Reckoning, Part 3

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I have psionic abilities. Also, I am capable of emulating multiple personalities.
I could operate this "Rubi Chain" alone.

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"You underestimate those you have yet to see the full power of. A flaw in your logic cortex, I presume, or possibly a sign of the sentience you have likely adapted. I have no fight with you, AI; only the need to protect those who I raised."

As I have no quarrel with you. You are simply the first Zerg I have encountered
in some time. As for flaws in my logic cortex, there are none. Perhaps your
feeble organic mind is incapable of grasping my full potential. I have fond
memories of single-handedly annihilating a Zerg Brood, and controlling another one.
"Seven, you know that digital personality reconstitution doesn't erase your psi-signature, right?"
I walk out and find the Rubi Chain. Shadow, Calek, Jessica, could you guys help me get Raven out of here?
Yeah I'll be there in a minute. I walk out of the medical bay and look for Zaros. I find him standing over the rubi chain. "Ready when everyone else is."
I follow Jessica to the medical bay, and stand over the chain, awaiting the others.
I am unaware of the precise nature of this "Rubi Chain. I merely offered
to help, Shadow.
I smile lightly. "The Rubi Chain connects the minds of two people, acting as a vacuum tube. If either party indulges in fury, they switch bodies. If either falls asleep, the psi-pressure release forcibly sucks both into the device itself. The Overdrive Gauntlet makes them the Master and Expert- one has their combined strength and speed, and only minimum intelligence and psionic power, and the other is the opposite."
I walk back to the medical bay to see what the others were up to. As I enter I see Jessica has left with a few others. I sit back down on the bed I was on previously. I look around at all the machines and instruments. My gaze passes over Flint. Just at that moment I notice him moving slightly.

I get up and hurry out to go find Jessica. I find her with two other standing over a chain.

"Hey Flint is moving again. I guess he is starting to recover most of the way."

"That is good. When I am done help them here I will go back to see if he remembers anything."

"Well Shadow it looks like Flint is okay for now. Oh and this is Hawk by the way. He is the marine that we picked up."
I start with the others to try to get Raven and the other one back into their bodies. One of the minds were extremely inpatient and full of rage, and the other not as much, but still quite a bit. Ummm, which one is which?
WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK YOU SON OF A !@#$%! Raven was sending a message to Zaros.
I'm sorry, but I am choosing between a b!tch, and someone who is almost a b!tch. So it is hard to differentiate.
Well Raven you could always be in another persons body again. I'm sure you miss that feeling. I laugh both psionically and audibly.
Jessica, my eye is twitching in my mind just thinking about being in that persons body. That is a god damn no on that , she is more messed up then.....well I can't think of the person but she is so messed up.
I laugh even harder with that remark. "Lets get this over with."
I'll place the lesser of two b!tches for your body Raven. I slowly move that consciousness into Raven's body.
I awake on a table in the medical bay of a ship. It felt like I have been sleeping for days. I sit up and look around the medical bay. Nothing looked familiar. After a few minutes I realize that I was not on a UED ship. Have I been taken prisoner by one of our enemies?
I start to get off of the table and take off the sensors that are attached to me. I grab a scalpel in case I find my captors to be most in hospitable. I leave the medical bay and start to look to see if Admiral Stukov was also taken aboard.
Ho, young one. Care to explain what it is you're doing? Amnesia is not an excuse for thievery, Flint. Any further and restraint will be necessary. Is this understood?
I stop in the middle of the hallway and look around for the person who is speaking to me. I see no one and figure it is a telepath.
"I do not know who you are or what you want, but why I should explain myself to a potential enemy of the United Earth Directorate. I am looking for Admiral Stukov my commanding officer."
Sorry to break it to you, but he died five years ago. He was killed by a Dominion almost-Ghost. Most of your friends are mercenaries, or on payroll here in Koprulu. As for me, I'm Agent Shadow, who has enough raw psionic power to do basically whatever I wish.
"That cannot be right we have just entered this sector. I am part of the expedition force that is supposed to be scouting out Braxius in three days. What have you done with the Admiral."

I throw the scalpel down and begin to pace.

"Once Admiral DuGalle finds out you have captured his second in command he will find you and turn this ship into slag after rescuing him and his remaining forces."

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