Project Resurrection (DEAD)

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IC: I sit inside my egg, swimming around.
"Sweet, aren't you guys excited?" Says to other marines. "We actually get to DO something!"
"I know, its been too long sitting in that ship."
"Quiet!" Orders the seargent.

The two vikings clear the sky and then land into assault walker mode and clear the landing pad. "Its all clear sarg."
"Alright boys, lock and load!" The seargent hollard. The shuttle spun around and landed. There was a nice twenty feet from the station and the shuttle. All marine helmets automaticly close. The doors crack open and and the marines run out. Clearing the area.
"Clear!" Yells a marine. they get in door breaching formation and wait a second for the seargent to give the order.
"Breach it." seargent says as he hands a breaching charge to Ryan.
I find the source of the emanations, and enter the control room. A single Terran scientist occupied the room. Decloaking, I face the Terran. "What are you doing here, foolish Terran?"
It feels the presence of Marines near by. It decided to adopt the form of a somewhat small life form, a Roach. As the Roach pops from the egg it digs itself underground.
"Yes Sir," Walks over to the door plants the charge sets it to explode in 10 seconds, then runs to the back turns around aiming gun at the center of the door. "Get ready...." I mutter.
Egg numero dos likewise continues to aimlessly flounder about.
a researcher peers at me
just.....a little bit......closer......
OOC: the only thing my character remembers is a need to escape. in life he was a common street thief on Korhal; when the law caught up with, he chose "freedom" over jail. He expected time in the army, not this.....half-life....
I will be another Zerg egg...
Name: Zach
Unit: egg
Backstory: He was kidnapped and forced to do this and although he doesn't remember anything about his previous life, he has an overwhelming hate for Terrans
The door blasts open, a small hall lead to only to another door. "That was exciting." Remarks a marine.
"I dont like this." The seargeant says after a few seconds of squinting and thinking.
"Im calling in for cloaked ghosts to scope the rest out. We will keep this LZ clear. Stay sharp marines! oh, and-" He was cut short by the sound of terrible puking and gaging. Everyone looked back at who seemed to be the pilot. He was uncontrollably gaging and puking, until finally he fell over in the fetal position. As soon as everyone realized what had just happened two medics came from the shuttle and instantly checked for a pulse. The medic looked up with a look as if to say "Oh my god."
"That. . . was our only pilot and our only shuttle." Another marine said. Two ghosts come out of the shuttle and walked up to the next door in the hall. All ten marines had their rifles trained on the door. Waiting. . . The ghosts pulled out a breaching charge and placed it. They activated their cloaking devices and shimmered to a near invisible state.

OOC: Whats past this door? Anyone?
Mecha seems to be MIA for long periods of time, so be patient.
"Sir, how long do you think they will be gone until we go in looking for them?" Says Looking at the seargeant.
"They have to report on their HUD every five minutes on structural updates as well as life forms. If they dont report we give it 30 seconds incase it was an accident. Then we GPS his location and get 'em."
The Terran fainted at the mere sight of me, and I sigh. "Well, guess I'll have to find another way to do it." Cloaking, I leave and head towards the main database. That's when I sense the ghosts. Foolish Terrans, they should have listened to me. I continue on my way, planning on how to deal with the ghosts should they become a problem.
Ten minutes pass. The first report was:

We've made our way through a strange room. Not sure what it's used for, Just big and empty. we've been trying to get past the door on the other side of the room.

Their next report was.

The door wont open, we might have to find another way around unless we want to blow the whole thing down.
"Wouldn't blowing the whole thing down sound the alarm?" I ask the seargeant.
"If the station had power, yes. But I dont think it does."
"Do we know of any other life forms here other then us?"
"What is this twenty questions!?" Just then another report came in.
We couldnt make it through the door without major damage being dealt to the structure, but we found a nice ventilation shaft.
Um I'd like to join, if no one minds...

Name: Vashni (Means strong)
Race: Protoss
Unit: Guardian (Also a unit I made)
Equipped with a PSI staff (A spear with PSI instead of stone, steel etc.), a PSI gauntlet (Like a mini stalker gun, whatever it's called), and has a PSI shield (Creates a force field about 20 ft. long.)
Ace, this isn't a stat RP.

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