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Whenever I try to log into starcraft i get an error
"you need an authorized language pack from blizzard entertainment to use this language"
I've looked thought the forums and know that i have to do something with the Variable.txt however i cant find it.
I cannot find my Blizzard folder in the Application Support folder (Application Support/Blizzard/StarcraftII)
Can anyone help?
This article should help you to resolve this issue:
There is no library folder and now "variables.txt" i have the same problem and every answer support has given redirects you to the same page, but that only solves it on pc, i am on a macbook pro and id really like to figure out how to fix this by now...
Make sure you're in the User Library and not the System Library. The User Library is a hidden library in 10.7 and above.

System Library: /Library/Application Support
User Library: ~/Library/Application Support

1. If you click on Finder and select Go from the system menu bar, select Go to Folder.
2. Copy/Paste the following
~/Library/Application Support
3. Hit Go
4. This should now take you directly to the hidden User Library.
yeah im a dummy, sorry for that. still dont know my way around macs as well as pc's yet...
i tried this on pc and still have the same problem. im thinking there is a language pack that has to be downloaded in order to use the language that is appropriate to your region. For example: if you enter enUS then im thinking that you have to acquire the entire language pack to support the language you have just specified. If this is indeed the case how do i download the entire language pack?
What language are you attempting to play in?
im having the same problem tried the txt thing and no luck im trying to get english
Have you tried just opening the launcher.db file in the StarCraft II directory and changing it to enUS?

You can open it with TextEdit.
Come on Blizzard! I bought and played SC2 in english when it was launched, then I went back to WoW. Now I'm trying to play SC2 again, to remember the story before Heart of the Swarm is up, and I find out that I can only play in Portuguese?!?! WTF? I don`t want your translation, I just like to play WoW in English! I find it cooler. I don`t care about the servers, I won`t be playing SC2 online, I just to play in English!
Please, stop being so picky!
By the way, I tried changing the:
localeidassets and localeiddata to enUS. No success, and it resets to ptBR. I checked the Launcher.db, it`s enUS.
I tried leaving localeidassets and localeiddata in ptBR and change Launcher.db to ptBR. Got a "Internal error, please restart..."
Now I tried putting ???: into both localeidassets and localeiddata, and leaving the Launcher.db in enUS, still, the same language pack error...

Oh, this is a clean install, I just formatted my laptop to Windows 8. English. WoW runs fine.

My account lists SC2 as LA. I tried to change it to North America (English US), but it only pretends to save, when I check it`s back in LA.

So sweet.
I am having the same issue and nothing on here has fixed it
Is there a fix to this yet?? I have tried to change everything on my Mac, and nothing is working. Those instructions above are not helpful because they dont work.

Any idea how to fix this??
Let me ask you this:

What language are you playing in (or attempting to play in)?
What install of the SC2 client do you have installed (English, Spanish, or Portugese)?
I am having the same problem.
It used to allow me to login once when I change Variable.txt to enUS. After than Variable.txt would change back to enGB.
I even tried uninstallingSC2, deleting all settings and reinstalling the enUS version. Same result.
Now even when Variable.txt is changed to enUS it does not allow me to login to the game.
Im having the same issue. Not long ago (when you merged LA and NA servers for better queue times) I was able to play SC2 with the enUS client. I downloaded and installed the enUS client, and all I get is this error.
In both variable.txt files (//Starcraft II, //Starcraft II/Accounts/.../) I've changed the setting from esMX to enUS. after opening the game it resets back to esMX (which client i didn't download because I hate the translation, I'm used to the english hotkeys, etc.,)
So I got more about this.

If you have a license for a specific region, you will only be able to play in that region with the default locale.

For example:
  • If you got a North American license, the only locale you can play in is enUS (English United States).
  • If you have a Latin American license, the only locale you can play in is esMX (Spanish Mexico) and ptBR (Brazilian Portuguese) since it is the defaulted languages for that region. You will have to download the appropriate client (Spanish or Portugese) to access the gameplay language.

This has always been true. The merging was more of playing from a bigger pool of players, but it never changed the functionality of the license. If you had previously modified some variable or config files to play in a certain language, this was unsupported.
nope, i was actually able to play with the enUS client without doing any modification since the region merge. not sure what changed recently that prevents it from working.

Also, it makes no sense that a player is forced to play on default locale. Both Diablo and WoW allow different language settings, why this game doesn't?
Diablo III does have this if you play from a region that has a regional specific license (such as some Latin American, Russian, Korean and Taiwanese licences).

World of Warcraft has limited functionality, where you can use the same client to play in English, Spanish or Portugese using the North American client, as long as you download the language pack or use the client that you selected the locale for. Same for European languages.

StarCraft II works a bit different, so the intended functionality is the one that I mentioned in the post above. I'll be happy to send the feedback up to the appropriate parties, but for the moment, this isn't something that is supported for StarCraft II.

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