The need to Survive Part 2

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There is hope yet! Jester and Mecha, remember to post and it shall live!
I'm still catching up >.> It will be a while, but I have today free with proper interwebz :D
I'm still catching up >.> It will be a while, but I have today free with proper interwebz :D
Let me give you the biggest thing that happened. Shade is pregnant at the academy.


Wow, wasn't expecting that kind of answer, and ya.

IC: The men were getting weary, both Rebecca's and Leon's armor were destroyed. The field was bloody, and it was littered with some of the men and some of the Zerg that attacked earlier.
I grab the radio and switch to the channel Rebecca uses. {Rebecca, if you or any of your men are hearing this, bring anything that needs repairs and come to my base camp. You won't survive otherwise.}
Leon grabs the radio near Rebecca. {Sorry, but this isn't her. We all just can't pack up and leave, a few of us will have to stay behind to make sure we stall whatever arrives. And the men are a little hair trigger after the recent number of events.} Leon puts the radio down and he stretches.

Rebecca was deep in thought, she was praying.
{Banshees are inbound for air support and suppression. You won't survive out there, Leon, even you can see that.}
{Who said we all needed to survive?} Leon destroyed the radio. He steps outside and climbs the barge. "OK EVERYONE THIS IS THE PLAN! A FEW OF US INCLUDING ME WILL STAY BEHIND, THE REST OF YOU WILL LEAVE THE AREA AND GO TO THE RAIDERS BASE CAMP!" The men were quiet but they obeyed, seven of the marines stayed behind, along with the siege tank.

Rebecca was finished with her prayers and she went outside, she saw the men gathering. "Are you sure about this."

Lean had his sniper out, he was peering into the forest. "Someone needs to die."

Rebecca nodded. "Come back alive if you can." She picked up her Gun-Spear and the rest of the men followed her through the creek in the forest.
{Leon don't be a fool. The banshees will be there in less then a minute. Get here. No one needs to die. Rebecca, talk some sense into him.}
All Jacob could hear was the static from the destroyed radio. Leon and the men were in a bottleneck like position. "If we are to die here men, then at least we protected our comrades in arms."

The men were ready.

Rebecca and the rest of the men were running through the forest now, then something appeared. They were dark figures, the air was getting colder, a fog was rolling. "Get ready to fire at my......." Something went through her body and it was bleeding, she fell over into the creek, the ice cold water washing over her wound. The men that were following her, died instantly.
"Alright, Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta, let's go. They're all gonna get here." Four groups of marines, firebats, medics, and marauders follow me into the woods, the firebats evaporating the suspicious fog. Coming upon Rebecca, I pull her out of the water and one of the medics took her, and a quick check of the men with her confirmed KIA. {Base camp, this is Jared, send medivacs. 4 to my location, one to Leon's. Those boys are gonna live.} A quick "yes, sir" was said over the radio, followed by medivacs shortly after. climbing in, I hear backlash rockets light up the enemy near the crashed battle barge. God be with us...
The men surrounding Leon were getting killed fast, there were only three left out of the seven. He pulled out his Katana and was sending off Psionic Shockwaves, there was a shroud of darkness getting closer. The energy got near his eyes and pierce them. He was blind now. The energy grabbed his blade and shoved it through chest, pinning him down to the wall of the barge.
{Sir, we're gonna need you.} Came over the radio from a banshee pilot. I was just about to board the medivac, but turned and ran towards the barge, telling the medivacs to take off. {In bound now.}

Edit-I'm Jared in this one.
The cold water was making Rebecca go into shock. She was twitching.

Leon was pinned down to the wall and he spat out a mouthful of blood. The rest of the men were dead.
I pulled Rebecca out of the water...

IC: Reaching the barge, I found the banshees and Blood hunters, marines who came with the medivac, sweeping the area. It wasn't too hard to see what for. Entering the barge, I see Leon. "You bloody fool. Just hold on, I'll get a medic in here."
I know you pulled her out, just that the cold water that washed into her wound made her go into shock.

IC: Leon could barely utter a word. "Trap...."
Ah, ok. Now that makes sense.

IC:"Trap..." Suddenly I feel the malevolent presence and I flip away, activating my scythe. It illuminate's the darkness, showing my opponent. "You again? Persistent aren't you?"
I had followed the group. Not daring to show my presence yet, and keeping it concealed.
Engine noises sound nearby, as two vehicles drive by. They, however, were still out of sight and still moving slow.

The Timeless One is being unleashed. Whether your pathetic Terran personality cares or not, he has awaken and he will be seeking enemies out. Athazual turned around, and moved deeper into the cavern

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