Project Resurrection (DEAD)

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In one of the more advanced zerg study labs in the station, a group of scientists were dissecting a new strain of hydralisk that was faster and could shoot farther. They had already prepared a sample of the DNA that they believed caused the increased strength.

Then they heard a scraching noise that seemed to be coming from the walls...
One of the ventilation shaft covers fell out. A hydralisk clawed its way out of the shaft and slithered into the room.
No one could hear their cries for help.

IC: I reemerge as an infestor, with an infested scientist already in my service. I then burrowed, moving along behind my minion as it scouted the way.

note: infested scientists are fast, agile creatures, as proven by the infestation of Ariel Hanson.
I hate to say it, but I think this is dead...
Flies toward the force field of the Misanthrope, "We're here." Levels out the ship slowly getting closer, retracts wings puts landing gears down and lands. Opening the exit door after about 5 seconds. Turns around, "That was definitely an interesting 'investigation'."
{Captain Jacob to shuttle 265 please give a status report.}

Debbie, the head pilot for the Misanthrope, looks at Willson. Willson gave a nod and the ship sky rocketed out of the system.

OOC: I am pulling out of this RP, Sorry BW, but so is Ryan.
I am too.

IC: Having found nothing of interest, I return to my Star Relic and leave the asteroid. A waste of time is all it was.
this is the rp:

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