The need to Survive Part 2

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The Timeless One looks at the only other one in the ball. It does nothing, only watches. Around it, shadows begin to push toward the hive, but a large team of zerglings and roaches close the gap and hold the line.
DMing: Suddenly a Shadowwalker larger then any yet comes forward, swatting away Zerg. "This place shall fall!" It destroys the spine crawlers, opening a way for his smaller brethren.
Athazual crawls out of the cavern, and looks at Calek
Foolish Terran! You will get us both killed! She turns her attention to the large Shadowwalker, and goes into battle, with Infestors laying down lines of Infested Terran to close the gap until more troops could be closed in.
Closing into battle with the Shadow, her rage flies forth, with bugs on her body flying out to consume everything, even one of the queens who was caught there. Several drones move out, deploying Sunken Colonies instead of Spine Crawlers.

The Timeless One, still staring at Calek, begins to try to shatter the bubble, trying to get out to assist the Zerg.
DMing: The Shadowwalker laughs as it fires a psionic pulse, knocking Athazual into a wall. "You cannot defeat my people as long as you are divided!" He then consumes the insects, turning them against the Zerg.
Athazual looks at the Shadowwalker.
You fool.......You have no idea what you attempt to fight. The insects instantly die, and a Brutalisk crawls out of the cavern, re-enforcing the other side. Athazual crawls back into the fight, much faster than last time. Working with physical and psionic attacks, she starts ripping apart more of the shadows at a faster rate than the zerg on the other side. The Sunken Colonies were started and the sound of wings flapping is heard.
DMing: The Shadowwalker simple laughed. "This place shall be your grave." Suddenly he starts to glow with excess energy, and you recognize that he's a bomb. "Perish, ye who walk in the light!"
Athazual gave the closed thing to a grin she could give. Which wasn't much, considering she has no face.
Perish, those who deem themselves to be unstoppable. For without those who walked in the light, you cease to exist.
On que, eight mutalisk slam into the Shadowwalker, their combined force bringing it closer to the edge. This was then followed by a Psionic Shockwave, causing an avalanche of boulders. Athazual shields herself and her troops while a large boulder slams into the explosive Shadow. This kills the mutalisk, but more join the fight, strafing the shadows.
"I am a Zerg! I shall always be one, and nothing will change that!"

I reinforce the shield, blasting the enemy back from the edge with energy. I close the gap and begin sending rending blows of psionic power at them.
The Timeless One continues trying to shatter the shield. However, some of it's power was flying out and killing shadows.
Ok, you can't stop the bomb. It's purpose is to force the Zerg into the position of forming an alliance.
OOC: I'm not trying to stop the bomb. I'm just trying to get it away from my base XD and I know, but this attack (Plus Nikola's jackassery) is going to make her consider it.
Well, it is only really gonna cause heavy damage anyways. Not completely wipe you out. Though it will make you have to re tech for certain things.
OOC: MMkay, just makin sure.

I was not in Jack@ss. I can confirm that.

All I'm doing is RPing XD
Uh huh.....You weren't trying to piss off the zerg leader who was using the Timeless One to keep her base from being wrecked.

Oh, and btw, Nikola, how is being part zerg like? Might replace Athazual, and keep either Harbinger or Nina.
Gives me more options. Most of the super-powerful psionics in the lore are Protoss, and Kerrigan only had her powers augmented by being Infested. I find I like more mage-y type characters in most things, rather than people who are up in the enemy's face. So I went with a mainly Zerg, who is part Spectre.

Works well for me :D
Hmmm.......Might scrap Athazual after this and make a female counterpart of Calek. Question would be combine what with what. Thinking of Spectre for terran, then (Viper/Infestor/Choker/Defiler) for the first zerg and (Ultralisk/Brutalisk/Stank/Scrapped Omegalisk) as second. I know I'll have Swarm Host as one for sure.

Oh, Infested army + Zerg army! >:D Dibs for sure.


I might need to modify Calek soon. HotS units are so awesome :D

And I'm fine with you making a counter-part :D I have certain plot points for him that I hinted at once, so that could make them fit >:3
Winning. But still, I think an Infested force would be a bit awesome. Infested Thors, Infested Siege Tanks.

So, any ideas for zerg 1 and 2?
Leon was blinding and he held on too his seat. "Are we almost there?" He bit his lip.

Rebecca was going into shock, she was shaking. Her body was also cold too the touch.

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