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A lightning bolt flashed in the background, the prison was lit up then put back into darkness. The warden sat at his desk, looking through the files of the new prisoners and inmates to the asylum. The searchlights were lighting up the courtyard, there was a runaway.

"Don't these inmates know what is best for them? They should be grateful that this wasn't New Folsom." The warden lit a cigar and stuck in his mouth, his eyes were blood shot and look stressful

There was a painting on the wall, it was a Raven standing on a corps, its wings extended in majestic awe. The prisoner made it to the gate, the ground was cold and warm, the air moist and dry. The blood inside of him was ice. A bullet pierced his heart, and he fell over to the cold dark ground. He was sitting in a pool of his own blood.

The raven's heart in the painting started to bleed, the red paint was its own blood.

You are a prisoner or a inmate to the asylum.

Race: You will be Terran
Wing: Prison, or Asylum

You will try to escape the prison alone, or with others.
You will fight and kill for freedom once again.
You will survive, or the prison has won already.
This prison is alive, it's hell, it's heaven, it chooses what it wants to be.

Find the secret of the Raven's Heart, for only with that you will have any chance at escaping alive.

I am the Warden, and several prison employees.
Duke is the Doctor but there is an exception. If he angers the Warden, the Doctor gets locked back up. We already talked about this.

Can you use more than brute prison tactics to escape, do you have the courage, the strength, and the fear to make it out alive?

I will be posting again tonight if we have enough people to participate in the RP. And all of the prisoners will be escorted to the courtyard once the RP starts, where the Warden will be giving the welcoming speech.
Name: Dr. Terras Dorian
Race: Terran
Age: 28
Height: 5' 9''
Characteristics: Brown eyes, pale skin, blonde hair, several scars across his face.
Backstory: Got a PhD, in Biology, Engineering, and Physics. Was imprisoned in the asylum from his constant experiments that ended up killing millions.
Wing: Asylum

Terras sits there, playing with scrap metal.
Name: Simon Dustin
Race: Terran
Age: 19
Height: 6'4"
Characteristics: Blue eyes, Tan skin, Blond hair.
Backstory: Got in a fight with his roommate and killed him
Wing: Prison
Name:Ricky Markson
Characteristics:Hazel eyes, Light skin, Dark brown hair.
Backstory:Shot up his workplace, declared criminally insane.
Name: Doctor McGrim Duke
Race: You will be Terran
Age: 48
Height: 5'10"
Characteristics: Longish grey-brown hair and beard, cold black eyes.
Backstory: Doctor who has sold medical drugs for money, along with medical malpractice. Instead of serving prison time. I serve as the prisons doctor. Always been regarded to as a strange person, be warned.
Wing: Asylum

As you know I'm the doctor, and you will call me Doctor McGrim.

-Edit made to backstory-
So far everyone is looking good, I just need a couple more people and we shall be ready.
This will be at least 20 pages.
And on the hot topics list.
This will be at least 20 pages.
And on the hot topics list.
Excuse me, but I will say 100000000000 pages.
at least 20 pages.

08/21/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Dacder
100000000000 pages.


Don't make me do a preemptive strike on your doctor !@#.
My mistake sir.
Name: "Prisoner X"
Bio: Rumors constantly circle among both staff and inmate alike about this mysterious figure. Some say that he's an infested terran that's being kept here for experimentation purposes.
Others say he's a former spectre that is so insane that New Folsom won't even take him.
Many say he's just a myth.
But that doesn't explain the scars on those who tell stories about encounters with X.
Guards use the story to scare any rookies in their ranks, but medical personal are reluctant to speak of him, and outright dismiss the topic.
The most common characteristics that don't seem to be greatly exaggerated (Glowing eyes, sharp teeth, claws, etc) is that he is a bone-thin man with a lanky build. His standard issue jumpsuit is tattered and stained (With blood, is the common myth) He wears a non-regulation gas mask, and the areas of his head that are revealed are mainly scars. His fingernails are dirty, yellow, and cracked. His fingers are abnormally long, more akin to tree branches than a human hand. His skin is more like that of a corpse than a living being, and the fact that his skin is wrapped tight around his bones doesn't help one's night sleep. The ghastly figure is known to frequent the more desolate areas of the prison, or just any dark corridor would be fine.
Then again, they're just rumors...

Since I'm no longer that frequent in JoeyRay's, I believe the 'prison myth' is a good character, able to appear and disappear in horribly abrupt manner.
Sounds good Avikon.
Would it be alright if I did a little back story before the RP begins?
Go right on ahead.
I can try to do this. Someone who's clinically insane doesn't need to converse much :D

Name: I can't remember the one who likes knives from smylez's thread. Will have to check.
Race: You will be Terran
Age: 23
Height: 6' 7" (Imposing height :3)
Characteristics: Psychotic, Likes Sharp Objects, Slightly OCD, Likes Impaling and Stabbing other People, Has a Tendency to go into Psychotic Rages.
Backstory: Survived an attack on his town by the military. Was the only survivor, and held out in his house; brutally murdering anyone who entered. Was discharged from the military later on, after tearing apart his entire squadron. Was sent to this Asylum after being declared psychotic.
Wing: Asylum. Quite definitely.
Terras walks around. He had many wires, a remote control, a heavy object, and a shank.
Simon stands there as a guard watches, and when he smiles, he swears his teeth look like a zerglings'.
The rest of the prisoners, except for SF and Avikon, will be brought into the courtyard, they have just arrived. This is so we don't get confused people, I will be starting the RP soon, so be patient ok?

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