"Failed to read required file" patching 1.5.2

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It's trying to patch 1.5.2, getting the following error:

"Failed to read a required file. Please close all other applications, temporarily deactivate you anti-virus software, and try again."



edit For clarification, all other applications are closed and I'm not running any av ware. =( I just wanna play some Starcraft.
Try deleting the s2-0-22875-OSX-final.MPQ file in /Applications/StarCraft II/Updates and try again.
I have the same issue and I did what Machkhan said ^ and it still didn't work. It would take forever before I would get the "failed to read required file" message before and after I deleted that file.
I have the same problem, i don't know what happen, i delet that file
having the same problem and deleting that file does not work mine says it is unable to load the file and to check my network connection and try again. I have perfect connection and am using eathernet any advise would be much appreciated.
Can we try deleting the Battle.net folder in Users/Shared and see if that helps?
I too am having this problem and not only can I not figure out why it won't work, I can't figure out how to find either of those things that Machkhan posted. QQ
I'm not good with computers, I just play starcraft. Any help?
I am also having the same problem, tried everything still not working.
Having the same problem... tried both of the above listed ideas... no luck... dammit. I'm not sure what to do, but I hope Blizzard recognizes and fixes this problem soon.
Same problem squidman has please fix the problem.....
tried both does not work reply back when u guys fix this problem
it does not work
yea maxwell....
For those of you having this issue, please post here first, then send me your system information.

Obtaining your System Information and system.log
Snow Leopard (10.6) and older versions of OS X
    1. Hold the Option Key and choose System Profiler from the Apple Menu
    2. When the System Profiler is finished gathering its data, click "File" then "Save As..."
    3. Add your name to the filename, and save it to your desktop for easy location. Make sure the file format is "System Profiler 4.0 (XML)"

Lion (10.7)
    1. Hold the Option Key and choose System Information from the Apple Menu
    2. When the System Information is finished gathering its data, click "File" then "Save As..."
    3. Add your name to the filename, and save it to your desktop for easy location.

Obtaining your system.log
    1. Using Finder, Navigate to /Applications/Utilities and open Console
    2. Click system.log on the left side bar.
    3. On the menu bar, click File, and select Save a Copy As. Make sure the file is saved to the desktop for easy location.

Submitting your system files
    1. Open a new email message, and attach the items as an attachment.
    2. Send the email to macsupport@blizzard.com with the subject as "Attn: TonyM". Make sure you include the Thread title and URL address. This way it gets routed to me so I can take a personal look.

Please note: This method is only used for sending information after files are requested for additional review. This is not to be used a a form of contact, as this box is monitored only when files are requested. No replies are sent from here.
Having the same problem!
Try this:

1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II
2. Delete the Updates folder
3. Launch StarCraft II

This should completely delete the latest update and allow the game to redownload it. Let me know if this helps.
That didn't work!
K, can you send me this file?

  • The most recent Agent-YYYY/MM/DD-[Random Numbers].log file in Users/Shared/Battle.net/Agent/Agent.1267
  • OK sent the file!

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