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oBs, Talking in quotations, Actions and such as a normal sentence.
wat u mean?
"I can't use the light to focus, I have to use both the darkness and the light to focus. This is all about balance."
Example: Toria listens intently in the shadowed corner. The words "but we may not be able to stop them." Make her step into the light, her eyes glow softly. "We have to try. We can't give up."
oh alright, i c wat u mean
Michael is still waiting for the door to open after Toria says to answer it
erm...anyone gonna answer the door?
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I chuckle.

"No real need to worry about that, we're all monsters here."

I open the door carefully, looking about, and allow Michael in.
Michael steps in, and looks around. Afterwards, he asks him where the others are.
I've been missing, and tomorrow I write why.

IC: "Focus on the light, not use only light. It's different." I come around a corner and see Andrew and most of his pack dead. "This wasn't his doing. Another pack is messing with us. Let's head back to the mansion." I walk back towards the entrance, Argost shining brightly.
"A couple of the folks went out, hunting some monsters. Unfortunately, I was never told what, nor when or where. I've been busy guarding the mansion, with the... servant... Alistair here."

I shrug and brandish Night's edge, testing the blade against my finger.

"Speaking of which, Alistair, want to duel for old time's sake?"
Michael decides to watch their duel from a corner
"Morrjo, for your first time, you are as good as some of the veterans."
OOC: I lurk.

IC: "Heh. If Alistair refuses, I suppose the new one here can whet his blade on me, I guess. It could be fun!"

I pass him a maniac smile.
"Alright, lets see how this goes..."(pulls out Solareon from his belt)
I grab, and crush the bottom of the last shard orbiting me.

...Its sort of difficult to look into the future without a bit of energy behind you...

I peer gently into the future, within roughly five seconds. Millions of probabilities flash me by.

"You may strike when ready."
"Alright..." One second later, he lunges at blinding speed
Alistair maintains a watch outside, keeping his eyes on the shadows. "Another time old friend."

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