The Raven's Heart (RP)

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OOC: Found it :D My guy's named Drake Falent. I think. I may be wrong. I have memory issues. Don't stare at me like that.

IC: I sulk silently in the crowd, listening with glazed eyes to the angry warden. I begin flicking my tongue over my teeth, and swaying slightly.
Terras stares outside. "I remember the time when one of the prisoners just wouldn't stop talking, even after I took over his mind. I had to stab him! Though I did wish I had a gun. Maybe the Warden should give me a gun! He knows that I would never try to escape unless I had a rocket launcher and an army of cannon fodder!"
I sit in the medical lab and do paper work for the prisoner Vince Bennings.
"A broken nose, dislocated left shoulder, couple missing teeth, crushed right hand, and broken toe"
I frown at Vince as I walk to him.
"What were you thinking getting beaten up like that?"
Before he can answer I inject him with a tranquilizer and he passes out instantaneously. I continue to relocate the shoulder, rub the naked gum with disinfectant, unscramble and pin all his fingers together, then I place his hand in a metal brace to eliminate movement. I finish up by pinning his toes and wrapping them in a light layer of cloth. I put his shoe back on and then inject him with a 24 hour pain killer for the injuries and bruises.

But I also take a blood sample for no apparent reason, I place this in a hidden fridge inside the locked closet.
I put the gun back down. "Now Simon, how about you be an obedient prisoner and get back in the crowd?" The guards throw Simon back into the crowd.

"This is quite a short speech, and I pretty much covered the basics. But here is one rule you all must understand, don't make the prison angry, for it's alive." I step down the podium and back into the prison, I was heading to my office.

The Raven in the painting started to close its wings.
A girl's squeaky shout followed the warden. "Prove it!"
Blood started to run from Omega's nose. The ravens all turned towards her, a vine slowly came out of the ground and held her in place. No one was noticing, it almost seemed like they didn't care at all. No one was witnessing what was going on besides Omega.

The Raven in the painting, blood started to drip from its eyes.
"Whoa! Cool!" Omega screamed excitedly. Though it was dangerous, she stood perfectly still, waiting.
The vines started to climb higher on Omega, the vines started to dig into her jumpsuit and into her flesh. The ravens were ready to make a move.

The blood dripping from the Raven, drops onto the corpse it is standing on.
Omega spoke as if she was just playing Super Smash Bros. with her best friend. " I gonna die now, or what?"

OOC: Don't kill her this early. Well, don't thoroughly kill her. She has super regen, so you can hurt her pretty bad and she'll live, and it'll scare anyone who hears/sees what happens to her.
I wont.

IC: The vines climbed up her ripped jumpsuit and wrapped around her throat, crushing it. The ravens all swooped down, her body being covered by the ravens, her jumpsuit in pieces.

"That should make her stop asking such stupid questions." I smile and the Raven was eating the heart of the corpse in the painting now.

The vines let go and they plunged into the ground, the ravens flew back. It was all an illusion.
"The vines and the ravens makes me think of Druid in Diablo II expansion, because he had those two abilities..."
*Ricky looked on in confusion*
" this a normal occurrence?"
Omega looked at her bleeding, half-naked body. Maybe it would be fun to get on the warden's good side...imagine if those things got VIOLENT! Teehee!

A smile crossed her face. "OK, I get it!" she called out again. Her eyes widened into a plead for forgiveness. "Sowwy about that."

OOC: Not violent in a sexual way, in case any of you were thinking that.
I walk in to the wardens office
"Sir, it has come to my attention that Omega is mentally unstable and is in need of treatment."
I push the paperwork in front of the Warden.
I spin my chair around, the cigar in my mouth, and a file on my desk. "I am already aware of that doctor, I just hope that she realizes that it was an illusion and not real. Her jumpsuit isn't even torn yet, well not yet anyway. The prisoners might try to do something to her." A smile was shown on my face. "Doctor, you may have here, and don't worry, says here that she is psionic. To bad that this place cancels their powers."

The Raven looked like it was laughing.
I begin walking forward, loping, is a more proper description of the term. I reach the front doors with some of the others, not noticing the illusion behind me. As someone next to me is about to enter, I leap onto them, and begin viciously tearing their throat out with my teeth. I snarl, blood on mouth, and get up again.

I continue walking into the building, as if nothing had happened. The others looked on in horror.
A prisoner walks into an area without anywhere around. I pick up a chair and smack him on the back of the head. I cut him open and start putting a lot of wires and metal pieces in him.
He comes out walking beside me. A scar down the back of his head. I go up to the guard. "I would like to request something of the warden."
The prison had its eyes on the Drake. He fell to the floor, some images were being forced into his head, the ground turning into blood, him seeping into it and drowning. The illusion was over and a guard came over and pulled him back up. "WE WILL KILL YOU!"

A guard came up to the crazy psychopath. "What is it? And you aren't trying to escape again are you?"
No audible response is heard from Drake. He simply stands there, staring blankly at the guard. As the guard ends his threatening pose and turns away, Drake leaps onto him, and begins clawing at any exposed flesh, ripping apart his skin.
"No. I just want a gun. As you know I am not the biggest of guys here. And sometimes people just won't stop irritating me. So when I need self defense or when someone irritates me an extreme amount I want to be able to shoot them. And you know I would never ever escape using a gun by myself."

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