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Zarkun we ninjaed each other, for we posted at the same time.
"Ok, so is there betting? Or match requests?"
08/20/2012 03:02 PMPosted by BcACE
"Ok, so is there betting? Or match requests?"
None at the moment my good sir, the first match there will be no betting or match requests, and if you want a request. *I look around and whisper in his ear* You have to pay for it.
Umbra gives ShadowFury the stink eye.
"I promised to make sure that girl turned out okay. She is naturally compassionate, and your killing of animals for the hell of it makes her not like you. It's that simple. Wanna get on her good side? Be nice. I gave her that much of an education on life, because it's one of the few social things I get."
*Flashes 200 dollars and whispers* "Duke Versus SF"
Unless you help run the place, then it's free.
"Ace, I don't want Duke causing more trouble, and I doubt he would face SF."
"And only smylez and Zanon can beat me." I pull out a nuclear reactor.
"I see, well I do want to see some bones crushed... Heck SF and Draconus."
"Bad SF bad." I spray him with a water. "Be nice or no surprise for you."

You have to put that one up with SF and Drac, I can only arrange it if they agree.
I grab my first Character, who's name, was in fact, Shadow. "I will go up against him. His bones will be crushed several times, and his Void Ray will explode. He was made out of no logic."
Uhhh, yeah. About that. No.
*Stands up and goes hyper mode.* I'll fight your strongest hybrid that isn't smylez.
I stand up. "YOU GOT IT!" I pull my medical history. 'Inserted the DNA of all three races into his body, drove him slightly insane.' In the fine print it says, 'HELP US!'
Razagra demolishes the ultralisks and everything that is thrown at it.
First match will be Gary the Robot and RAZAGRA THE "YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS" HYBRID!
Gary flies in. Malak erases his name. Gary was my only character with his name on the sheet.
Gary prepares his Phase Disrupter as he was a experimental Observer.
The hybrid paces around for another challenger to enter the ring.
*Remains in hypermode.* I repeat that I'll fight any hybrid not smylez I'll fight.
"I am the Hybrid you want then Zarkun." I show my medical history again.

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