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"Not getting in my way." He stuck the pistol in the beasts mouth and started to fire clip after clip into it, while he pierced its gut with the blade and ripped it open.
I shoot another ghoul. "There's only one more, anyone wanna call dibs?"
"I'm here to ensure your suvival, Toria. Remember that." Suddenly the last of the ghouls begins convulsing and growing wings. "What?! No, all of you get out of it's sight!" I draw Argost, it's blade glowing with a golden light.
Toria walks out of the way. She was still quite angry.
The werewolf was dead, or was it already dead? Either way Graal cleaned his blade.
The bullets started to become engulfed in white energy as they fire out of the pistol and at the ghoul.
"I can't tell what's more red you, or my flames?" I say to Toria getting out of the way

I finally stand up, having watched the fight with feigned interest. I extend the Hauteclare, the pistol transforming into a curved blade as the Ghoul howled. "I hope you're as strong as Adrammelech."

IC: "No, this is a vampire lord. It's mine." The creature laughs as it finishes transforming, it's true form revealed.

"So, young Helsing, you recognize this trick? Too bad you won't live long enough to regret it." It roars with dark energy, sending everyone but myself flying.

"I'm going to enjoy sending you to hell!" I leap off the balcony, Argost striking for the vile beast. It leaps out of reach, taking to the sky, then dive bombing me. Dodging, I cut it in half, landing with the sword through it's heart. "Enjoy eternal pain, abomination." It turns to dust and I tun and face them. "This is just one of the many powerful threats we face. If you wish to leave, do so."
"I am not leaving. I am the descendent of the original huntress. It is my duty to kill these things." Toria says. The pistols and daggers at her side.
"I just want money got that, and nothing scares me... Except maybe a spider... No animal should have more than 4 legs!"
Graal looks at Alistar. "I still have my mission."
Toria goes over to the guy who loves fire. "I cannot believe one of your ancestors were among the greatest."
"I can't believe that the word huntress is real! I bet 50 bucks that it wasn't!"
CR, Alistair is the butler. I'm Tobi.


"I've fought stronger."

IC: I turn to the Church's toy then face Edward. "No one get's payed until I deem your skills satisfactory. As for you Toria, I want you to consider your mistake with that wolf. You knew to cut out it's heart, yet you didn't. Why? And Adrammalech, I'm well aware of what you face. Many of our foes will make them seem like cake compared to them." I sheath Argost, and then face them. "For those of you who don't know, I am Tobi Van Helsing, direct descendant of Dr. Van Helsing, and an expert monster slayer. I'm the one who summoned you."
No clue if Zarkun has posted this...

From Wfawwer:
Name: Adrammalech VII
Age: 28
Weapons: Hauteclare

Scion Seal Launcher


(Fires a Seal that immobilizes the monster if it lands)


(Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech- Consecutive attacks grant Adrammalech increased attack speed and damage. In addition, Adrammalech resists electricity.

(Active) Empyrean- Banishes all enemies with Scion Seals on them, dealing large amounts of damage.


The Netherworld, the Empyreal Plain, the World of Illusion... these are together known as otherworlds, unseen by eye; untouched by hand.

The order of creatures known as scions hails from these otherworlds. They are found in many places, in many lands, and they count among their number emissaries of the gods, protector spirits, and even greater doers of evil.

The Scion Hunters are a series of ancient families. Each is tasked with keeping a certain Scion banished as long as possible, relentlessly tracking and banishing the monster that is their namesake. Some work together, others work alone.

Adrammalech VII is the seventh in his generation, tasked with keeping the Lightning elemental Adrammalech under control. Due to the demise of the Shemhazai generation however, Adrammalech VII is tasked with keeping Shemhazai banished as well.


I had finally landed a Scion Seal on the slippery Shemhazai, the result of a week of tracking and finally engaging inside the Makyr Crypts. I dashed towards the prone figure on the ground, clutching the Empyrean- a loop of string with tokens of the previous incarnations of Shemhazai. I extended it forward, coming into contact with the monster. Lightning crackled about me as a void opened up. I couldn't help but look into the cold eyes of Zalera as he reached down and picked up Shemhazai.

"She will...be back."

I raised the Seal launcher threateningly, and the portal closed.

I was bandaging my wounds when a man came up the stairs to the elevated location that had been the sight of our battle. He introduced himself as Alistair, and the next thing I knew I was knocking on the door to the Hellsing estate
Graal puts his Bayonet Sword up, his pistol was aching to be shot again. "Your faith disgusts me." He tells Livi.
"Want me to kill the girl? She doesn't seem to know what I am capable of..." I Whisper to him.
"I didn't because I wanted to have fun with it. It is quite fun to kill something over and over, as well as aggravating." Toria starts polishing her daggers again. "You have no idea how powerful the Huntresses are."
"Do I smell methane? I hope one of my flames don't go loose, well I would be fine, but than again I am the only one in fire proof armor."
"And I am the only one who has the ability to watch you die as a dagger impales your heart when your alone in a dark place."
Graal snatches Livi by the throat and picks him up, some energy started to form around his fingers and he was squeezing harder. "I should kill you, but we are here for the same thing." He throws him onto the floor.

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