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Name: Nick *Undisclosed*
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Ghost
RP of origin: Breakout
History: Used to work as top notch security for a research outpost, a breakout of highly evolved Zerg occurred, and the chimera virus leaked out into the compound, infecting most, if not all the workers at the outpost. Many were killed, and Nick, one of the few survivors, was reassigned, and experimental weaponry taken back, the dominion claiming it's prototypes for further development. The Breakout was covered up, and he was partially mindwiped, forgetting most of the event, but he still has nightmares of the events, of his squad-mates getting torn apart by savage Zerg mutations, and the horrific infesteds.
Status: Reassigned to a security detail on a mining operation that failed, he was pulled, and is in the middle of being reassigned again.
Reassigned much eh? Man that guy's been through some serious FUBAR situations.
I keep updating Mark Devroy. Mainly because im bored, but also for the sake of RPing.

When is this RP going to start?
When Naits feels ready.
Nick's back!
Heh, thought you retired, old buddy. What happened? Change your mind?
I wonder.... Aria doesn't exactly fit in the group, should I replace her with Soren, Rai, Cain(The second one, not the first, Will RP in his creation), Kojak(Noticed he was all alone, rejected. It will be fun playing around with him in the RP), Arc or Byul.
(Byul hasn't been introduced yet. But I already know what he will be like.)
Good news, everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to post the RP tonight because I've thought up an intro that works.
I will use Byul
Yay! I'm all set in that case.
I wont be one for two hours tonight due to a thing I am doing on Starcraft 2.
I wont be on for the next one-three hours. Maybe not even until tommorow. Im sorry :( you can start and then include me later some how
This is the universal RP we spoke of? I will attempt to RP, but school is starting soon. I might have to pull out of a few :/

Name: Calek
Race: Zerg (Slightly Terran)
Profession/Class: Broodmaster, Helper, Psionic
RP of origin: PanKoprulu Academy, used in many others (My first char :D)
Your status in the Starcraft world: (Personal) Story-wise: Respected, Feared, [Censored];
RP-Wise: Usually ignored, Occasionally Conversed with :P

Others might be added. I'm planning on the two psychotic ones XD
Is it too late for me to make a character or two and join? I know Naitsrich said he'd start 4 days ago, but I don't see the new thread yet...
08/20/2012 12:25 PMPosted by yoki
Is it too late for me to make a character or two and join? I know Naitsrich said he'd start 4 days ago, but I don't see the new thread yet...
It's up, it's called reckoning.
You can join, you'll just get plot holed into position.
Ok, thanks.
Calek? So many Academy students- it's a reunion!
"Only one of mine went to the academy because I cut Brian out. But yeah, so many academy people. Now, time to kill Kasora."
Oh. That's what that was o.o

Dear beluga, please help me....








Quite a lot of the first one was BS. So more like 20.

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