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Name: Ex Admiral Byrne
Faction: Independent, Survivors of the Colony Aseena
Unit: Leader of Survivors
Battle Cruiser: Serenity, was taken over by Byrne and his men during the GHH RP.
Equipment: Customized CMC-300 Suit, CR-16 Gauss Rifle, Nanosteel Suit Blades.
Abilities: Rally (Self explanatory)
----------Targeting System, turns on the suits Targeting System, which increases his accuracy, increased chance of hitting a vital. Can also be used to Scan for hostiles or friendlies.
----------Influence (Passive), Self Explanatory.
(I firgured why not, he seemed to be influential during the Glory, home, and honor RP.)
Backstory: Byrne left his position as Admiral after the attack on Aseena due to a rebellion taking place there. He decided to stay behind to help rebuild. A couple of years later, the UED attacked the Koprulu Sector once again. They managed to steal a Battle Cruiser from them, though it was a older model that is advanced as a Behemoth Class Cruiser.

Now he is above a frozen wasteland of a world, they needed resources and a place to stay for the time being.
Raven: The newest class of Raven is capable of all previous functions and now has the ability to carry troops.
Lancer- Equipped with UTH-9 plasma beam emitters, C-4 charges, Breaker plasma pistol, mithril lances and LAN-23 combat armor, few opponents survive direct battle against them. Warrior Caste.

Spartan- Elite soldiers, these men and women have gone through hell and back to become the best of the best when it comes to battle. Armed with the GRA-34 Plasma assault rifle, Gutter assault pistol, mithrite swords and collapsible shields, and equipped with the SPA-300 combat armor with prototype shield generators, when they want you dead, you're dead. Warrior Caste

Assassin- Loria's answer to the Dominion Ghost and Raider's various stealth units. The Assassin can use purely their psionics to cloak and each have unique abilities for combat. Equipped with the EMR-224 Sniper Rifle, Cutthroat plasma pistol, mithril dirks, and the ASI-100 combat/survival suit, you'll never see them coming. Assassin Caste.

Grunt-Basic Lorian infantry, they're far better equipped then their marine counter parts. Armed with the T-29 Assault rifle, Breaker plasma pistol, various grenades, mithril short swords and GRU-800 Combat armor, one Grunt can easily handle 3 marines. Soldier Caste

Claymore-Class Striker Scouting ship- Equipped with the fastest engines around and armed with plasma cannons and Hammerhead missiles, a scout can be in and out of a location before anyone knows they were there and cause damage if needed. Strongly capable of defending themselves when needed.

Auger-Class Gunship- Acts as a troop transport and support ship. Equipped with Heavy Destroyer Chainguns and and Hellspawn missiles, the gunship is used to help secure landing zones and support ground troops when able.

SiegeBreaker- Similar to the Siege Tank, the edge it has over it is it's greater speed, and three different modes. Siege mode, Assault mode and Mobile Anti-Infantry. In Siege mode, they use the Buddafist Artillery cannon, dealing more damage in a single blow then the Crucio. In Assault mode, they use Thunderstrike Gatling Cannons, our pacing the Crucios rate of fire. And in Mobile Anti-Infantry, they use the Dragon's Breath flame thrower, able to handle infantry better then the Crucio.
Unit Name: Fire Kin
Equipment: Nothing other than a powerful shield and little armor.
Description: Powerful High Templar that have focused their Psionic energy into fire. The Psionic storms turn into powerful fire storms and they fire out small balls of flame.
"Accept, or be turned to a pile of ash."
I apologize if this is posted in the wrong spot, wasn't sure exactly where to submit this. If you want me to remove it, I will :)

I'd like to try my hand at this RP stuff, pending approval from Jester, of course :)
Below is my character (Jeremiah Groud) and his faction (the Blind Angels), including unit names and descriptions.

Faction Break-down: Medics = 2/3rd of force, Surgeon = 1/6th of force, Engineer = 1/6th of force.

I'll let Jester dictate the overall number of units/ships I get, as well as our entrance (unless he wants me to take care of that ;) ).

