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Decided to start an RP

Project Resurrection is a top secret Dominion project based on a small moon orbiting the remains of Chau Sara. The projects goal: To move Terran minds into new bodies and the best canidate for these new bodies, Zerg Eggs considering any bodies with developed minds would reject the new one. To gather test subjects the Dominion has hired mercs to bring in people.(Movie refrences. Hint: the movie starts with an A and whoever guess it gets a cookie) Your character will wake up hatching from an egg. Their memory is blurry but they remember a few things from their Terran lives. Though if 1 or 2 people want to RP some Protoss investigating the activity you may. Chartacter setup is the same as most RPs. Will start with about 4 peoploe have fun :D

Edit: You may also RP as Terran investigating (Raynors Raiders etc)
Is this the one with Earth animal combinations? 'Cause, if so, I'm in.
No. did u read it but ill do that later if this succeeds
If this succeeds, you will literally not have the time for it.
I know this from experience. D:

Zerg eggs could mean anything infested. Could be freaking ITs for all we know.
Name: Daalis
Race: Protoss
Age: 228
Rank: High Prelate
Unit Type: Dark Templar Seeker (New Unit I'd like to play with if allowed.)
Equipment: Warp Sword based on Scottish Claymore, Seeker Armor, which has a Void Laser on it, advanced interfacing tech, allowing for advanced hacking, and also a Void Shield function, allowing for shield and sword techniques, and a cloak
Abilities: Cloak, blink, Shutdown-destroys vital organs, and light shade-allows Daalis to temporarily bend light to his will.
Back story: Participated in the final battle that killed the Overmind, has an unusual amount of respect for the Terrans. Has strong issues with the Dominion, but despises the Zerg for what they did to Aiur. Was sent to investigate the Dominion tests.
"I will be a Zerg egg."
Name: Horace
Unit: Egg
Race: Zerg
Backstory: Unremembered.
Abilities: Morph into Zerg
Name: Lieutenant Jacob Willson
Age: 31
Race: Terran
Equiptment: Military issued light assault rifle when out of a Marine suit.
Backstory: Mr. Willson joined was in the Sons of Korhal, but got left behind on one of the missions. He then befriended some protoss and left for Korhal. After that, he joined the dominion for some direction in life. He now controls a small rogue fleet. Few that are still loyal to him follow him. He didnt like the way the dominion opporated, so he just flew away with his fleet one day. The dominion now have no idea where he is. Now here we are.
sweet! another RP where i can try and fail to keep up with.
name: Jack "Hijack" Richards

I'll be an egg as well

OOC: when do me and shadow hatch?
Actually Shadow you do have a backstory and a name cause your char was Terran before they implanted his/her mind into the egg. And Biomech wen we get more people ill start
No onne else joining >-<
You have four counting the people who have.
Ohhhhh well ok im going to start the RP up.

I hesitated to push the button for I knew I will be condemming these people to deathy or worse.... Just then Dr Stalin's voice came out of the comlink. "Why have you not started the process Doctor, im beginning to think you are not as devoted to science as I thought." He barked. "Its nothing sir just a minor delay" I stammered. "Good so start it up." "Yes sir." With sweat beading my forehead I slammed on the buitton and heard the whir of the different machines starting up.

You may now start to RP ok :D
The egg sits there, beating like a heart.
You didnt give us a lot of direction. and when do I come in? Considering im an investigator?
You can come in now. Youll find the base by the psonic eminations coming from it (since doing that stuff causes big psonic ripples)
It wasn't hard to find the proper asteroid once the emanations started coming. My Star Relic, the Aldaaris, zeroed in and flew straight at the facility, cloaking as it went.
It wasn't hard to find the proper asteroid once the emanations started coming. My Star Relic, the Aldaaris, zeroed in and flew straight at the facility, cloaking as it went.
"The Void Seeker is a single thing."
Ok I'll fix it.
lieutenant Willson stood with his hands behind his back looking out the bridge's window, pondering about his mission at hand. What am I even doing here? Its just an astroid field. There is going to be nothing out here and I will have waisted time I could have spent with my wif-

"Sir!" It was Eric, the ship status overseer. Willson turned to the overseer and gaped into his eyes.
"It seems we have found psonic eminations coming from an astroid."
"How strong are the signals?"
"Strong, sir" He pointed at a monitor. "They seem to be emanating from here"
Willson took a deep breath.
"Get us closer." He said softly and emotionless.

There was a hum from the engines and the ship shifted, then advanced toward the astroid.

OOC: What kind of outpost is this? Is it like a terran outpost with the eggs inside?

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