Hunt for the Snowbound Relic

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On a planet, uncharted and cold, a signal is sent. This signal, unknown in origin and purpose, reaches every ship of the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg. No one can truly understand it, however, the sounds that come the signal speak of unimaginable power and unspeakable knowledge. Every faction of the three races trace it to where it began. The Zerg think of the signal to be something to speed their evolution. The Tal'Darim seek it to destroy their enemies. The Dominon seek it to unlock the potential hidden within their own. The Raiders, as usual, are there to stop the Dominion. Not wishing to fall behind, Umojian and Kel-Morian send teams of their own. The rest of the Protoss, in agreement, seek out the crystal, as it is a creation of the Xel'naga. Several others, factions not attached to the leading ones, also seek this out, for reasons of their own.

Unknown to all of them, creatures already inhabit this icy planet. And, in the darkness, an exiled Protoss seeks revenge against his former brothers. Why he is seeking this crystal is not known, but he isn't willing to share with his brothers.

In unison with the others, powerful forces lead by specialists and generals head to the planet, seeking what sent the signal to collect it for themselves.
YOU are one of the Commanders, or a specialist attached to them, sent to retrieve this unknown artifact. Who knows what awaits you on the planet......

Character Sheet.
Name: Your character name goes here.
Faction: Who you are affiliated with.
Unit: What role you serve. This can be combined or have custom-made. (Ex. Marine/reaper)
Equipment: Self-explanatory.
Abilities: Self-explanatory.
Background: This is not important, however, if you want, you can add to it.

Unit Sheet
Unit Name- Unit description+Equipment
I ain't joining until tomorrow Jester, I am going with family down to Cedar Point for most of the day.
Name: Solarr ( real name unknown )

Faction : Mercenary ( Dominion )

Unit : Spectre/Ghost

Equipment : Modified mix of spectre and ghost gear, a modified immortal shield, and a cloak ( that causes a distortion in immidiate area if moving, as the suit is powering the shield )

Abilities : Inhuman accuracy, Inhuman dexterity, Psionic abilities, Arms are cybernetic, and have more strength then a normal arm ( Arms lost thanks to SF ) ( Prediction of actions, mindblast, ability to counter and even turn psionic abilities on who used them )

Background : near none, A mercenary leader, who works for the highest bidder ( in this case the dominion )
MMkay, have fun.

We'll start when we have, at least, four leaders/specialists.
Name: Cayl Rios
Faction: Lorian Exploration Unit
Unit: Knight Errant
Equipment: Mithrite Halberd, KNI-600 Custom Armor, EMY-12 Plasma pistol.
Abilities: Nanoheal(Passive)-Nanites heal any wounds and repairs damage to armor, Combat forms (Passive)-Has different combat forms he uses to deliver death effectively, Element Mastery (Passive)-Has a power non-psionics only dream about, the ability to bend the four basic elements to his will, Psionic Protection (Passive)- Is unaffected by any kind of psionic attack thanks to his nanites advanced sensors and capabilities.
Background: Cayl Rios is a direct descendant of the First Great Knight of Earth, and has done much to prove it. He enrolled in the Pankoprulu Academy shortly after joining the Raiders to learn new combat techniques and create new weaponry and tech for his people. Having done so, he returned home, became a Knight Errant, and was placed in charge of the Lorian Exploration Unit. Was sent to investigate the signal, and to stop any unfriendly forces from taking the source.
Additional characters can be added, however, if you already have a leader, you can't have another.

Only three, counting the leader, is allowed.
I don't any experience with RP's but would you mind if I joined?
Join if you want.
"I'll join as Malak, but not for a little bit."
Name: Jonathan Burken (aka "Spongey")
Faction: Dominion
Unit: Ghost/Marine
Equipment: T-37 Gauss Sniper Rifle (experimental), MK-13 Battle Armor.
Abilities: High Intelligence, Irradiate (T-37 gives him this function), Psionic Shield (deflects bullets/projectiles).
Backround: Jonathen Burkmen was a member of a wealthy family, and attended a high level university. He was drafted as a Marine in the Dominion, but was quickly made a Ghost (partly due to his Father making....donations to the dominion). He was sent with a small force under a commander he has yet to meet to investigate a "mysterious signal".
08/17/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Jester
Several others, factions not attached to the leading ones, also seek this out, for reasons of their own.