Name: Jeremiah Groud

Faction: Blind Angels

Unit: Medic

Equipment: Combat Shield, CMC-405 Light Combat Suit (Standard Issue Medic Armor), A-13 Flash Grenade Launcher, C-7 Gauss Pistol, Personal Cloaking Device (Slightly damaged, emergency use only)

Abilities: Heal, Restoration, Optic Flare (As seen in Starcraft I/II), Surgeon Training

Background: The Blind Angels are a mercenary group in the Koprulu Sector. Unlike most mercenaries, they specialize in fixing rather than breaking. A wild card in any combat hot spot, the Blind Angels live up their name by healing any and all wounded that come their way. The Blind Angels also pack along a valuable commodity in a warfront scenario: highly trained Surgeons, specializing in mechanical and biological reconstruction of soldiers most people would describe as 'dead'. The Angels provide these services freely for both Protoss and Terran combatants... but at the end of the day, they're still mercs. If offered enough incentive, certain factions might find themselves greeted by Auto-Turret fire instead of healing hands...

Blind Angel Faction Units

Unit Name: Medic

Equipment: Combat Shield, CMC-405 Light Combat Suit

Abilities: Heal, Restoration

Background: The bread and butter of the Blind Angels, the Terran Medic. Lightly armored, entirely un-armed, and ready to stitch up that flesh wound!

Unit Name: Surgeon

Equipment: Surgical Equipment

Abilities: Bodily Reconstruction (Varying by race, Surgeons can use Terran technology to regrow a limb... or replace it entirely with something bigger and better! The process can take up to a week, with patient combat-readiness usually occuring several days afterwards.)

Background: The specialists of the Blind Angels, the Surgeons can fix nearly anything. Altogether too excited about their work (and ready to 'improve' upon Nature's designs at the drop of a hat), the Surgeons can fix what few other warfront establishments can... keeping the Angels both valuable and busy.

Unit Name: Engineer

Equipment: Modified CMC-405 Light Combat Suit (Slightly heavier armor, SCV repair apparatus, painted light yellow)

Abilities: Repair, Auto-Turret, Point Defense Drone

Background: Every so often, the Angels turn a blind eye to certain clients... and usually, those clients are none too pleased. To keep the peace, Engineers provide 'deterrence' for rowdier patients via Point Defense Drones, Auto-Turrets, and up-close-and-personal Repairs. Sporting a slightly heavier suit and a modified SCV repair apparatus, these workhorses are ready to rock... for overtime pay, of course!
Ok, biggest problem here is that you haven't stated independant, or that you've been hired by someone.

Also, you have a sever lack of offensive units, so more engineers will probably needed to be deployed.
Sorry about that, forgot to state that when they arrive, they're independant. Looking for a lucrative offer, though ;)

The lack of offensive units is intentional. This is my first RP on the Bnet forums, so I specifically tried to create a faction that would be a powerful support force, with minimal defense abilities and no offense abilities.

This serves three purposes (in my eyes):
  • Firstly, it allows other people to take care of the nitty-gritty while I get used to Roleplaying on here, while still letting me be relevant/useful.
  • Second, if things go south or I don't enjoy it, I can easily be overrun/destroyed and forced to retreat. It provides a convenient out without disrupting things for the other players.
  • Third, I'm interested to see if a 'support' faction can actually be a viable option in these Roleplays. So far I've seen guns, bigger guns, and enormous guns, but no 'support' groups.
  • I can change, if you'd like :)
    I see.....All right, that be thinkin' with your dipstick. Approved.

    Since you are a mercenary faction, you'll start with a smaller force (Fleet size of 10 ships, and only three are transports) but your troops start off with better equipment than their cousins.
    Name: Nina Kalvaus
    Faction: UED Remnant
    Unit: UED Field Commander
    Equipment: CMX-18C, C-141 with PP-205 undermount, ST-25
    Rally: Increases efficiency of nearby troops.
    Plasma Bolt: Fires a high energy shot capable of burning through almost any armor
    Grenade Volley: Fires plasma, inferno and frag grenades in an area.
    Ultrasonic Pulse: Stuns enemies for some time
    Various psionic abilities
    Background: Highest ranking member of the UED who still lives.

    Orion: UED's counterpart to the Shadow, Entity, and Assassin. Featuring a XM-12 Heavy Rail-rifle with Hollow Point rounds, a 8-shot G1-SMG, and a CMX-18S suit with psi-amps.

    Aegis Marine: Using a concept similar to Riot Shields, Aegis marines use a DSM Combat Shield, blocking most infantry weapons. They have CMX-18R suits and either Tempest SMG, Scythe Gauss Pistol, or Hammerhead revolver.

    Ajax Marine: UED's answer to the Marauder. Uses dual SPR-4 Rocket Launchers whose payload is built specifically to fight flying and armored units. Uses CMX-18R suits.

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