The Raven's Heart (RP)

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The abandoned wing is haunted by an unearthly silence.
But it is still occasionally pierced by the scream of a nearby victim.
As you walk through the Abandoned Wing, you come across a corridor, eleven doors in total, five on each side and one at the very end.
All but the last door are labeled with a Roman numeral (I, II, II, IV,... X)
*His curiosity overtakes him, and he heads towards the unlabeled door, the silence was eery. He could hear footsteps, breathing. Or could he? was it all in his head?
" sounds too real" *he said to himself*
*He continued walking...the short walk down the hallway seemed to take forever. As he got to the door he hesitated, thinking of what may be on the other side. But his curiosity was to great, and despite hearing voices, breathing....yet eery silence, he pressed ever onward towards what was on the other side.*
*He began opening the door slowly, the door making a horrible hissing noise as it was moved from it's resting place.*
OOC: Don't let all your characters die superfast...
OOC:Who said he's gonna die?
Getting trapped with Avikon's super-monster is never a good thing if you want to survive.
OOC:Maybe surviving isn't even what I want ;)
I stared at the pool of blood in my cell. Unmoving. Unblinking. Uncaring.

I stared at it as thee world went dark and grey, and this was one it would hunt.

This was when I would hunt.

I walked to the front of my cell, and smashed through the lock. The cell doors swung open, and now people would die.

A scream could be heard from a nearby hallway. Then a horrible, gagging, guttural noise.

Guards came around the corner to find Drake, and a dead body, already dry of blood. The guards were soon to follow, all falling helplessly as Drake continued.

OOC: I just realized I'm making him seem like a Vampire >.>

IC: Shadows could be seen cast on the wall as another victim fell.

And another.

And another.

Drake walked down the cells, meticulously "clearing" them as he went.

(IC from a victim's point of view): I sat there, hoping that I wouldn't be next. Hoping I wouldn't die.

Hoping, hoping, praying for salvation. Yet none came.

I stared at the pool of blood flowing down the hallway. It was a sign of death, a sign of pain; a sign of the next victim.

I whimpered in the corner, and as his figure came around the corner, I could only say one thing:

"Who-...Who's blood is that?"

A pause, and then a raspy, unused voice could be heard. I stared in shock; no one has heard this deranged prisoner speak before.... It was a bad sign. Drake said,

"It is the blood of the dead. The blood of the dying. The blood of those who commit these acts. It is my blood. It is their blood. And it will be your blood."

I curled into a ball, awaiting death....

(Back to Drake's perspective): I left a message on the wall of this cell:

"Blood is the lifegiver. The deathbringer. The end of lives' toll. It is everywhere. It is no where. It is your being and soul. None can escape death. None can escape the taxes of the Reaper."

Laying at the bottom of this was the corpses, piled together; all mauled and beyond recognition.

OOC: Well I guess I'll make some more guards to make things interesting...

IC: "Hello??? We have a—YES I KNOW, AND THIS QUALIFIES AS AN EMERGENCY!!! What? Yes—no—yes, the prisoners are dying—wha—no, but the guards are too! There's something on the loose, we think it's the thing from the abandoned wing. ...YES, the army needs to come...NO, I'm not overreacting...wha? ...NO, A HUG FROM MY MOMMY WILL NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Man, I'm trying to save lives here, and you take it as—wha? You were kidding. You f****** w****. Just send the military. A LOT OF THEM."

The stressed guard dropped the phone and his guard. Bent over and exhausted, he didn't have time to run from the stream of blood that was already swallowing his feet.

I get to kill more people? :D
I reappear into the thread after waiting for some time.

What just happened while I was gone, seems like the prisoners are already taking over? And the prisoners are taking over the guards it looks like. With what they do, eat, sleep, talk?
I just ran around murdering people XD

And now Drake seems like a Vampire >.>
OOC: Raven, Avikon came back and started a rampage. He took out all the lights and some other stuff. It's on page 11 or 12 or something. In the story it's only been like 10 minutes probably XD
OOC:Yeah, and depending on what avikon does my character may be killed off, I don't really have a preference (I have backup plans if he kills him).
Has this died? I hope not, it was quite fun.

I guess we are just waiting on some input from CR.
Nikola, I don't even know whats going on anymore, they did so many things that I am so confused.
the main thing--Nikola has gone on a killing spree with his tongue
Not yet :P

He still has his tongue connected to him.

For now.

I actually posted the first, and likely last, time he will talk in this RP.

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