Reckoning, Part 3

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"I am going to create a DA account later."
I stand up. I look around. "How the hell?"
Hey Naits, my ship destroyed it too...
I just happened to take the final shot.
So, three powerful capital ships gang up on an unarmed craft . . .
I'd say more of an unmanned craft.

IC: {Agreed. I'll bring some Spartans down with me, Jared and Daalis.}
Judging by the power of my ship alone, I'd say it was destroyed in less than five seconds. Not enough time for agony.
Nothing on my conscience!
Same here.
"Get Zaros out of here quick, and when you are done with Brian, let me kick the !@#$ out of him next. I might even be nice and castrate him."
I stand, a little dazed still. "How did I? Where am? Who did? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" I see the can. "This should help." I pick it up and take a sip.
"Zaros, do you even know what was in there?! For all we know, Brian could've spiked it!"
I see Shade. "Damn it." I pull out my Katana and throw it outside. "Shadow. Cut something off of Brian for me." I concentrate all my willpower to resist. "Shade, do you have anything for me to kill him with when the thing wears off?"
The three on lookers looked from their, special technology guaranteeing they couldn't be detected.

"Well, what now?"

"First, we call in the second test later. I'm pretty sure they didn't consider if the ship was the actual one with actual members on board. If that was the case, all three of their ships would have sustained major damage. I want to see they do next."

"But, sir. We have a released captive from the vault."

"That what is going to make this test much better. I say we simply wait. Who knows if our new guest is going to play with them or enslave them?"
The three Protoss managed to make it inside the star relic and zipped away before the Phoenix exploded from the onslaught of the Vengeance.

"We wait now for something of substance to happen," Da'kim says.

"Terrible poker game," says Azu.

"We should stay, there is much trouble ahead," cautions Razuc.

Da'kim presses a button. "I am contacting the captain of the Vengeance. Though I loathe to do this, it is best that we stick together against this threat. Commander of the Vengeance! Are you there? I propose an alliance with you. This is clearly a set up and we stand a better chance united."
"I just wish that these potions went away on their own, but no we have to do something about it so we can fix the problem. Zaros, which knife do you want to use, I won them in a bet with Raven."
{Agreed. Vengeance to Star Relic, along with Captain Cayl, do you copy? A landing party will commence on the world below. I am leaving one of my officers to guide my ship's weaponry during landing procedures.} The Nightmare grabs the blade, and, in a last second bit of compassion, shaves off Brian's hair, eyebrows included. "Be lucky I didn't go for more, young one." Umbra grabs Zaros by the ear and locks him outside her room. "Not today, lover boy." She cradles Cynthia in her free hand, and pulls a small vial from her pack. "I planned on keeping this for myself, but I think the little one may appreciate a gift like this."
Why is it that my ship is getting ignored...I blew it up too...

IC: <Cayl>
I board the Hot Molly and head towards the planet. {Copy that, Shadow. I'm already on my way.}
Which one will cause the most pain? I ask. I really needed to kill Brian. She just gave birth. "And Umbra, I do not want to do that. But the god damn thing makes me want to, and it is effecting Shade too."
"Thanks Umbra, but there are drawbacks when we drink this potion. The urges get stronger and stronger. And what is that vial? She seems to be really happy right now."
"Sir, there's a very large trace of psionic energy on the radar. Close to their positions."

"Good. Let's see if they can take on the battleship of a creature of darkness."

Coming out what seems to be black hole, a starship emerged. It seemed to be a battlecruiser, but heavily decorated with seems to be bones and dark paintings. A red energy seemed to glow around it as it approached the other ships.


The General watched from the deck as the three other ships came in view.

Pitiful infidels. Blowing up a copy and think they one. Ha.

He looked at the planet, seeing it as a light that was messing with the Master's eyes.

"Fire. I want all three of those ships dead. Do not allow them to reach that pitiful planet."
Spotting the ship, I'd returned to my ship was sitting in my command chair. "Fire on the unidentified ship. Leave nothing left of it." The batteries began to fire, and the Ragnarok cannon began charging for a shot.
Shadow, anywhere I can crash that I cannot be disturbed at?

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