlay, what it means is this. My Diethelm character was created in the Invasion RP.
OOH! I get it, cool thanks. Well this is my first RP soo. Well i guess the bar is my first one but this is my REAL first one.
Actually, the bar is everything. RP, bar, fight ring even thought there's one underneath it.
08/14/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Zarkun
Actually, the bar is everything. RP, bar, fight ring even thought there's one underneath it.
I kill a random person again. "Sorry, wrong thread."

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