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Zarkun, could I bring Graal into this since he is all religious and stuff. I can say that his connection with the group was because of his Church.
It's more the planet, yeah. You can say the church wants you to watch me.
We starting? Or should I just make an intro?
I walk in and take everything in.

"Nice place."
Name: Graal
Age: 17
Weapons Bayonet Swords, Sacara Pistol with silver laced bullets. The silver bullets deal much more damage than the conventional bullet.
Abilities: Bayonet Storm (Creates white psionic energy on his fingers and he sticks them in his duster, out comes eight Bayonet Swords, four for each hand, one in between all five fingers per hand.) Oath & Faith (This one sounds pretty explanatory).
Backstory: He was taken in by a church at a young age, later in life he became a assassin for them and he would do jobs to help fund the church. Graal doesn't know Alistar first hand, but the church knew him. The church sent Graal too help bring Divine Punishment the darkness.

How is that?
I like it. And Nikola, check the bottom of my post for wfawwer.
OOC: Zarkun are you visible to the group?
Not yet. I'll release the test and then watch from the upper balconey.
CR, how bout the new prisoners arrive during a late and rainy night. I'll be waiting to acquire medical information upon their arrival.
OOC: Ok thank you.

IC: "Hey where's my payer I didn't come here to sit around with a bunch of people I don't know!" I mutter "No offense people I don't know"
Wrong thread Duke.
08/21/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Duke
CR, how bout the new prisoners arrive during a late and rainy night. I'll be waiting to acquire medical information upon their arrival

Wrong RP...
Name: Toria Vorias
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Weapons: Dual Steel Daggers, Dual Silenced Pistols.

Abilities: Vision of the Shadows: Allows Toria to see in pitch black, and able to see monsters for what they are, even when they are disguised as a human or animal.
Call of the Hunt: Summons a powerful wolf to fight along side Toria in battle.

Backstory: Toria's family left the planet soon after her great, great, great grandfather was killed. But the family kept training. Toria was a natural huntress. She never really had any religious faith. She was given a message, and she followed. She has always been proficient with daggers and pistols. She is one of the few in her family to keep the belief that there are still creatures lurking.

Toria walks in. See all the others she sits down. A black cloak around her.
(Something to do with stealth, I cannot figure anything out..)

Cloak and muffled steps?
"Not cloak, but her steps would be able to be muffled depending on what she is wearing, which is extremely light, so as long as she doesn't step on a twig, she's okay."
Graal walks into a room (I am guessing that it's a room) and he sits down. He clenches his cross and starts to mutter some words.
I watched the one known as 'The Flame' demand his money. I come on over an intercom. "Your payment is the souls of those you save Mister Livi. Anything more will be decided once everyone is here." I then see one of the Church's toys take a seat in the front hall. "Graal, the Church still distrusts me? No surprise given Alistair's...past."
"I was told 1500 per hour!"
She notices the man with the cross. "Great, a religious nut. Like most of my family!" Toria walks away from the area and starts polishing her daggers.
He looks up to where the voice was emitting from. "I don't know their reasons, I am just their hand." Graal still holding the cross looks at Livi. "Redemption is your payment for all the evil you will be doing soon."

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