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please send said feedback. in all honesty if i knew buying the game at the store was going to cause all this trouble I'd bought it from blizzard store on the locale i wanted.

would be nice to see this changed for the upcoming xpac.
isn't there any possibility blizzard can launch a language pack for players who would like to play on other languages, i seriously can't handle the Brazil portuguese dub, it's so annoying.
The hotkeys are also a pain, being confusing in normal games and having several conflicts in custom games
hi all . Im having the same issue. please for god blizzard in actually this enterprice sucks why you get this kind of trouble you are not the same blizzard i know from 1996 im tired for this i wanna return the product and get my cash back its the first dammit game in the world i know we have to mod a dammit text or whatever... in starter edition i can play but when i update nothing my other account was bloqued too because my pass and i sync with my face but you dont undestand its me really i need a quick answer .... and dont say nothing about diablo 3 jesus i dont wanna say whats better then .......... see my account and give me a solution if i dont have answer in 2 days please return me the cash ok........... i have more then 10 years with you in sc1 diablo 1 y 2 ......... so activicion have me disaponted.
I had make my variables.txt file read only to be able to long in. I don't know if that helps anyone else
Having the same problem, Always used SC in english and suddenly it doesnt open any more. If it only plays in portuguese, how to i change it to portuguese? there must be some way to solve, if i Always played in english means there IS a way. in brazilian port it SUCKS. plz help
Come on Blizzard! I bought and played SC2 in english when it was launched, then I went back to WoW. Now I'm trying to play SC2 again, to remember the story before Heart of the Swarm is up, and I find out that I can only play in Portuguese?!?! WTF? I don`t want your translation, I just like to play WoW in English! I find it cooler. I don`t care about the servers, I won`t be playing SC2 online, I just to play in English!
Please, stop being so picky!

I suffer the same problem. I really want Starcraft II in english, but I bought the brazilian version :/
This is a serious issue man, you can't force players into your translations. The portuguese translation is really crappy, their voices just do not fit well at all. I hope blizzard can adress this problem quickly, shouldn't be much trouble afterall I could play in enUS when i first bought the damned game...
so how the hell are we suppose to continue playing ? ffs some one need to put a decent answer!! what a lame support is that ?

I was playing yesterday, I changed nothing and I edited nothing now am having the same issue!! am on enGB and the luncher is enGB and my original install is the enGB!! what the hell is the problem ?
As the DEV would say, "What language are you trying to play in".................
He is just assuming everyone is dumb and there isn't a real issue.

I installed English. Never changed any settings and now I can't log in.

I am not trying to play in any other language then the language I have already been playing in. I am just trying to play the fricken game.
You issue seems different Angel, as you seem to have a North American English license. Can you create a separate about your issue so we can troubleshoot the matter? Thanks!

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