The need to Survive Part 2

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The medic in charge of Rebecca injected her with a warming, healing substance. Then she checked Rebecca's pulse. Seeing everything was stabilizing, she sat down near by.

"Almost Leon. I'm gonna get you bionic implants for your eyes once we reach the base."
Leon punched the wall of the medivac. "This is bull !@#$, and you know it, we would be better off to just find a way to get off the planet instead of fighting whatever they are. And I don't think implants are going to work, that energy effectively destroyed any chance of me seeing ever again, even with the implants."
"If you're lucky, you'll use your own energy to fix the problem."
The Umojain vehicles stop in a clearing, with no shadows nearby. Harbinger gets out, and looks around.
"This is good! SCV's, start setting up. I want this place set up and ready before the sun sets. All teams, help them out." He says, and heads over to help the SCV's set up the Command Center. The APCs were parked over by the Command Center.
"Leon, if you complain one more time, this Katana will go straight through your eye."
Different medivac SF.
I declare this RP, DEAD. I will attempt a remake at a later date.

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