A Knight's Tale

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So I've decided to give you all Cayl's background story, but it will be through flashbacks as the story goes on. I'll edit this with the story here soon.

Chapter 1

Pain. It was the first thing I could remember as I came back around. What happened? The last thing I remember is the ship getting hit by a volley of glaive worms then…nothing. Wait, Alice! I stand up and have to brace myself against the control panel. “Must of hit my head pretty hard…” I mutter. It was an understatement. I was dizzy beyond reason. Regaining some of my balance, I wobble towards the passenger compartment, hoping everyone was ok, but especially Alice. Reaching it, all I saw was death and horror. The passenger compartment had been full of people, so the Zerg’s overlords had attempted to latch on and unload their underlings into the ship. It had worked. My fellow knights had been fighting of the waves of Zerglings and Hydralisks that had poured forth, and now only a few people survived, but none of the Zerg. Giovanni was one of them. “Giovanni, where’s Alice?” He slowly stood up, then took a moment to orient himself.

“Cayl, is that you? I don’t know. I remember her fighting off some strange infested creature and then the crash happened. Right now, there’s just a whole lotta pain.” He rolls his shoulders and picks up his bow. “I’m gonna check the other parts of the ship. The Zerg managed to slip a few past us.” I nod my head and head off down a hallway to the left while he went to the right. I figured she would have tried to lead them away from the civilians, not that it mattered. They’d still managed to shoot us down and kill most of the civilians in the crash. Halfway towards the cargo bay, I hear the roar of a beast. Drawing my halberd, I sprint the rest of the way, and find Alice still fighting against the beast. Only, it wasn’t infested…
I know it's short, but I'm not too keen on using up all the words I'm allowed just yet. And I'm in the process of writing much more detailed stories for a site I'm setting up. I'll link it when I'm done.
Well written. It obeys almost all laws of grammar, and it promises to be entertaining.
Chapter Two

It was a brutalisk. Alice was doing everything she could, but all her dirks were doing at this point was pissing the thing off.

“Alice, get away from that thing! It’s a brutalisk and you’re only gonna piss it off!” She ignored me and kept at it, slicing and stabbing closer then it could strike her. I had to admire her determination. It always burned like a fire. With a battle cry, I leapt into the fray, my halberd taking off one of the scythe like appendages. Roaring, it spits acid at me. Rolling out of the way, I draw my VMN, a gift from my father, and fire at it, destroying one of it’s eyes. It roars and swipes at me, but I roll underneath it’s clawed scythe. Damn. If we don’t get some heavier weaponry, we’re just gonna keep on pissing it off and end up dead. Alice jumps on it’s back, plunging her dirks into it’s spinal cord. Roaring it starts bucking and slamming against things. {If anyone can hear me, we need heavy weaponry in cargo bay 3. That creature Alice was fighting is a brutalisk.} I dodge another swipe, but get caught by the knee and fly into the wall, and I have a flashback to when I was younger. Billy was always picking on Cayl. In the halls, on the playground, walking home, he didn’t care. One day, Cayl had had enough, and glared Billy down. The bully just caught fire, no knew why. After that, Billy left him alone, and was sure to avoid contact. I slowly come to, with the help of Giovanni.

“Cayl are you alright? We brought that heavy weaponry.” He points at a portable rocket launcher. “Need some help with it?” I shake my head and stand up.

“No, I got this.” Igniting the edge of my blade with white flame, I leap into the air, taking off another scythe and catching the beast on fire. “Alice.” Nodding, she flipped off and landed nearby.

“Well done, Cayl.” We stand and watch the brutalisk burn, the flames quickly consuming it. We then turn and head back to the passenger area, uneager to see the final body count.
New chapter is up.
Chapter 3

We arrive back at the passenger’s area, and almost wished we’d waited. Only a third of the civilians survived, and most of the knights did as well. Remus, one of the other knights, approached us. “We’ve buried the dead, but we should move quickly. What’s left of the scanners picked up Zerg heading our way and a scout confirmed it.” Nodding I lead the way out of the transport and head us off into the forest, know the Zerg would scour it before they came looking for us. I motion Remus back up to my position.

“What happened before they hit the engines?”

“Everything was going fine. They couldn’t break our defense, try as they might. Then the Brutalisk came out. Ignoring the knights, it spat it’s acid on as many civilian as it could before Alice distracted it and led it off. She was still in the hall when we went down, probably why that’s the last thing Giovanni remembers before the crash.” I nod, stopping on a bit of a hill to look back at the group who I was in charge of getting back to Castle Brine.

“They were too prepared for this run. It’s like they had an infested in our midst. Or a changeling.” I shake my head and resume walking my halberd on my back and VMN in my hand, sweeping back and forth on the right flank, watching for movement. Remus had his claymore out, a weapon befitting a man his size. Most of us knights were well built, but Remus, Remus was a giant. Standing at six foot ten, and weighing 239 pounds, all of that muscle, not many would tangle with him, not even Zerg. Rumor has it he even killed an Ultralisk with his bear hands. I myself was only six foot five, and 185 pounds of muscle. Impressive, yes. Terrifying, no, at least not like Remus.

“I’ll agree with you there. Definitely too quick a response to our evacuation. Once we reach Brine, I’ll have an assassin go through their minds.” I shake my head, grabbing a stick and breaking it between my fingers as I went.

“No point. If it’s a changeling, it’s dead by now, and the Brutalisk probably killed the person who would be infested. But you’ve got my permission once we get there.” We kept trudging until nightfall when we stopped and set up camp. Helping to set up camp, I notice one of the civilians go off into the trees. “Remus, mind taking charge for a bit? I think I found our mole.” After he nods, I head off in the direction that the man had gone and come upon him conversing with an overlord.

“…they may very well be onto me after that little stunt with the transport. If you want to get into the castle, you’ll lay off us until we reach it. Then the nydus worm can do it’s job.”

“You are to serve the queen, and she says to kill off the knights protecting this group while they sleep. Then, and only then, will she pull the swarm back enough for you to enter.”

“Tell the queen I shall do as I’m told.” The overlord departs and the man walks past me, not noticing I was there until too late. Gabbing his head, I twist quickly, snapping his neck.

“May the Lord have mercy on you.” Dragging his body back to camp, I tie him to a post as his true appearance begins to show. Remus walks over and looks at the mans face, then sighs.

“Magnus Groth. A good man, turned to an evil purpose. May the Lord guide him home.” He goes and sits down at a fire, and I head to bed. It had been a long day. Laying down, I rest my halberd against the wall of the command tent and place the VMN under my pillow. As I drift off the memories begin to come back.

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