Reckoning, Part 3

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Brian slowly crawls back to his Wraith. He says "Ow, ow, ow." The entire way there.
My Nightmare faces the doctor. "She is literally power hungry. Yes, she's learned much, yes, she's been told about discretion, but she is ready to consume someone, body and mind, for two reasons. She wishes to cure her chronic loneliness, and once she consumes a person, her psionic power will multiply one thousand times- and she's already the second most powerful psionic in existence. Another reason people have a hard time with Sister is because she needs to be kept happy. When she cries, everything around her disintegrates- people, planets, solid objects, you name it." I shrug. "It's a full time job." Kentel butts in. "She's also an agent who can beat a person to death in seconds flat." I glare at him. "What? It's the truth."
The urges were slowly getting stronger, and my hands were starting to shake. "I want to castrate Brian so bad, I am going to kill him."

Raven got some stuff out of the armory, then he saw a pistol of some kind. On it was inscribed.

Testament of the Raven

"This is interesting, says here that there were only four copies made in the universe." Raven takes the pistol and a silencer.

Diethelm was walking through the Vengeance and found a lounge like area. He sits down. "This is too soft."
Umbra smiles at Shade. "I've been there. But you know what? Brother tells me that if I bring a problem to him instead of trying to kill someone, I get to be in the right if and when things go wring."
Billy stared at the Nightmare. Well, Umbra sounds like the real nightmare... he thought, breaking the fourth wall again, as he never learned that he was just facing a Nightmare. He tried to think of something non-offensive to say. "Why is she like this?"
The Nightmare version of myself shrugs. "You have to figure, she was just like me, a striketeam leader for the CSAA. But, while I was a hard yet approachable leader, she got covered for. Any mistake she made, her squad took the heat, cause they cared about her too damn much. So, she gets on the hellhole planet that they sent all of the finer projects to, and her teammates all get killed, be it intentionally, through the Zerg, or by accidents. Then, boom. All her friends are dead. She can't cope by herself. All that's left to her is her dear Brother- that's me- and power. So, when I'm not looking, she tries for a friend in her head, onewho can't leave or die. I managed to convince her to leave Kentel and the crew alone, but I'm not exactly sure she's always listening."
"Mmm. Wow. That's pretty harsh," Billy said, his expression turning softer. His widened eyes drooped back to their normal size. "Well, I should probably find a place to stay, if that's okay...?"
It is impossible to prepare for something that you never knew existed.

"Fire the cannon."

The battle cruiser's cannon charged up, creating a ball of black energy. After reaching a considerable size, it fired. The result was that it consumed all the ships in a black mist.

"General, this can give them time to escape. Should we pursue?"

"Nonsense. They wouldn't be able to pass our little fog. Besides, there's no Watcher to guide them pass the planet's defenses. They are trapped, and our Master is arriving."

Face it, you lose. Unless the planet's inhabitants decide to save you, you've lost.
Shade started to feel the urges and the dark presence. "What is going on? AND I NEED HIM!"

Raven walked over to the lounge, when he felt the energy.

Diethelm could feel the darkness enveloping the ship.
{Zero, Zero, Zero. Always were an arrogant little bastard.} My eyes glow a furious shade of orange, and soon the Vengeance is outside the cloud. {Bad move.} A storm cloud of Pursuers and their Interceptors blasts away at the Hull of their new target. Ultimatum batteries fire upon the craft, melting its weapon bays shut. Prismatic Wurms shred through the craft, dealing damage as they charge to higher pinnacles of output. The front Obliteration Cannon begins to charge. {My ship is the Vengeance for a reason. I believe you have forgotten what that reason is.}

Umbra tries to calm Shade. "With the shooting outside, anything may happen. Maybe I could sedate you, to kill the urge. Would you like that?"

Kentel guides Dr. Lee to a safer portion of the ship as my double fades out.
Brian crawls past Kentel and Billy. Still muttering, "Ow, ow, ow, ow."
The Wraith flies into the firestorm, firing pulses at the Vengeance. After only a few shots, the small ship speeds away, hoping its blasts were unnoticed.

The pulses go straight through the ship's shields and impact the hull, but leave no visible damage. Rather, the Vengeance's target begins to take damage much more rapidly than it was before.
I will not let this ship fall! Focusing my energy, I blink the entire ship out of the mist, putting the Excalibur behind the ship. I, unfortunately, pass out from the amount of energy the blink had required.

Thanks, Daalis. "All weapons, open fire!" The Seraph cannons open fire, destroying the engines of the ship. Ragnarok began charging a shot, and several Ares fighters launched. {Big mistake, my friend.}
"Sure, go ahead. It might help me." Shade was starting to get anxious.
I start waking up. The urges were so powerful I was just barely able to keep myself from opening the door and heading to Shades room.
"Bridge crew, report!" "Sir, we are detecting much higher levels of weapon output than usual. A full 50% boost. Sensors indicate-" "If that is the case, we must press this advantage." I walk over to my panel, which circumvents even the greatest efforts at hiding. Everything and everyone was monitored here, and listed by rank in every possible way. As per usual, I noticed myself topping the list on psionic output, and the Vengeance for spacecraft durability and damage capacity. However, it now was only second on the list for most powerful weapon, the Obliteration cannon being only slightly outdone in strength by a full Planet Cracker. "And of course it's already preparing to fire."

Umbra injects Shade with the sedative she stole earlier. "Nighty night, girl. Sweet dreams."
I fall asleep on the bed, while Umbra held Cynthia.

Raven was wondering what was going on. Shadow, what is going on?
Billy sees Brian. "What happened?"

The Wraith's occupant started to giggle as the firestorm's intensity increased. This will be so fun!
"Shadow and Umbra, ow, happened after I, ow, pissed off Zaros and, ow, Shade, thus annoying, ow, Shadow and Umbra. Ow." He continues saying ow.
"Um, we should get some help." Billy looks at Kentel. "Where's this ship's med-bay?"

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