Name: Razagra
Faction: Hybrid Honors
Unit: Hybrid Annihilator
Equipment: Claws and Tentacles
Death's mask-All damage is reflected to their original source for 20% of the original damage.
Eruption-A wave of dark energy is emitted a cone in front of the hybrid, annihilating all in the cone's path.
The Dark Will- Immune to mind control. Stuns and crowd control may not work depending on their nature.
Summon Avatars: Summon up to 4 hybrid Annihilators that are 45% weaker than the original.
Hellfire-all units in a 5x5 radius are stunned by psionic backlash. The ground underneath the affected circle turns into pure psionic energy and erupts upwards, incinerating anyone who happens to be inside.
Consume DNA: Consumes an organic target immediately. Gains life, shields and energy depending on the target. Energy is only restored if the target is psionic. However, some targets will have their essence drained.
Impalement: The tendril(s) can be stretched over 20 feet and impales a target. The hybrid has 8 tendrils.
Enslave-any visible target will be enslaved by the hybrid's overwhelming powers if the hybrid chooses to do so. A maximum of 30 supply worth of units can be enslaved.
Accelerated Regeneration-A strange aura surrounds the hybrid and wounds heals extremely quickly but during this time, the hybrid does not move or attack.
Detector- detects cloaked units.
Roar-The hybrid roars and sends the enemy into a terrified state.
Background: The hybrids have awakened one by one to do their dark master's bidding. Razagra was one such hybrid developed by Samir Duran and he is all to glad to perform what is needed of him.
Hmmm........My opinion on his abilities:
Enslave will have to have a limit. Four units?
Consume: recover small amount?
Dark Will: Make it mind control related abilities only.

Also, one more faction and we will start in a orbit (So ships can duke it out while ground lands)
Hmmm........My opinion on his abilities:
Enslave will have to have a limit. Four units?
Consume: recover small amount?
Dark Will: Make it mind control related abilities only.

1. Make it 6 and we got a deal
2. Depends on how good the meal is, the more psionic powers, the better the meal is which means more health, shields and energy regen. So it varies.
3. Fine, but I have some immunity to crowd control and stuns depending on their nature.
1. 5, and control of zerglings don't count on it. Also can't control workers and heroes(Duh)
2. Alright......
3. I'll allow it, BUT. If we agree on this, the Hybrid IS STOPPED BY FF. Deal?
4. Acc-heal: Make it an active, and he can't do anything while doing it.
5. Avatars: Are they permanent?
You'll have to excuse my caution, it's kinda a habit when I make characters now.
1. How about I get a maximum of 30 supply worth of units? Like marines are 1 supply, roaches are 2 supply. Seems more legit.
2. Yes!
3. Sure, no one uses it any way
4. Done
5. 4 minutes, 10 minute CD

I will edit accordingly once you reply
Character Name: Ergaffi
Faction: Lorian Exploration Unit
Equipment: Custom made biosteel armor, rotating all purpose turret on back (think upgraded Goliath cockpit)
Neck thrash- swings his head around wildly, damaging and knocking back everything caught in his path.
Speech- Is capable of speaking
Long Necked- Can see extremely large distances and spot cloaked and burrowed units.
Helicopter- Spins head around extremely rapidly, taking flight.
Champion of the Plains- Grows additional heads, doing terrible terrible damage.
Load up- Has the ability to load an ally into his cockpit, carrying them around.
Background: Ergaffi was originally an African Giraffe until he was sucked away by a Plot hole inside the middle of the great war. His uses as a scout were seen as exceptional, being used as a higher level scout for the Zerg, a Protoss war machine and finally a Terran assault unit. He is currently a member of the Lorian exploration unit (Zarkun).

And no, I'm not trolling. I promise I'll be serious.

And by the way- Can we make it so smylez's abilities aren't instant kill?
1 Hmmm.........Alright, but your starting force will have to be smaller. And again, no worker or hero mind control
5.There is no such thing as time in a post-rp. And, because of that, up it to 45% and I'll be happy.
6. Roar: Robotic units and heroes are immune.

Rest of it I'm satisfied about.

wfawwer that is most definitely a troll. But I'll allow it anyways.
And yeah, now that you mention it, less instant-kill, or they take forever to get ready again.
I figured I would need something to differentiate myself from the other guy with an Overlord pic.
08/17/2012 08:08 PMPosted by wfawwer
I figured I would need something to differentiate myself from the other guy with an Overlord pic.
lol. So were waiting for one more faction?
Also, is that your character or a unit for that faction?

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