Hunt for the Snowbound Relic

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It's my character. He is a member of Zarkun's faction.

EDIT: Added one more ability.
So would I be a member of Solarrs team?
@wfawwer Then please set it up to match the Hero sheet rather than the unit sheet.

@Dacder Pretty much.

Four factions converge in space over the unknown planet. The Dominion, a fleet of shining Terran ships with Mercenary support, arrived at the scene first. Almost a second later, fleets of the Lorian Exploration Unit and Daelaam Protoss arrive. The tension begins to mount as the fleets wait in orbit, waiting for the other to make the first move.....

Deep in the shadows, unseen by sensors, eyes and psionic detectors, a nightmarish dark ship flies at speeds that ships of similar size owned by the Protoss would envy. This ship flies straight to the planet, releasing a host of smaller ships, then flies off.....
A cloaked Voidray followed by two cloaked Warp Prisms as well as a single cloaked Oracle reach the planets surface. I step out of the Void Ray, my cloak flapping behind me.
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Hybrid Honors

Much better if they do not see me. How about I did not arrive yet? I want to make a grand entrance.
Spongy nervously sat and waited for the action to start.
"Sir....uhhh what are we doing here again?"
OOC:That was a question for you Solarr, just to clarify.
Ill kick your faction name out, so you can enter on your own.

The planet is midnight dark, colder than the eyes of a Zerg. The ships landed at the good time as well. A blizzard had just left, and if they had entered before it was over, the ships would have frozen over. As for the signal, however, it's origin on the ground is unknown.
I surveyed the outside and turned to the Head Scientist. "Find someway for us to block the cold. Especially that caused by the blizzards. and send a scout to watch the Dominion and Protoss. While we have no quarrel with the latter, I won't take any chances." Nodding, he returned to the science bay while I gave orders to the commander. "Get a base camp set up. I don't wanna be caught off guard." Nodding, he leaves as well. I sit in my command chair, and wait.
Spongy, you really need to stop sleeping through the !@#$%^- announcements.

And i want a command center landed there now.
Yes Sir.
*He orders the pilot SCV to land*
Spongy, you really need to stop sleeping through the !@#$%^- announcements.

And i want a command center landed there now.

Yes Sir.
*He orders the pilot SCV to land*
"I am sad for the new comers..."
IC: A couple probes start setting up pylons and a Nexus.
Can I join still?
Yes. Just post the information in the other thread.

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From wfawwer to me:

"Boss, I've found a suitable location. It's a canyon, .235 kilometers away. It'll provide shelter against the cold, but it's a terrible defensive position. Our other option is a hollow mountain- 3.52 kilometers away, and it'll require the use of blasting explosives. Once inside it should prove cozy and defensible."

I swivel my head around, looking for anything else that we could take shelter in.

"That's all."

My response.

IC: "We'll head to the mountain. Get a Lancer team and and go make a hole for us."

"No problem, boss. I'll take them along, feel free to come along later."

I summon the lancers and we head off to the mountain, I making sure that there were no Zerg in the area.

"I'll come after you give me the ok on the hole."
All seemed good at the mountain so far. However, further in the mountain, several bodies appear to be on the ground. They are insect-like, with four legs, wings, antenna, and two arms with four long, sharp digits each. Their structure appears to be humanoid, an oval, flat head with four eyes. In the hands of a few of them, guns of unknown origin lay nearby, completely wrecked. For the rest of them, they have bladed gauntlets, sword, spears and other various handheld melee weapons. One of them, his white exo-shell having a crimson line down its head and back, appears to have been torn open and his heart removed.
*As he has some drinks in his room, Jonathan thinks of home, of his family, of his friends*
"Ugh..that I should have to leave everything behind just to come here, just to live up to my familys name seems so insane....yet against my better judgement, I do it...I wonder why..."muttered Jonathan to himself.
Serenity warped above the planet, she was a beauty in my eyes. The planet was a wasteland in my eyes, but in a wasteland there will always be resources that would be worth it. The blizzard was getting heavier by the second from what we could see. *Explosion*

I ran over to the channel and sent a message down to the engineering bay. {What is going on down there?!"

{The engine exploded, it was sabotage. We are going to be crashing into the planet.}

{ALL PERSONAL, WE LOST OUR ENGINE AND WE ARE MAKING OUR DESCENT! BRACE FOR IMPACT!} I grab a hold of the arm bar that was in the bridge.

The ship started to touch the atmosphere.
Once a starport gets up, i want an attached tech lab, and i want ravens being pumped out left and right to look for that relic.

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