Hunt for the Snowbound Relic

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"If anyone of that importance died, we're all in trouble." I go walk through the rows of dead, marking the five with a small flame above their head.
A few minutes later, a proper drop ship arrives at the LEU camp. It sets down by the dead, and five Surgeons carry a large wheeled swivel chair off the ship.

Jeremiah walks through the crowd, greeting the Surgeons and indicating the five bodies. The Surgeons make a few trips to get the remains of the five on-board the ship, while Groud sits down in the chair with a happy sigh.

"Alrighty, Cayl, that ship'll stay parked here for a few days. Do you prefer pure human, or can I give the Surgeons the green light to get creative?"


In the meantime, the group on the downed Cruiser has finally made contact with the ships in orbit, and have been led through the ship.

The Surgeon stands at the head of the group, staring at a large, slightly crumpled wall. "You're positive they're through there? It's going to be a bit of work to get through..." he says doubtfully into the radio.

"Look, I can't say a thing for sure, but the scanners indicate the majority of life-forms on the ship are in that room. You're at the very back, but to get to the other side'll take another two hours of detours. Just have the Engie cut a new entrance," the Pilot in orbit explained for the third time. "It'll save time in the long run. If they're not answering the radio, though, then you gotta be careful when you move in. They'll probably fire."

"Ugh, fine. Engie, carve us another hole here, will you? Yes, I KNOW it'll take a while. Just get working on it, please."
"I'd prefer human, thanks." I walk back to the camp and enter the bunker I'd been in earlier. Sitting down, I listen to the radio.
As one of the men were carrying a turret back to the table, they heard some voices outside. "Stay quiet, hurry up and set that turret up." I was rallying the men for the last stand.

The man put the turret down and we had gotten it set up.
The wind begins to pick up.
The temperature monitors outside of our whole start dropping. {Alright everyone, get back in here. Blizzard is kicking up.} The scouting team had reported back a few minutes ago, so there was nothing to worry about.
{Bridge of Gaia}
Orion team to Gaia. Immediate are is secure, but the temperature is dropping rapidly. Suggestion: Deploying an Orbital Command. Orion 1 out.
Nina regarded the message sent. She looked over at Officer Nylan and says
"Approve the deployment of the Orbital Command Center."
Nylan nods, and types a message out.

Orion team, this is Gaia. Orbital Command request has been approved. It is en-route. Out.
Orion 1 kneels down, with his team around him.

The wind starts getting fiercer. Underneath it, wings buzzed.
The Orbital Command lands, and the team takes cover in it.

The Blizzard starts getting faster and angrier.
The blizzard reaches full power. However, inside the command center of everyone's base, a black, floating mass is waiting.
Dead RP. Disappointment. Oh well.
Sorry, Jester. We tried.

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