Darkest Heart (Open RP)

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"I've killed more terrorists than anyone here, maybe I should put on white robe and see how flammable that cross is" I shoot some small flames.

I walk in and sit down on one of the chairs, Hauteclare holstered at my side. "So- what will we be hunting here?"

IC: I hit the button as Adram sits, closing the front doors. Alistair walks up the stairs, a large gate appearing behind him. Then you hear howls and groaning, all moving towards you. "Welcome to Helsing Corp. If you prove proficient, I will accept you." Suddenly one of the lesser werewolves tackles Toria as another jumps Graal, while the ghouls simply attack whoever they see.
Toria stabs at it with her daggers and pushes it off. The blades went straight in between its rib cage into its heart.
Graal was still holding his cross, it started to glow with white psionic energy. His other hand was in his duster and he pulled out a pistol. "Testament of the Raven, she's a beaut." He pulled the trigger and the silver laced bullet went through the heart of the beast, he remained seated.
CR, You were knocked out of your seat. At least feel a little challenged. Only the ghouls are easy.
I grab the attention of 4 of the ghouls. "You like the light? Me too!" I use my blue flames unfortunately, it hits the dead werewolf on Toria. "Sorry."
The beast got right back up. I unloaded more bullets into its body, but it wasn't enough. It knocked me off my seat and threw me to the wall. "I feel sorry for you." He puts his pistol up, his fingers was teaming with psionic energy. He started to stick them in his duster. "The storm is coming."
Toria gets up. "I am not afraid of shooting you." The werewolf starts to get up. Toria turns around. "Sh!t." She pulls out her pistols and shoots the wolf in the face several times.
As the ghouls burn I run to help Toria. "Get it's mouth open I got a treat for it!" I show her the firebomb.
"I have got it." The werewolf staggers back a little. Toria lunges at it and stabs her daggers in the werewolf's eyes. She pulls them out and whips one by the fire persons face, hitting a ghoul behind him. "Your welcome." She walks over, picks up her dagger and starts slashing ghouls apart.
I walk out onto the balcony, watching the new recruits face their first test. I watch the two I had the most hope for struggle against the wolves. "To kill a wolf, you must first strike fear of you into it. Only then can you hope to kill it." The werewolf got up, healing it's wounds and howling in anger. "Toria! I know your father taught you better then this." I pull out one of my pistols, shooting out it's heart. "Try again."
Graal brings out eight blessed Bayonet Swords, holy inscriptions were on the blades themselves. They were glowing with energy. He spits out some blood. "This is your bane, because I said so." He threw them all at the werewolf.
"You know, I just had the craziest idea, instead of whatever the hell it is were doing right now, how about we work as a team" I say killing ghouls with Toria
"Look, release another, I would do the same, just for fun and practice."
I chuckle at Graal's lack of education. "Werewolves fear not your blessings. They are not vampires."

SF, when I shot out it's heart, I shot a circle around it and removed it from the body. It was already dead.
"Me too! But if we wanna kill that thing open the god... I mean gosh dang things mouth!"
I walk into the room to find a battle going on.

"I only just arrive, and I am already confronted with trouble. Wonderful."

I leap into the fray, whipping my chains around; cutting apart the ghouls.

OOC: Can't post for a bit.
"They are always blessed, it's just my energy that seeps into them." The blades pierce all of the vital sections of the beast. Graal pulls out another Bayonet Sword, and his pistol.
"Hey, Priest! What do you think is more effective? Team work or working solo?"
I chuckle at Graal's lack of education. "Werewolves fear not your blessings. They are not vampires."

SF, when I shot out it's heart, I shot a circle around it and removed it from the body. It was already dead.
"You posted before I did..."
Toria glares. "I didn't need your help." Toria starts slashing open Ghouls, in a whirlwind.

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