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I believe so.
Yes it is
If the RP is going to be based around this station it might be smart to draw it out. I can if you want, but it wont look pretty.
Well u should send some scouts so u can decide what to do
I'm alone, and a DT, so I need no scout.
The egg observers its surroundings through weak seismic pulses.
Can I join? I could be part of markus' fleet.

Name: Ryan Dermont
Age: 19
Race: Terran
Equipment: Prefers dual Pistols
Backstory: Lived in Umoja for the first 18 years of my life. My whole family was forced to join the dominion. I was placed in lt. Willson's fleet. My respect for him grew large, which is why I decided to follow him when he parted with the dominion.
Profession: Pilot
Thats okay with me. any objections?
It notices a pair of Zerglings, and a Hydralisk underground. Waiting, for something. What could it be though?
Name: Ergaffi
Race: Zerg
Backstory: Unremembered
Eric looked up from his desk, "Sir, we are within shuttle range of the outpost."
"Are there any other signals?"
"There seems to be a protoss vessel nearby, but it is cloaked."
Jacob paused for a second, then turned around and walked to Enrica, the woman who was in charge of all communications with the Misanthrope, Jacob's capitol ship.
"Make contact with the protoss ship." Jacob instructed. Enrica didn't agnoladge him, she just went straight to work making contact as he had ordered.
"Call has been sent, sir. Awaiting a reply."

OOC: *Cough* *Cough* Zarkun *Cough*
My console beeps, indicating an incoming communication, most likely from the Terran fleet that had just appeared. Opening the channel, I make my response short. "I do not need your help Terrans. If you are wise, you will not proceed to this place. It is full of Zerg eggs that could hatch at a moments notice." I quickly close the channel again, and proceed to land in the trash pickup area, making sure I was far enough to one side to avoid having my Star Relic destroyed.
Enrica and Jacob look at each other for a second.
"Call squad Alpha in with a shuttle and two vikings to scout the place. Find that protoss and make him talk, but do not harm him or his craft unless fired apon." Jacob emotionlessly orders Enrica nods and starts typing. Jacob took a deep breath and walked off the bridge.

Ryan is sleeping in his quarters when he is awoken by the sound of the rest of his squad gearing up. His seargent walked up to him. "Get up soldier! Gear up! Get in a marine suit and have a C-14 Gauss rifle in dock 6 in thirty minutes!"
"Yes sir!" Gets in marine suit and C-14 Guass rifle from gearing station and runs to dock 6.
There is a squad of about ten marines in marine suits that all get in the shuttle with you. The shuttle doors close and the ship takes off and flies out of the hanger, along with two vikings. they all fly toward the station.

EDIT: OOC: As soon as someone says I can continue I will.
if the other mech can keep up the DMing, then i'd time your posts with his/hers
Yeah, I know. I dont really know what do to until he can effectively DM. I dont know why you would start a RP if you cant DM it.
A DM's job is to steer the RP, not control it completely.

IC: I move through the halls, looking for the source of the emanations. It seemed to be coming from the heart of the station.
"I need someone to pass by my egg until I can hatch."
IC: The egg sits there, in waiting.

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