Reckoning, Part 3

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"Try the guest quarters. It will be sanctuary, at least for the time being."

Umbra holds the vial out to Shade. "Just give this to Cynthia if you ever feel she's in danger. It'll make her a powerful psionic. Please, don't tell Brother about this. WE have this in our veins. It's what would multiply our power beyond reason should we choose to consume someone, body and mind." She looks depressed. "Iapetus was originally a really sweet kid, but his power wasn't on par with mine or Brother's. Then, he used it. The full effect. Control of reality itself. When I saw that, I wanted it so bad." She shrugs. "Brother and I are extremely powerful without it. I think of what may happen when I utilize its full potential, and I know it'll feel so good."

I get a tamp down on my powers once more. "Number 0. He was just under myself and Sister on the scale, but he didn't limit what he could do. If need be, I could overpower him, but-" I focus. "No. Negotiations begin." I refuse to abuse my power. It scares me, now that I consumed Lierth. *What is it, Shadow? You really think I'd take to being punished like this? By being locked in your head? Nope. You're staying at a low level of power. If you tap into it, you'd have to acknowledge what you did. And then what would happen with Umbra, huh?* Shut up. I already know that. {Agent Shadow, Poltergeist Mercenaries speaking. I sense you, Zero. Or do you call yourself General now?}
I jump in the guest quarters. Locking the doors. Physically and with Psionics. Thanks I go to sleep. If Shade tried she could break in. I just hoped she had enough willpower to keep herself from doing so.
A Wraith idled in the darkness. The technology of all three races' brightest minds had gone into the development of its cloaking device; nothing could detect it. Until it ran out of energy, but that's not the point. Its pilot was even more invisible—no psionic forces could ever detect her, or if they did, escape intact. The dark-haired, dark-minded woman was the last person any "heros" of the upcoming battle would want around.

Billy found himself a spot in a hallway and sat, pulling out his personal computer.
Kentel's long legs click as he comes across Billy in the hallway. He extends his human-looking hand. "Kentel Getintheship. Personal aide and second in command to Agent Shadow of the Poltergeist Mercenaries. You are?"
Keira remembers her leg and notices she was no longer limping. She then remembers her Firebat suit. She runs back to the Charas and suits up in her Firebat suit. Arianna falls asleep in the hallway. And I got to sleep as well in the guest quarters.
Billy looked at the creature facing him. It probably wasn't human, knowing this company. Which, in Billy's mind, would probably make him a better friend.
"Dr. Billy Lee, freelance doctor. I was the doctor on the Phoenix before it got all creepy and blown up." He shook Kentel's hand, squeezing it a bit. Not quite human, I think, he thought. "Is Agent Shadow the captain of this ship?"
General? Please, it is only a title. Zero was also just a means to identify myself. I have no name, I am just a nameless pawn among the stars.

"Charge up the Darkness Cannon. Fire it if the enemy ship prepares any hostile action. Non-lethal variant, the Master wants the fools alive."

Now, I believe you are attempting some sort of diplomacy? Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe you think that you have the upper hand since you outnumber us with your powerful ships?
08/21/2012 08:09 PMPosted by Naitsrich
Now, I believe you are attempting some sort of diplomacy? Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe you think that you have the upper hand since you outnumber us with your powerful ships?

"I am moving away from the Vengeance, it will be bad if they take us all out at once.

"This voice is chilling..."

"It is sinister, something that I have not felt for a long time..."
{Attention unknown ship. If you do not turn away from us at once, we will open fire. We have no quarrel with you.} "Set a course for the planet, they seem to be avoiding it." Excalibur shifted course ever so slightly. "And activate the shields." A slight humming sound could now be heard by the crew.
Kentel nods. "Indeed. And my master, my creator, the crafter of the fine ship you're standing in- need I go on?"

I scowl. {Honestly, Zero, you haven't changed a bit. You are aware you're now the third most powerful psionic being in existence- Iapetus died this morning. Still no match for I or Umbra, should we decide to throw our weight around so liberally.} *That's Zero? He seems stronger than you did.* I don't throw my power in everyone's faces. I'm a good guy that way..*Whatever, Greg.* I don't appreciate being belittled inside my own head, Niell.
"He created both you and this ship! Smart guy!" Billy couldn't help but feel a pinch of jealousy underneath his admiration for "Agent Shadow". "And...I don't mean to be rude, but what exactly are you? I take it you're not human? Because if not, your mimicry of my race is impressive."
Kentel looks at his Lurker legs. "I knew it! A good tuxedo can make it possible to ignore anything!" He smiles, weird considering his Stalin-as-a-bodybuilder upper human torso. "I am a mix of a Changeling and a Lurker." He begins admiring his lime-green tuxedo, and whistles. "I knew I wear this for a reason."
"Actually, I was going to praise the texture and bone structure of your hand, but that's...very snazzy. I like it quite a bit," Billy commented, smiling friendly-ly. Or whatever the word is. Hm, Billy thought, unaware that he was breaking the fourth wall, What IS that word? Friendly-like? Friendish-ly? I should look it up...
A Nightmare of myself appears. "I thought you said you were going for- oh. Hello. The name's Agent Shadow, head and primary negotiator for the Poltergeist Mercenaries. How go things, Dr. Lee?"
"A bit chaotic," Billy replied, glancing at his new surroundings, "but nothing beyond what I'm used to." An odd thought struck him. "Wait, how do you know my name?"

Outside, the Wraith's occupant was getting irritated. The ships were speaking threats of war, yet nobody had died yet! Why do people solve their problems through WORDS instead of VIOLENCE! she wondered in her head.
Power isn't everything for domination. So, in goodwill, surrender yourselves or we will open fire.
By this time, Excalibur was well out of range of the unidentified ship and almost to the planet. {Shadow, we need to get clear. Head for the planet, they seem to be avoiding it.}
Keira gets her Firebat suit on and stands there. I continue sleeping. And Arianna wakes up for a second just to fall back asleep in the hallway.
{I must respectfully decline, Zero. What with the fact that my crew is trained to handle any situation. Unless you're willing to hire us, in which case I offer you the usual prices.}

"I've taken it.upon myself to pry into the minds of anyone aboard my ship, Dr. Lee. For security reasons, there is a minimum of information I must obtain." The Nightmare double stretches. "Beyond that, your information is within your head. Kentel, get Sister and begin taking everyone into central quarters." "Umbra scares me, boss. This fragile human will be scared stiff." "Indeed. Guide him first, then get Sister."
"What's wrong with Umbra? I've faced a lot of crazy things in my day, I don't think anything can petrify me..."

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