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Name: John Flint
Race: Terran with Zerg and Protoss DNA.
Profession: Mech Pilot preferably his custom Goliath.
Rp of Origin: The Crash
Status: Known, though last known location is unknown. Last seen with a spectre named Jessica.

Name: Jessica
Race: Terran
Profession: Spectre/mechanic.
Rp of Origin: The Crash part 6 (Not sure the actual part that she had been introduced.)
Status: Unknown. Last seen with John Flint.

Name: Lieutenant "Hawk"
Race: Terran
Profession: Marine Spec Ops.
Rp of Origin: Battle for the Amerigo.
Status: Wanted by the Dominon for desertion after defecting to avoid being killed by a Dominion silencing team.
Just reposting for ease :3

Name: Calek
Race: Zerg (Slightly Terran)
Profession/Class: Broodmaster, Helper, Psionic
RP of origin: PanKoprulu Academy, used in many others (My first char :D)
Your status in the Starcraft world: (Personal) Story-wise: Respected, Feared, [Censored];
RP-Wise: Usually ignored, Occasionally Conversed with :P

Name: Drake Falent (I think)
Race: Terran
Profession/Class: Murderer, Prisoner, Psychotic Killing Machine
RP of origin: The Invasion (I think)
Your status in the Starcraft world: Feared. Really really feared. At least by CR.... For my special plans >:3

Name: Entrent Oliver
Race: Terran (I think)
Profession/Class: Monster Hunter
RP of origin: Darkest Heart
Your status in the Starcraft world: Respected, Feared, Well Known

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